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Communist Bolshevik Agitators vs. Bobby Fischer -- The Dirty Lies

DrSpudnik wrote:
Oh no, not this again...
ah, the original topic gives you the shudders:

Dr Frank124c wrote: "This relates to chess because in the case of Bobby Fischer we have a man who is sometimes said to be "crazy" or "mentally ill." Statements like that has been made by the establishment and those who brown nose the establishment. GM Larry Evans has pointed out that many of the things that Fischer had done that others say are "crazy" were in fact reasonable. But since the BBC says Fischer is "mentally ill" and since BBC which is controlled by British Petroleum is the arbiter of all "truth" the accepted lies about Bobby Fischer have become "truth."

So-called "Paranoia," leveled by Communist-Bolshevik agitators and sympathizers as "Paranoid".
Why should historical facts make you nervous?

“Dwight Eisenhower and the Disarmed Enemy Forces”
Eisenhower's Death Camps

I also recommend people get on Google and search for "Katyn Massacre" for a start to understanding the true, underlying nature of the mentally-sick people who are behind the base slander of Bobby Fischer. Also, Google "Holodomor" -- the death tolls the Communist-Bolshevik have left in their wake is sickening and incomprehensible.
The Communists and their lies about Bobby are a joke.. fairy tales dreamed up by deluded Communist-Bolshevik agitators! (For those who don't know, The Bolsheviks were a sliver organization not supported by the majority of Socialists back in the early 20th century, and the only way they could force people to accept their stinking ideology was an armed overthrow of the Russian government and capital. Their power was not achieved by popular vote, nor support, nor the desire of the people. It was gained by coercion, terror, threats, murder, tyranny). And they may pretend they are on the side of the people, that people want their brand ("Bolshevik Communism") ... their brand of socialism, but they did not. The only way these people ever held on to power was killing and censorship and repression. That "censorship" includes slandering people, like Bobby Fischer, who criticized their smelly cronyism.

Poison is Russia’s weapon of choice for political assassinations
Welcome to Lenin’s ‘lab of death’

Communist Lies? I will be happy to shove them down their throat and make them eat their lies.
There never was a bunch of mental defects so paranoid as Communists:

“Spassky became so distressed during the tournament that his seconds accused the Americans of using electronic devices and chemical substances to disorient the Russian national champion.”

Accused Bobby Fischer… of using chemical warfare?! Are they mentally mad with paranoid delusions?
They are insane.

lol. Good video! It shows how paranoid and agitated the Communists get when they lose. They can not handle failure. They absolutely lose their minds! They began accusing "electronic devices" and "chemical warfare" --over a board game?! That is the crazy paranoid nature of Communist-Bolshevism and its little agitators we see on internet forums, like this one, that try to bury the facts about Bobby Fischer, and their personal crazy has been projected on Bobby.. Bobby criticized their insanity

yes, Communist-Bolsheviks were nutso enough to want to poison Bobby Fischer and he knew it. Communist-Bolsheviks had KGB factories dedicated to developing poisons to kill their enemies. Communists are insane. Bobby Fischer was right.

ChiefBroccoli wrote:
Bill Cosby drugged Natalee Holloway. Look it up, it is true.

Bill Cosby never met Natalee Holloway, but let me share something about the ORIGINAL TOPIC as posted by DrFrank124c...
Since we are getting back on topic here, about Bobby Fischer, and Bill Cosby...
Adolf Hitler was a BOLSHEVIK... an agent Provocateur of the Communist-Bolsheviks, and his minister of Propaganda Goebbels admitted it publicly, "The difference between Communism[Bolshevism] and the Hitler Faith is very slight"

and boldly hailed Lenin, the Grand Dragon of the Bolsheviks, "The Greatest Man, second only to Hitler."

Communist-Bolshevik scumballs.
Bobby suspected as much [Hitler was an Agent Provocateur of the Bolsheviks] and said so in that letter to Pal Benko from 1979. Bobby Fischer had suspicions about Hitler, and stating "Hitler was not a great man." (Just cross out every time Bobby uses the word, "Jew" when discussing some kind of “world conspiracy”… and replace it with "Bolshevik".)

“…I also picked up a copy of Mein Kampf the other day. Hitler was not a great man.…”
A Letter from Bobby Fischer to Pal Benko, 26 February 1979

Too bad Bobby got his information sourced from crony rightwing outlets. If you go through Bobby's letter to Pal Benko and cross out every time he uses the word "Jewish world conspiracy" and replace it with COMMUNIST-BOLSHEVIK CONSPIRACY, Bobby starts making lots more sense.


"How could I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church."
Reverend(???).... Jim Jones. Atheist. Card carrying member of the Communist Party... who killed a whole lot of people, stole their wealth and attempted to transfer it to the Soviet Union. That's how Communist Disinformation works.

“We will find our most fertile field for infiltration by communists within the field of religion because religious people… will swallow anything if it is hidden in religious terms.”
-Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks

TRY HITLER... and GOEBBELS, who tried in the 1920's to win votes by proclaiming, "The difference between Communism and the Hitler Faith is very sleight," and "Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler." A riot broke out twice. The people hated Communism that much. So the Nazis changed tactics:

"Gott Mit Uns"
- Hitler's Regime

Here's another delightful little tidbit of how God-hating, anti-religious warmongering hypocrites are quick to use the "God" concept when expedient to their political agenda:

Poor Bobby Fischer! A victim of Communist Disinformation. But then again, the rightwing (Bolsheviks themselves) had to disseminate their disinformation, since their regime was RADICALIZED MILITANT ATHEIST like Karl Marx, and with enough misinformation, you could get a whole nation butchering the religious group of practicing Jews. So its no wonder why Hitler was always on so, about Jews, for as his mentors emphatically stated:

At this Second Congress of Atheists, Nikolai Bukharin, the editor of Pravda, called for the extermination of religion “at the tip of the bayonet.” There, Yaroslavsky also made the following declaration:
" It is our duty to destroy every religious world-concept… If the destruction of ten million human beings, as happened in the last war, should be necessary for the triumph of one definite class, then that must be done and it will be done."

the Bolshevik Hitler had an issue with religious Jews? amazing.

Do Bolshevik-Atheists…Communists… Soviets… have a deeply rooted affinity… a mental sickness for Religion?

“We will find our most fertile field for infiltration by communists within the field of religion because religious people… will swallow anything if it is hidden in religious terms.”
— Lenin

  Poor Bobby Fischer. Back then, 1979, when he wrote his letter to Pal Benko, there was no internet where every lie is 3 seconds away from a stern debunking. We would have seen a whole different Bobby had he had access to reliable information.

Nazism = A Cheap Ripoff of the Original Bolshevism.

Also see, (New York Times) Word for Word/The Case Against the Nazis; How Hitler's Forces Planned To Destroy German Christianity


One of the Communist agitators (knowing he was exposed) deleted their prior comment which was absolutely untrue, and the other posted an image of a "Tin Foil hat". Is that the best they can do? DENY HISTORY?

So I stated the following, and guess what? My account was banned... for speaking the truth.

DrSpudnik wrote: /image of a 'tin foil hat' snipped and removed/

So passé.

Tell me. Is that how communist agitators, like yourself got through their history classes? Or just cheating on everything?

Like the Communists cheated during those matches with Bobby Fischer

From Indian Express: “Soviet players didn’t want to cheat, they were ordered to

Viswanathan Anand
“…Viswanathan Anand talks about dividing line between Cold War and post-Cold War chess, the perception of Indian players during that period and the genius of Bobby Fischer and his iconic 1972 World Championship match with Boris Spassky.
Why did Fischer’s outspokenness stand out?
No, the thing about Fischer is he had this ‘emperor has no clothes’ kind of way of just saying the truth as he saw it. And this is why he was different from other chess players. He didn’t mince words. The others had learnt, you know, if we can’t prove it, we shouldn’t allege it. They had a sort of upper class correctness, and politically correct ways. It was like we cannot accuse the Russians unless we have definitive proof. Fischer was much more innocent in that way, in the sense that if he saw something he would say it. He accused the Russians and there was a lot of fuss kicked up by all that. But Fischer just said it like he saw it and that was it. And it turned out to be true!
The thing about the movie is that though Fischer did slip into *paranoia, a lot of his fears were justified. So he was not insane. He looked around him and he lived in a world where people didn’t say the obvious because they felt they had to be very polite. It’s like you may know everybody is corrupt but you may not say it without proof and these questions arise in other parts of society as well. Bobby was just very straightforward. He just said what he thought.
I think all chess players, even the Russians liked him a lot. This is what Spassky also said many times that Bobby never realised how many fans he had in Russia. They simply liked him and they were flattered that an American was playing their sport and they knew some of the things he said might be true.

/snipping 4 brevity/
Source: Indian Express, Soviet players didn’t want to cheat, they were ordered to

Already explained on the home page by Psychiatric professionals, Bobby Fischer, having Asperger's Syndrome, suffered “high anxiety” which was mistaken for paranoia.

How does it feel to know everyone else knows, you're a Communist Agitator, and Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy peddler for Communist-Bolshevism?

And, for speaking the truth... I got banned. Not for "antisemitism" but for the thought crime of speaking against the Leftwing equivalent of the Holocaust... want to sniff out the Communist Bolsheviks. Give them the litmus test. If they weep upon mention of Hitler's victims... deep sorrow and mourning for the horrors of Hitler's crimes... follow up by inquiring about the victims of Stalin, who were equally... no! Far worse in magnitude, 7,000,000 (seven million starved to death in the span of 1932-1933.) Mention the victims of the NKVD massacre of Katyn Forest, see if they have the same level of horror and disgust. The Bolshevik among us will be pitiless and remorseless for these grisly crimes against humanity. Mention the mass graves speckled across Eastern Europe, or the gas chambers of the Communist Bolshevik, see if it rouses even a speck of sorrow... the normal sane person will experience pangs of horror, but not the Bolshevik among us. Mention the 20,000,000 starved to death under Mao's incompetance... see if the radicalized indoctrinated Leftwing Militant Bolshevik knows anything of "human empathy" beyond their Marxist dogma or if they could care about such grevious loss of life. Test their humanity about the bizarre genocide carried out under Pol Pot's regime of terror. See if it raises so much as an eyebrow. If not, and it happens often on the Leftwing, you stand a living witness to the Hypocrisy of Bolshevism.

the Ukrainian Holodomor,

the Katyn Massacre,

the unbridled crime, terror, repression of the Soviet Regime's degenerate criminals and butchers. For speaking the truth against people who have slandered Bobby Fischer. The Communist agitator, who had a Communist flag on his screen sig/avatar and was expressing hostility against Israel -- he of course, was not banned.

Bolsheviks Were/Are Not “Religious Jews”… They're Radicalized Militant Atheists

* “Ex-Jews” were not the only people to join in those terrorist activities. There were anarchist-communists from diverse backgrounds, but to show the opposition the vast majority of “Ex-Jews” felt toward Bolshevism, take a look at Emma Goldman, who preached a fiery message of Atheism (she renounced Judaism, so was not “Jewish” in practice.) She moved from USSR and went on to write publications proclaiming her disillusionment and denouncing what had became of “Communism” under “Bolshevism”).
“…In no country did Emma Goldman feel more estranged than in her native Russia. She was shocked by the ruthless authoritarianism of the Bolshevik regime, its severe repression of anarchists, and its disregard for individual freedom.”
Source: “Emma Goldman in Exile”
Emma Goldman (a former Jew and Atheist) had this to say about Bolshevism:

“To the average man, to the masses in Russia, the different rations established in the country for the liberation of which they had bled, was the symbol of the new regime. It signified to them the great lie of Bolshevism, the broken promises of freedom, for freedom meant to them social justice, economic equality. The instinct of the masses seldom goes wrong; in this case it proved prophetic. What wonder, then, that the universal enthusiasm over the Revolution soon turned into disillusionment and bitterness, to opposition and hatred. How often Russian workers complained to me: ‘We donʼt mind working hard and going hungry. Itʼs the injustice which we mind. If the country is poor, if there is little bread, then let us all share that little, but let us share equally. As things are now, itʼs the same as it used to be; some get more, others less, and some get nothing at all.’”

Their revolution was initially set against Imperial forces (religious and political) that were crushing the peasantry under foot in the nineteenth century. I do not agree with their violent approach to social reform but they were also joined by former Christians, former Catholics along with persons of other diverse religious backgrounds who were recruited in the worldwide anarchist/communist revolution. Some misleadingly have “blamed the jews” for everything. A random example of a “Non-Jewish” anarchist: Rudolf Rocker and there are many more. Marxist-Leninism (Bolshevism) demands Atheism and rejection of spiritual belief, including Judaism.

The Russian Monarchy (Imperial/Aristocratic system of government) with strong ties to clergy, were repressive of the peasantry. Looking out for their own interest to protect their wealth, power, and livelihood of course they had to create a diversion to distract and refocus the growing discontent among the peasantry, but some statistics about the percentage of actual Jews in the Bolshevik party seem to suggest the numbers werenʼt as high as the propaganda would suggest:

“…In 1907 78.3% of the Bolsheviks were Russian and 10% were Jewish MILITANT ATHEIST…”

(Statistics of this nature are misleading because they donʼt differentiate between “practicing religious Jews” vs. the “Militant Atheists” that posed an actual threat to organized religions).
Bolshevism (Marxist-Leninism) demands “Militant Atheism”. Subtract the Militant Atheists from that “10%”, and its doubtful youʼll have many “religious Jews” left in the Bolshevik party

… my guess would be getting close to (0%) zero.

Life under “Bolshevism”

Under the doctrine of state atheism in the Soviet Union, there was a “government-sponsored program of forced conversion to atheism” conducted by Communists. This program included the overarching objective to establish not only a fundamentally materialistic conception of the universe, but to foster “direct and open criticism of the religious outlook” by means of establishing an “anti-religious trend” across the entire school. The Russian Orthodox Church, for centuries the strongest of all Orthodox Churches, was violently suppressed. Revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin wrote that every religious idea and every idea of God “is unutterable vileness… of the most dangerous kind, ‘contagion of the most abominable kind’“. Many priests were killed and imprisoned. Thousands of churches were closed, some turned into hospitals. In 1925 the government founded the League of Militant Atheists to intensify the persecution. (Source) The League of Militant Atheists was an organisation in the Soviet Union founded in 1925 in order to propagate militant atheism. The League of the Militant Atheists also organised antireligious parades and carnivals with mock Christian priests and Jewish rabbis. (Source)

In 1929, the Second Congress changed the society's name to The Union of Belligerent (or Militant) Atheists. At this Second Congress of Atheists, Nikolai Bukharin, the editor of Pravda, called for the extermination of religion “at the tip of the bayonet.” There, Yaroslavsky also made the following declaration:
It is our duty to destroy every religious world-concept… If the destruction of ten million human beings, as happened in the last war, should be necessary for the triumph of one definite class, then that must be done and it will be done. (Source)
Christopher Marsh, a professor at the Baylor University writes that “Tracing the social nature of religion from Schleiermacher and Feurbach to Marx, Engles, and Lenin…the idea of religion as a social product evolved to the point of policies aimed at the forced conversion of believers to atheism.” Jonathan Blake of the Department of Political Science at Columbia University elucidates the history of this practice in the USSR, stating that:
God, however, did not simply vanish after the Bolshevik revolution. Soviet authorities relied heavily on coercion to spread their idea of scientific atheism. This included confiscating church goods and property, forcibly closing religious institutions and executing religious leaders and believers or sending them to the gulag. … Later, the United States passed the Jackson-Vanik amendment which harmed US-Soviet trade relations until the USSR permitted the emigration of religious minorities, primarily Jews. Despite the threat from coreligionists abroad, however, the Soviet Union engaged in forced atheism from its earliest days.
In the Eastern Bloc, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues and Islamic mosques were forcibly “converted into museums of atheism.” Historical essayist Andrei Brezianu expounds upon this situation, specifically in the Socialist Republic of Romania, writing that scientific atheism was “aggressively applied to Moldova, immediately after the 1940 annexation, when churches were profaned, clergy assaulted, and signs and public symbols of religion were prohibited”; he provides an example of this phenomenon, further writing that “St. Theodora Church in downtown Chisinau was converted into the cityʼs Museum of Scientific Atheism”. Marxist-Leninist regimes treated religious believers as subversives or abnormal, sometimes relegating them to psychiatric hospitals and reeducation. Nevertheless, historian Emily Baran writes that “some accounts suggest the conversion to militant atheism did not always end individualsʼ existential questions”

“Bolshevik” translates to “majority”

According to this source:

Split between Lenin and Bogdanov (1908–1910)
“…However, all factions retained their respective factional structure and the Bolsheviks formed the Bolshevik Centre, the de facto governing body of the Bolshevik faction within the RSDLP. At the Fifth Congress held in London in May 1907, the Bolsheviks were in the majority, but the two factions continued functioning mostly independently of each other.
As the Stockholm, April 1906. When the Mensheviks struck an alliance with the Jewish Bund, the Bolsheviks found themselves in a minority.

Beginning of the 1905 Revolution (1903–1905)
The average party member was very young. In 1907, 22% of Bolsheviks were under 20, 37% were 20–24 and 16% were 25–29. By 1905, 62% of the members were industrial workers (3% of the population in 1897[16]).[17] 22% of Bolsheviks were gentry (1.7% of the total population), 38% were uprooted peasants, compared with 19% and 26% for the Mensheviks. In 1907 78.3% of the Bolsheviks were Russian and 10% were Jewish MILITANT ATHEISTS (34% and 20% for the Mensheviks). Total membership was 8,400 in 1905, 13,000 in 1906 and 46,100 by 1907 (8,400, 18,000, 38,200 respectively for the Mensheviks). By 1910 both factions together had fewer than 10,000 members.[18]

Some Jews who are tired of anti-Jewish-religion militant atheist haters of Judaism, being called “Jews”

  1. Jews AREN'T Zionists, @JewsTrue2Torah
  2. JewsAgainstZionism, @Zionocracy
  3. True Torah Jews, @TorahJews
  4. True Torah Jews, @TrueTorahJews
  5. Neturei Karta, @NetureiKarta
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1972, Bobby Fischer defeats Boris Spassky to become the first American world chess champion

“What happened to Robert J. “Bobby” Fischer was tragic, Shakespearean in scope. Raised in a New York apartment by a single mother, he rose to take on and vanquish single-handedly the Russian chess behemoth. At age 13, Fischer defeated Donald Byrne in a game now dubbed “The Game of the Century.” Fischer deserved honor, respect and glory for his great chess achievements, not ridicule, exile and shame.
—Gerry Christmas of Carrboro, North Carolina
“When I returned home from Vietnam, the game between Bobby Fischer and Spassky had just started. I did not play the game that well, but watching Bobby play was a welcome home for me. He inspired me to learn more about the game, and in so doing, I was able to recover from the war. I will always remember that game and what Bobby has done for me through the game of chess.”
—Gregory Campbell of Lewisville, Texas

Bobby Fischer defeats Boris Spassky to become the first American world chess champion in 1972
Originally published by the Daily News on Sept. 2, 1972. This story was written by Robert Byrne.
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, Sept. 1 - Bobby Fischer of Brooklyn is world chess champion, the first American to hold that title since it was established 1866.
This morning when it was announced that Russian Boris Spassky had resigned the 21st game, adjourned since last night, the world chess championship title passed out of Russian hands for the first time in 25 years.
The 29-year-old Fischer is to receive $156,000 in prize money for taking the match, and can count on many thousands more from book royalties, endorsements, personal appearances and the like.

“In spite of his obvious flaws, he will be remembered as “The King of Chess,” a genius on the board and the man who broke through the Iron Curtain. I mostly admired him as a chess player and what he did for chess. He put chess on the map in the U.S. and changed the economic opportunities for chess players. If it weren't for him, demanding reparation and prizes in the '60s and '70s, players wouldn't be making the money they are today.
He was fanatic about chess; he was working on chess most of his life, even years and years after he retired. His dedication, passion and love for the game, it was his life. It was his profession. It was how he expressed himself. It's symbolic that he died at age 64, for the 64 squares of the chessboard.”

—Susan Polgar of Lubbock, Texas

Closeup portrait of Bobby Fischer before match vs Boris Spassky, Reykjavik, ISL 6/30/1972

Closeup portrait of American Bobby Fischer won the title by beating Boris Spassky, who formerly held the title., Keystone Pictures USA / Alamy Stock Photo 9/09/1972

The match of the Century

Translated from “Bobby Fischer, a hero in the middle of the Cold War”
The 1972 World Chess Championship was a meeting between challenger Bobby Fischer of the United States and defending champion Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union. The match was played in Reykjavik, Iceland, and is commonly known as the Match of the Century. Fischer became the first American to be a World Chess Champion since Steinitz, the first official champion, was nationalized in 1888. Fischer's victory also ended the Soviet Union's 24-year reign.

The first game began on July 11, 1972. The final game began on August 31 and was postponed after 40 plays. Spassky surrendered on the phone the next day without continuing the game. Fischer won the match 12½-8½, becoming the official champion number 11.

In July 1972, the Soviet Union and the United States found enough reason to discharge so much contained tension. The Cold War confronted the two superpowers, struggling to establish a planetary model, under the constant threat of intercontinental missiles. In that context of imminent outbreak a game of chess was disputed that faced to two figures of the sport identified with opposite signs. Boris Spassky vs. Robert James Bobby Fischer. The first, Soviet and world champion; The second, American and title challenger. They put on a board something much more than a crown or their egos of prodigious minds. The so-called Match of the Century was one of the most symbolic battles of the obsessive and persecutory dispute that marked the second half of the twentieth century. The chronicle of that struggle in which capitalism preannounced its triumph over socialism.

Soviet chess players reigned uninterruptedly since 1948. Twenty-five years had passed since the last time a champion born outside the lands of Lenin had been crowned. Boris Spassky inherited the post in 1969, after winning in the end of the world to his compatriot Tigran Petrosian. The Soviet Union openly supported the practice of chess, granting scholarships and grants, funding the career of the regime's main projects. Fischer, an Illinois native who caught the game by chance, had been perfected through a self-taught and exclusive plan. He devoted his entire adolescence to learning the secrecy and efficiency of the plays. When he was 15 years old he left school because he considered it useless to fulfill his only purpose: to be world champion. In 57 he took the first step: he was crowned champion of the United States and obtained the title of Grand Master. It was accumulating fame and prestige by means of some triumphs against opponents of reputation. From 1962 until the final with Spaasky only in two tournaments he had not been proclaimed champion. His quick play made him the ultimate exponent of lightning chess. Two years before the meeting with the Russian, he added more brilliance to his name by being crowned in the Interzonal Tournament of Palma de Mallorca.

Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, was the stage chosen for the final, which was played to the best of 24 matches. Players could score points by winning (1 point) and drawing (0.5 points). The first to reach the 12 and a half would be crowned winner. The defending champion had a sporting advantage, the tie in 12 allowed him to retain the title. When all was agreed, Fischer demanded an improvement in the offered bag. The applicant did not make up the $ 125,000 that the organizers had put. The conflict was solved by the intervention of a British financier who redoubled the bet.

The American started the game long before moving the first piece. Through a collection of capricious claims he psychologically cornered his opponent, who fell into the trap as the puppet of a sarcastic game . How could Spassky know that with every consent of his rival's request he nurtured his trust? Bobby demanded a change in the lighting, protested by the quality of the pieces, he reproached the organizers with the disposition of the public and the television cameras, he was displeased by how small the room was. On July 11 at five in the afternoon, day and time set for the start of the first game , the champion was sitting at the table but the challenger had not appeared in the room. Spassky moved the first card in front of Fischer's empty chair, which burst into the room seven minutes later than planned. The delay hurt him, an improper error of his talent led to the initial advantage of the Soviet. The following day, in complaint for the location of the television cameras that according to him was obstructing his thoughts, Fischer did not appear; They gave for lost the second party. Journalism and the public speculated at the end of the match. However, that episode would mark the beginning of the legend.

The world champion, with a 2 to 0 advantage in his favor, agreed to change rooms so that his opponent did not abandon the contest. The change officiated in Fischer as a sweeping stimulus that gave impulse to reverse the situation. He won the third game and became the absolute master of the psychological battle. When the last game was to be resumed, Spassky, resigned and powerless to have allowed the beast to grow, left the series on the telephone. The final ended 12/5 to 8/5 in favor of the American.

The match of the century consolidated a new way of conceiving the chess strategy. Fischer had given a lesson to the world of this sport through his dynamic-positional game of fast movements without appealing to the large calculations of the great Soviet masters. Unlike his predecessors, the American deepened much more in the system of openings, elaborated a picture of game based on the first movements but trying to stretch to the maximum the usefulness of those initial chips in search of a considerable expansive power. Fischer was obsessively combative, identifying the tie as a miscalculation and not as an inevitable exit when the game was balanced. The parties worked to prohibit that balance.

Spassky was received with suspicion by the public and the authorities of his country. The ex-world champion had already let go of his hand. Six years after losing the crown with Fischer was nationalized French, although it continued competing under the Soviet flag. In 1974 he fell in the semifinals against future champion Anatoli Karpov, and in 78 he lost the final against VĂ­ctor Korchnoir.

Fischer did not play again during his reign. In 1975 he demanded to his challenger Karpov a system of points that the International Federation of Chess, directed by the Soviets, considered an abuse. They removed the crown and proclaimed champion to the aspirant.

Twenty years later, they saw each other again. The game was disputed in Yugoslavia, then a country banned by the United States, which issued an arrest warrant against Fischer for violating the UN sanction. The American, like in 72, again beat his Russian counterpart and won the $ 4 million pot.

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Bobby Fischer 1971 in Argentina

“…Quinteros, who was with Fischer when he defeated Spassky in '72 and again in '92, downplayed these incidents and said Fischer is neither as strange nor as anti-American as some have portrayed him. "He likes his country," Quinteros said. "He may not appreciate some of the people who are running it, but there is no doubt that he likes his country."

Fischer's first visit to Argentina was in 1971, when he defeated Tigran Petrosian in the set-up to the world championship. Adulating Argentines gave Fischer a hero's send-off after his victory, and ever since there has been an affinity between the capricious chess king and a legion of followers here.

A lot has happened since. The boyish Fischer who left in 1971 wore dark suits and thin ties, combed his hair and smiled a lot. And then, a quarter of a century later, he came back a burly and angry man with a salt-and-pepper beard, a baseball cap and a head full of conspiracy theories.”

Washington Post
Bobby Fischer's Strange Moves
By Gabriel Escobar September 11, 1996

Translated from “Fischer with the kids!”

Fischer, the chess, the square and the boys of River and Boca: Buenos Aires 1971.

Translated from, “Bobby Fischer: Iceland and Buenos Aires”

Iceland's previous fame in the sport came from chess.

All because Iceland was the home chosen by the great American Bobby Fischer.

But to tell this story we need to land in a neighboring country: Argentina, another country that adopted Fischer.

For the new or not so close to chess: Robert James Fischer was more than a player, but a symbol of the American-Soviet clash in the Cold War.

At age 6, he won the first board. At 14, he was already the absolute champion of the USA.

In this time - 1959, with 16 -, landed in Buenos Aires for the first time.

He loved the city. He found a resonance of Buenos Aires. Obsessive and brilliant. And a person with habits as peculiar as appearing, without warning, in the newspaper “La Crónica” newspaper simply because he read it. He left without saying goodbye.

Fischer was in other Argentine cities like Mar del Plata and Córdoba, but breathed Buenos Aires three times, proof of his love for the capital.

This frequency of visits from Fischer to the only place was quite unusual. He openly said he did not like adults - just chess, animals, and children.

Bobby had all this in Buenos Aires lands in 1969, 1971 and 1996 - the last, to play a match of his random chess in which the pieces come out of positions other than the common ones.

His most famous passage through Buenos Aires was that of 1971, when he qualified to face then-world champion, the Soviet Boris Spassky.

The Selective Candidate Tournament, which designated the challenger to the throne, took place at the Teatro San MartĂ­n, four blocks from the Obelisk, on Corrientes Avenue, stopping to see Fischer destroy the also Soviet Tigran Petrosian.

The Fischer - Larsen Candidates Semifinal (1971) and Petrosian - Korchnoi Candidates Semifinal (1971) was followed by a match between Fischer and past World Champion Petrosian, scheduled in Buenos Aires from September 30 - October 26, 1971.
The winner would be the challenger for the World Champion title, in a match against Boris Spassky.

(Photo : Jerry Cooke/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)
Closeup of Bobby Fischer in action, 10/5/1971
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White Supremacist Identity Groups Deny "Jews" are "Jews" But This Was Not Herbert W. Armstrong's Fiction

The media has given an industrious effort to slander Bobby Fischer at all costs, including introducing blatant falsehoods, as to tie Bobby's early childhood to a NON-EXISTENT “Antisemitism”, supposedly taught by Herbert W. Armstrong.

Somebody wrote me,

“…And for your information, the Aryan Nation used HWA's book on the USA in prophecy as part of its doctrine of hatred.”

I googled “Aryan Nations Butler "Vedas" Bible.

“…At the time of Butler's death, Aryan Nations had about 200 members actively… the Indo-Aryan migration theory, and arguments to re-date the Vedas and the…”

Give the Devil his due! Did Herbert W. Armstrong cut the Bible up into cherrypicked bits and pieces and take the word “Jew” out and then combine the Hebrew scriptures with the ancient Vedas scripture? Was that Armstrong's fault?!
I think not at all.

There were GOOD people in the cult and I'm not going to idly stand by and watch the media, and certain people with agendas, slander them with malicious accusations of being “antisemitic bigots” when the cult never taught such rubbish! I wasn't antisemite in the cult nor was Bobby. Nor are 99% of the cult's flock. I call it double-victimized. First, financially, spiritually and mentally exploited by the ministry, and if they leave the cult they gotta be falsely accused of “antisemitism” when its a damnable lie.

Are the revisionists claiming Herbert W. Armstrong wrote this in the “United States and Britain in Prophecy” too… if so, please point out where?

Children of God and the Children of Satan - Truth from God
…“When God asked Eve what happened she said, “The serpent beguiled me, and I… Now don't get confused, remember the Jews are the children of the devil, and…

Was Armstrong teaching that?! Did the Aryan Nations rewrite Armstrong's United States and Britain in Prophecy where Armstrong claimed the “Devil was the father of the Jews?” Or, that “modern Jews are NOT of the tribe of Judah”? I challenge the accusers to produce evidence to support your rubbish!

If anyone claims they were part of the Armstrong cult, and goes around LYING and claiming they learned “antisemitism” from Armstrong, well, ha, that really is a statement on THEIR world outlook, but it is not reflection on mine, or the 99.9% of good innocent cult victims who are merely trying to obey and what they perceive to be “serving God”. Just as Bobby did:

“I have to discuss some of the things Herbert has done to me-how he screwed up my mind-just to let people know that this is for real, because if anybody tried to live by the letter of the law… it was me. I truly tried to be obedient. The more I tried, the more crazy I became.”
-Bobby Fischer, 1977

No. Not at all. Armstrong wasn't responsible for any of that anti-jewish garbage. I don't care what anyone, no matter who they claim to be, would like to mislead the world to believe. A lie by any other name is a lie.

Lies do not do justice for the truth, the cult victims, nor Bobby or myself. I know what I believed in the cult and I was NO “antisemite bigot”.

Those extremist flakes were also once producing propaganda that went so far to claim the word “Jew” wasn't even in the 1611 King James Bible and was inserted as part of a “Jewish Conspiracy”.


The origin of Aryan Nations is in the teachings of Wesley A. Swift, a significant figure in the early Christian Identity movement.[4] Swift combined British Israelism, extreme antisemitism and political militancy. He founded his own church in California in the mid-1940s, and he had a daily radio broadcast in California during the 1950s and 1960s. In 1957, the name of his church was changed to the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, which is used today by Aryan Nations churches.[5]

From the late 1970s until 2001, the Aryan Nations headquarters was located in a 20-acre (8.1 ha) compound 1.8 miles (3 km) north of Hayden, Idaho.[5] There were a number of state chapters, only loosely tied to the main organization. The group ran an annual World Congress of Aryan Nations at Hayden Lake for Aryan Nations members and for members of similar groups.[5]

So, it doesn't appear Armstrong played any significant role in the development of Aryan Nations race-obsessed idolatry or ideology, clearly.

On to debunk one of the Aryan Nations' LIES. (The word Jew was later inserted into the Bible as part of a “Jewish Conspiracy”)

Some misconceptions about the word “Jew”

The term ‘Jew’ originated in the late eighteenth century as an abbreviation of the term Judean and refers to a resident of Judea without regard to race or religion. People now refered to as “Jews”, were known as “Pharisees”. “Judaism” today and “Pharisaism” in the time of Jesus are the same.

Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian - Researcher - Scholar.

We know that Saul was the first king of Israel and that John was the first man called Baptist, but who was the first Jew? Neither Adam, Seth or Noah are called Jew. Nor were Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Moses was not called a Jew and neither were Saul, David or Solomon called Jew. In fact you will not find the word Jew in the first eleven books of the Bible. The first time Jews are mentioned in the Bible, is in 2nd Kings 16:6 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews and drove the Jews from Elath. Isn't it interesting that we can read over five hundred pages of the Bible before we find a Jew anywhere.

We know that God changed the name of Abram to Abraham, Gen. 17:5 and that God changed the name of Jacob to Israel Gen. 32:28, but no where in the Bible do we find where God changed the name of Israel to Jew! There is therefore no authority by which those who say they are Jews can claim to be Israel!

By the time of Jesus the word Edom or Edomite had been translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated Idumaean-Judean into Iewes. It wasn't until the revised editions of the King James Bible, that the word Jew appeared. The word Jew does not mean Israel or Israelite! We must conclude therefore that the first “Jews” were Canaanite-Edomite-Hittite. It is certain, according to the Bible, that Jews are not Israel.
Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian - Researcher - Scholar.
From “Common Sense”, p. 2-1-53 and 5-1-59

JOHN CHAPTER 19 (ORIGINAL 1611 KJV) - King James Bible
The book of John chapter 19 from the original 1611 KJV (King James Bible)…
3 And said, Haile king of the Iewes: and they smote him with their hands.
4 Pilate…

“Jewish Conspiracy” my foot.

Armstrong never even bothered to get into that deep a depth. It was pointless.

He didn't teach things like that… and it wasn't in the “U.S. Britain in Prophecy” and the Aryan Nations didn't plagiarize that anti-jewish propaganda or invent their lies, based on ANYTHING in Armstrong's cult literature.

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Was Bobby Fischer “Mentally Responsible” for the Cult Indoctrination

Says one critic:

Just because Bobbie Fischer, an adult, chose to follow a specific belief that is not a mainstream, or an established religion, doesn't automatically prove that he was following a ‘cult’.”

Says another critic:

By the mid-1960s, Fischer was an adult. Adults who join cults of their own volition cannot really be said to be ‘victims’ in any true sense.
Everybody wants to be a victim these days, it seems.

Um, yeah, it was in fact a cult.

Unorthodox doctrines
“…As Herbert Armstrong criticized traditional Christianity, he also attracted criticism. Many people considered him to be the leader of a heretical cult. Today, the leaders of this denomination reject Armstrong’s doctrinal errors. We acknowledge that our errors were deep and serious…”

And as “Maureen” at ReFocus Cult Resources Support recently stated:

“I do know that WWCG has changed their stance on many issues and are at least doctrinally willing to admit they were in error. However, I truly hope that they can acknowledge the manipulation and control, which is many ways was more insidious, and not just the error in doctrine.”

But that's not all. Fischer was born March 9, 1943 and joined the Worldwide Church of God in 1962. That puts him at the grand age of 19.

How responsible are 19 year old teenagers?

Brain Maturity Extends Well Beyond Teen Years
Under most laws, young people are recognized as adults at age 18. But emerging science about brain development suggests that most people don't reach full maturity until the age 25. Guest host Tony Cox discusses the research and its implications with Sandra Aamodt, neuroscientist and co-author of the book Welcome to Your Child's Brain.

At What Age Is The Brain Fully Developed?
It is widely debated as to which age the brain is considered “fully mature” or developed. In the past, many experts believed that the brain may have been done developing in the mid to late teens. Then along came some evidence to suggest that development may last until at least age 20. These days, a consensus of neuroscientists agree that brain development likely persists until at least the mid-20s – possibly until the 30s.
The fact that our brains aren't developed until the mid 20s means that “legal adults” (those age 18+) are allowed to make adult decisions, without fully mature brains. Someone who is 18 may make riskier decisions than someone in their mid-20s in part due to lack of experience, but primarily due to an underdeveloped brain. All behaviors and experiences you endure until the age of 25 have potential to impact your developing brain.
At what age is the brain fully developed?
Although brain development is subject to significant individual variation, most experts suggest that the brain is fully developed by age 25. For some people, brain development may be complete prior to age 25, while for others it may end after age 25. The mid-20s or “25” is just an average age given as checkpoint for when the brain has likely become mature.
It may seem logical that those aged 18 to 25 are completely mature, the brain still is maturing – specifically the area known as the “prefrontal cortex.” Changes occurring between ages 18 and 25 are essentially a continued process of brain development that started during puberty. When you're 18, you're roughly halfway through the entire stage of development. The prefrontal cortex doesn't have nearly the functional capacity at age 18 as it does at 25.

For those with any lingering doubts as to Bobby Fischer's lack of culpability and innocense under duress of cult leader Herbert W. Armstrong, who financially exploited Bobby through brainwashing tactics of “Fear, Panic, Guilt,

Mental Capacity and Contracts
Lee Black, JD, LLM
Virtual Mentor. March 2008, Volume 10, Number 3: 161-164.
Health Law, American Medical Association

“…There are two major exceptions to the presumption of an adult's legal capacity, one of which is being intoxicated when the agreement was made because intoxication can affect judgment. The second exception to legal capacity is mental illness or mental defect [5]. Historically, this exception intended to protect individuals who were DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED or insane. Today, the category has been expanded to include those suffering from degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer's, that may affect their cognitive abilities.”

“…They cleaned my pockets out frankly. I have some money left, but not that much. I've got some assets. It's amazing they didn't get everything.”

(They did take everything important, like peace of mind and sanity…)
Bobby was on the autism spectrum. Asperger's Syndrome. Pervasive Developmental Disorder (or “Developmentally Disabled”). He needed an advocate that protected his financial interests and provided personal guidance. The Federal Law has recognized the status of vulnerable adults for decades, but seldom is this law recognized or taken into consideration by the mainstream population because of the widespread ignorance of what Developmental Disabilities (Autism) encompass.

Bobby didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell seeing through Armstrong's mind-wrecking cult indoctrination.

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Last Interview: Bobby Fischer was just one inch away from Genius on History... but that 1 inch might as well been a mile

Regarding 8:18 out of 10:09 on the timeline

The video claims to be the last interview given by Bobby Fischer. He's speaking of North Korea (Communist) and China (Communist) and Poor Bobby, he just can't figure out what's going on between the two and how the Jews tie into it all.

It really makes me feel awful for Bobby, because the majority of the world is clueless to what he's talking about, and have mocked and ridiculed him for his historical “error”. He is not that far from the truth, although the Jewish religion has absolutely nothing to do with Communist regimes and aren't welcomed in them.

I wish I could've went to Iceland and met Bobby and gave him a copy of “Stalin and his Hangmen” and the “Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar” which gives reader insight into how bloodthirsty, cut-throat, treacherous, warmongering, vindictive communist regimes are.

They'd turn on their own on the drop of a dime.

“Must be the Jews” Dearest Bobby… they are MILITANT ATHEIST regimes. They don't like Judaism, Christianity, Falun Gong, or any religion. Not “Jewish”… but MILITANT ATHEIST. I wish Bobby had lived and I'd been happy to explain this discrepancy in his history… a tweak here or there, and Bobby would've been back on track and doing pretty good with history and politics.

That is not saying that modern day “Neoconservatives” (Globalizationists a whitewashed spin off of the old Bolshevik “Trotskyite” “Internationalist” organization) and Zionists aren't often in cahootz together. Although, theoretically they shouldn't be. Communism is “International Socialism”. (“Globalization” is more like “International Capitalist Socialism”) “Internationalism” does not recognize national boundaries and lines on maps, Communism and its Neoconservative and Neoliberal spawn is in ideological contrast with “Nationalism”. Anti-Zionist Jews recognize that “Zionism” is a materialistic (with Atheistic origins) and Nationalist movement that has nothing to do with the spiritual nature of Judaism as a religion. Zionism is contrary to Judaism. Many Zionists are Atheists and Agnostics…

An Anti-Zionist Rabbi explains in the video above.

For this reason Bobby Fischer was correct to say he was and never has been “Jewish”. He never practiced the religion of Judaism. He may have had ancestors who were practicing the Jewish faith but that does not make one “Jewish” unless in context of the distorted, perverted “Nationalist” definition that some created, such as Hitler, for instance. Hitler identified “race” by one's religion. Which is stupid, really. Jewish is not a racial group. Judaism is a religion. Bobby Fischer also had ancestors who were practicing Christians undoubtedly. (So does that make Bobby a member of the “Lutheran Race” since his great, great, great, grandmother once removed may have been a Lutheran?) Is “Christianity”, or better, is Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and many diverse denominations ethnic and racial groups as well? There are black “Jews” Caucasian “Jews” Asiatic “Jews” as well as Oriental “Jews”….

Bobby Fischer was CAUCASIAN and became non-religious all in all. Not “Jewish”.

Further reading…

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Bobby Fischer had Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and went through HELL

I confided via email to a certain person who had spread the erroneous diagnosis, based upon “second hand accounts” (hearsay riddled with slanderous reports most assuredly):

The man had Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (He was terrorized by TWO Cults). What's your professional opinion about the havoc two cults' indoctrination are going to inflict on anyone's better judgment?
It's not only a dysfunctional “mental health” system out there with its guesswork about correct diagnoses and get it wrong a lot of times, but like Bobby, I got involved, but unlike Bobby I got out and kept searching for the truth. THE TRUTH. A thing he loved and held sacred.
I know about the LIES of the rightwing fanatics, how they deceive and dupe people into ‘anti-semitism’… but when I contacted Jewish organizations like the ADL to get verification on the statistics… to debunk one core piece of propaganda spread by them, oh, the ADL never bothered to respond, perhaps because that organization wants Jews to live in fear. They… don't even bother to write back. No interest to help those who are willing and able to fight bigotry! No interest to EDUCATE the public. Just like the WCG those tithes keep a rolling in! And Jews everywhere trust them. That's what a leftist told me once, years ago about the ADL … they _want_ an environment which breeds hostility so Jews trust them to protect them from… ? and donate.

Every where you turn in society it's infested with liars and charlatans, all the way from church to state, a combination of which is lethal. Bobby F. got shanked by both the WCG and the U.S. Government. I don't suspect anyone's head is going to be holding together that well after all that.

Perhaps you can verify the statistics… that were with-held from Bobby by the far right and its liars, and kept his mind shrouded in ignorance and darkness… so called "Personality Disorder". You'd be disordered if you went through half of what he, Bobby, suffered. I know because I LIVED through it myself and been in counseling from 1995 until present day. Me and Bobby went through HELL.

Bolsheviks Statistics
Bolsheviks Statistics
Bolsheviks Statistics

It's not the first time the ADL has done this. Years ago I found a page on their site which referred to Henry Ford's “International Jew” and the ADL refused to elaborate on why Ford wrote that scathing book. The documents above explain it. The ADL makes no effort to educate people the Communist Bolshevik organization operated under the name, “THE INTERNATIONAL” … but as long as fearmongering and hatemongering persist the ADL will remain in business, at the expense of little Jews, and outsiders getting mislead and deceived about history… and the little Jews pay the price, some times. Business as usual for the ADL.

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