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Bobby Fischer: Women in Chess and a Fake Quote attributed to Bobby Fischer against Lisa Lane, calling Women “Fish”

No source is provided for this quote. No legitimate source that is. None that would be accepted by legitimate historians.

Fischer considered all women players weak: "They're all fish. Lisa, you might say, is the best of the American fish."
- en.chessbase (com) /post/lisa-lane-the-first-che-beauty-queen
Based on this article:
"She considered her contemporary and then US men's champion, Bobby Fischer, the greatest player ever. Fischer considered all women players weak: "They're all fish. Lisa, you might say, is the best of the American fish."
- chess (com) /blog/batgirl/lisa-lane

"Both Lisa and her husband were friends of Bobby Fischer and assisted Fischer in some chess articles. (Despite her friendship with him, Fischer was not impressed with Lane's, or any woman's, chess playing abilities: "They're all fish. Lisa, you might say, is the best of the American fish.")[3]
"Lisa Lane". Batgirl/Chess (com). Retrieved Feb 24, 2011.

"Bat Girl" is the source. That sounds very scholarly, doesn't it?

But "Bat Girl" does not provide her source. Just makes stuff up out of thin air.

"After that the well-known (and super-prolific) chess writer Dimitrije Bjelica (a Serbian who was born in 1935) wrote an article about Lisa Lane (born 1938) and Gisela Greaser (born 1906). Lisa was a friend of Fischer, but that didn’t stop Fischer from putting down female chess players. He said, “They’re all fish. Lisa, you might say, is the best of the American fish.” Gisela Gresser dominated women’s chess for many years (winning nine national chess..."
- chess (com)/article/view/my-favorite-u-s-chess-magazines-part-2

But where is the source of the quote? To which magazine or newspaper did Fischer state this? Or was it pulled out of thin air?

"Lisa Lane suddenly stopped gathering the spotlight. Completely. It was completely forgotten. Chess in America meant only Bobby Fischer . The great American champion did not appreciate, as it is known, the women's chess skills. In 1966 he stated: "They're all fish. Lisa, you might say, is the best of the American fish. » - (com) /translate?hl=en&sl=el&u=http:// skakistiko.blogspot (com) /2007/10/lisa-lane.html

Provides a source! which no longer exists on the web, so I found it on Internet Archive... and guess what. There is NO SOURCE for this quote. Made up by some hoax perpetrating fraud... and disappeared.

"Championship, placing 12th out of 18 players in the Women’s Candidates Tournament. However, Lane experienced a major turnaround by sharing a win at the 1966 U.S. Women’s Chess Championship with Gisela Gresser. She considered her contemporary and then - U.S. Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer, the greatest player ever. Fischer considered all women players weak:
"They're all fish. Lisa, you might say, is the best of the American fish."
- worldchesshof (org) /sites/default/files/wchofbiopackets.pdf

The quote doesn't even make any sense at all, just as it stood out to me when I first read it months ago.

From what I can gather from the web, here is the root source of this FAKE quote. Found it on Archive / Wayback Machine:

batgirl.atspace (com) /LisaLane.html

I challenge people to dig into their chess books, magazines, TV/Radio interviews and provide a valid reference for the quote. Otherwise, I'm calling it for what it appears to be, FAKE.

Massive onslaught of lies about Bobby Fischer never cease to amaze. To catch a liar: If they're claiming Bobby said this or that 1962 to mid 70's… and their fake quote sounds bad, they're LYING. Plain & simple. Buffoons are ignorant about Armstrong Cult.

Bobby didn't say say that in 1966. He was in Armstrong's cult. He barely left the isolation of his apartment and didn't venture out socializing and saying all the stupid things certain LIARS stuffed in his mouth. Sadly such LIES have been regurgitated on Chess sites as “history”

Does Bat Girl provide a reference? Nope.

Did it come from a radio interview that can tracked down? Nope.

How about a Chess rag? Nope.

Maybe a Brady book? Nope.

Well, maybe there's another source Bat Girl can provide? Nope.

Throws any lie against the wall & see what sticks.

Compare Batgirl's false and malicious nonsensical drivel to the REAL BOBBY FISCHER IN 1972: Bobby Fischer, Dick Cavett Show, 1972

And as for “discriminating against children”… Take it away Mr. Boris!

Statements like misogynistic ignorance would put Worldwide Church of God in bad press & damage Herb Armstrong's reputation, with Bobby's rising celebrity & got Fischer EXCOMMUNICATED. Once cut off from God, Bobby would go into Great Tribulation & gas chambers.


If anyone knows who the liar, “Batgirl” is, let them know I am not done with making an example of their stupid lie to the world. I & Bobby suffered for years in that abominable cult & beyond. I'm not going to stand by and allow the likes of that, besmirch Bobby Fischer's legacy.

Some liars are just stupider than others.

Liar… what a pathetic lie.

Couldn't produce a single reference for their … LIE.

Bobby Fischer was too afraid of Herb's prophecies. He rarely ever ventured beyond his apartment & scarcely seen by anyone. After 1972, he went into a virtual seclusion with the cult & Batgirl wants to claim Bobby was playing the devil and making obnoxious misogynist statements!

If Bobby really believed women should be *excluded* from chess like Ralph Ginzburg LIED & projected on Bobby (yeah, Barry Goldwater sued that liar and WON!) — if any of those libel claims were true…
Then judging BY ACTION *WHY* was Bobby Fischer playing Chess with Lisa Lane?

Also, here's a photograph of Bobby participating with black chess players, although it is in a prison.
All the same it tells me Bobby did not have racist tendencies and was open to involving ALL races and genders in the sport of Chess.

“…In 1960 Bobby Fischer gave a simultaneous exhibition at Rikers Island prison. He defeated all 20 prisoners while 2,400 inmates watched the exhibition and the prison band played

Who said women were excluded from chess, when the most powerful piece on the board… is a lady… and an aristocrat!

I'm not a historian, but portraits of the time do not paint the same picture as (some) modern chess historians about women being utterly excluded from chess… incidentally dispelling Ginzburg's vicious defamatory misrepresentation of Bobby Fischer as a raging misogynist. Notably, with allusions to “Aristocracy.” Bobby lifetime of disdain for Aristocratic types, Bobby, a poor kid, with a leftist Mom… who was Ginzburg trying to fool? Bobby gave credit to his sister, as his first exposure to Chess.

“The Chess Players” Josef Gisela
Austrian 1854 – 1899

“A Game of Chess”
Kilburne, George Goodwin (1839-1924)

J. MORGAN, 19th century A genre painting depicting a man and woman in class

“…Women have come a long way since 1555 when the Italian painter Sofonisba Anguissola finished her famous painting ‘The Chess Game.’ Did Anguissola play chess? Her patron was the Spanish King Philip II, who also supported Ruy Lopez de Segura, the priest who gave us the Spanish Game…”

Who said women were excluded by Aristocracy from chess, when the most powerful piece on the board… is a lady! Bobby Fischer loved his mother, credited his sister for his exposure to chess. and innocent of the libelous misogynist portrait painted of him by Ralph Ginzburg.

A Little Background

This note is for those who don't understand Imperialist or Soviet(Communist) history… not that most reading don't… but clarifying the position so that nobody is mistaken, why, what Ginzburg's defamatory portrayal of Bobby Fischer as, is completely absurd. Bobby Fischer did not say what Ginzburg alleged:

1. a member of the aristocracy; a noble.
2. a person who has the manners or qualities of a member of a privileged or superior class.
3. a person who advocates aristocracy as a form of government.

Bobby was pure New York… down to earth, single parent household, growing up in poverty, rough around the edges, just translated a section from Rodriguez about Bobby's falling out with “that rich…; ARISTOCRATIC… Piatigorsky” woman:

E.J. Rodriguez, Part III
“…The people around him tried to make him concede: you could not challenge Madame Piatigorsky! Many of the chess events in the country depended on her, why infuriate her? What importance if only once in his life, Bobby played in the morning, so as not to challenge the principal patrons of chess in the country? He risked Madame Piatigorsky withdrawing any future help or refusing to invite him to the tournaments she financed. But for Fischer there were no middle terms: if he thought he was right, he was right and that was it. He did not give a damn that Mrs. Piatigorsky was the great benefactor of American chess: he was not willing to get up early to satisfy the whim of a rich woman.

…and how all the other chess players were distressed, that Bobby would dare to affront her! She being ARISTOCRACY… he clashed with Aristocracy on a number of occasions, including the Prince Rainier of Monaco. He did not consider himself beneath them, at all. He was showing all the signs of, like his mother, a LEFTIST…

His poor upbringing was one of his qualities that made a legend of him.

Bobby was no “imperialist”. He was an adopted son of the Soviet Chess school because of his impoverished origins, embodiment of everything opposed to Aristocracy, and when he grew into his mature years, there was NOTHING aristocratic about him, with his railings on U.S. Imperialism!

Ginzburg's portrayal is absurd, plain and simple.

More Ralph Ginzburg lies about Bobby Fischer dispelled by his good friend, Boris Spassky…

Bobby Fischer with his half-sister, Joan, and her daughter, Elisabeth, 1962.
Carl Mydans—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
“This American chess champion holds in his arms Elisabeth, the daughter of his sister Joan Targ who gave him the virus of chess – Photo 1962”

Rodriguez would agree with well-read, but not with “well to do”. Eventually somebody in the Chess establishment recommended to Bobby he should spend his tight budget on some nice suits, to look professional, but he really had no money. Poverty is partly what made him legend.

Bobby Fischer's View of Women in Chess

Right now, I am overjoyed finding “Barry Goldwater vs. sleazebag Ralph Ginzburg” in the court records and I'll tell you why. That article by Ginzburg is THE ONLY KNOWN “evidence” so-called, that Bobby ever supposedly said anything in the 1960's negative toward Jews… the NEO-NAZIS HAVE CITED and RECITED IT as “evidence” to support their lies,

…and the sad thing is, Bobby Fischer denied to have said most of the things Ginzburg accused, Bobby and his mother had a good relationship and Bobby loved his mother… the attacks on Jews in Ginzburg's filth, and Bobby's mom, were in the same breath. The whole article reeks of gender-baiting, race-baiting, and Ginzburg "revolutionary" political agenda.

It was one thing to pick a battle with Barry Goldwater who was an adult, fully established as a political candidate and could afford to hire a dream team defense team and take Ginzburg to the cleaners legally -- but an entirely different matter -- that Ginzburg chose to mislead and prey on a 19 year old (which I'm reading in Rodriguez' history) Bobby was basically just surviving on meager income, from exhibitions from his fans and such. He couldn't afford to hire the kind of lawyers Goldwater was fighting with.. that wasn't feasible for Bobby.

Ginzburg was a predator.

He's discredited. His whole sleazy article about Bobby is discredited, including the right for Neo-nazis to claim “Bobby said this in 1962” or “Bobby said that in 1962” … Bobby didn't say ANY OF THAT in 1962. It was lies and distortions created by Ginzburg.

I want to pry the tentacles of neo-nazis off Bobby Fischer's legacy.

Bobby Fischer was no racist bigot… he was opposed to Zionism, and the ongoing Apartheid in Palestine. Bobby was opposed to anything he perceived as “Bigotry”.

Bobby was not and never was a “racist bigot”.

Some think Bobby was difficult to understand. Not so. He was like anyone else, just Asperger's, on the Autism Spectrum which creates deficits with communication… and what Ralph Ginzburg did to him in the 1962 Harper's Magazine, was “unspeakable”. That's A LOT of emotional injury to process and verbalize. Barry Goldwater, not on the spectrum, took the words right out of Bobby Fischer's mouth:

Excerpt from “Endgame”, Frank Brady, pg 138-139 and Barry M. Goldwater v. Ralph Ginzburg, Warren Boroson, and Factmagazine, Inc., 414 F.2d 324, 2d Cir. (1969), Scribd Government Docs

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