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Bobby Fischer, Ralph Ginzburg, Barry Goldwater and Libelous Defamation

Badly lost in the translation?

I do not want to think that E.J. Rodriguez is guilty of superimposing negativity or falsehoods on Bobby Fischer, perhaps something is getting lost in translator“ I don't know, but pez and peces translates to one thing: FISH so far as I can tell:

“…Although personally Fischer was a friend of Lisa Lane, the US women's champion. she had achieved quite a celebrity (her photogenic contribution had helped to make her appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated), she rejected female chess and said that the players of her country were "all like fish, although it can be said that Lisa Lane is the best fish of all " He ensured that he could give any woman in the world the advantage of a horse and still win.”

“…Aunque en lo personal Fischer era amigo de Lisa Lane, la campeona femenina de los EE.UU. que había alcanzado bastante celebridad (su fotogenia había contribuido a hacerla aparecer en portada de Sports Illustrated), desestimaba el ajedrez femenino y decía que las jugadoras de su país eran “todas como peces, aunque puede decirse que Lisa Lane es la mejor pez de todas”.

A fish?? I tracked down the original Harper's article for review.

I am aware that Bobby denied part of the comments published in Harper's. Some say that because of Ginzburg's reporting, Bobby distrusted such interviews afterward.

Bobby Fischer by Ralph Ginzburg in 1962
“…In 1962, Ginzburg managed to conduct an extensive interview of 18-year-old Bobby Fischer, in what was to be practically the last formal interview Fischer ever gave. He sold the interview to Harper's Magazine, which published it in January, 1962, entitled “Portrait of a Genius As a Young Chess Master”. The interview of the reclusive chess genius continues to have popularity.”

While I don't trust Brady, I trust Ginsburg even less:

“…Fischer supposedly made an off-hand remark in a 1962 interview with Ralph Ginzburg that he had to “get rid of her” because he did not get along with his mother but while it is true that for a while the high school dropout lived in an apartment alone (Regina went on a peace march and then relocated to England after getting married) it is not true that their relationship suffered a permanent rift. In fact, Fischer angrily denied making that specific statement about his mother and asserted that Ginzburg misquoted him several times. Dr. Brady writes, “Previous to this, Bobby had already been wary of journalists. The Ginzburg article, though, sent him into a permanent fury and created a distrust of reporters that lasted the rest of his life" (p. 139). As a 14 year old, Fischer pleaded with a New York Times writer, “Ask me something usual, instead of trying to make me look unusual.” The media's attempts to make Fischer seem strange— “an idiot savant, with the emphasis on the first word rather than the second” as Dr. Brady puts it (p. 71)—and Fischer's sensitivity about how he was portrayed undoubtedly had a powerful effect on many of his later attitudes and actions.”
Sports Talk Blog

This appears to be a stab back at the negative review Ralph Ginzburg gave to Harper's Magazine back in 1962. The statements clarify that Bobby does NOT believe in discriminating against women, or anyone for that matter, are overt and emphatic. I don't think Bobby changed… I think Bobby was telling the truth that Ginzburg attributed several statements to him, or taken out of context, and that this was an opportunity to set the record straight on national television. That's how I perceive this segment, in light of actually reading Ginzburg's very scathingly negative article… which seems quite a bit exaggerated, — with pointed gender-baiting statements attributed to Bobby Fischer.

Bobby Fischer and Dick Cavett Show, 1972

Dick Cavett: “Is it hard to find a girl who can discuss Capablanca and how he handled the Sicilian Defense against Alikhine or… did I pronounce any of those names right?”

Bobby: “Yeah this is a problem.” *laughter*

Guest: “Do you think chess is a sexist game?”

Bobby: “uh, I don't think it is at all. I'd welcome some girls in chess.”

Guest: “Have any tried to enter the competition?”

Bobby: “Well, there was Lisa Lane. By the way, I think you said she was dead? She's around.”

Dick Cavett: “Oh, I'm… I certainly apologize to her… I thought she was back in the 19th century for some reason.”

Bobby: “No. She's alive.”

Dick Cavett: “I'm sure that was news to her then.”

Guest: “What can they enter the competition?”

Bobby Fischer: “Yeah, there was one very famous one, Vera Menchik from Hungary and the best one now is Nona Gaprindashvili of the Soviet Union and she is a very good player and she, uh, plays with men now… she plays tournaments with men.”

Dick Cavett: “and there's no discrimination against her?”

Bobby Fischer: “No chess is wide open. We don't have amateurs, we don't have discrimination with women, anybody but kids, everybody is welcome… old people…”

E.J. Rodriguez:
“…That important advocacy role had a reverse. The young Fischer fought for the dignity of the professional chess player, yes, but in other areas his opinions were debatable and, sometimes, scandalous. For example, he considered women inept for chess, something he expressed in a controversial interview given to Harper's Magazine when he was in his twenties.”

Harper's Magazine is absent of any statements comparing Lisa Lane to a “Fish”, which turned out to be a fake quote circulated on the internet back in 2004.

“…Although personally Fischer was a friend of Lisa Lane, the US women's champion. she had achieved quite a celebrity (her photogenic contribution had helped to make her appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated)…”

Sports Illustrated, but that's not an interview with Bobby. It is about Lisa Lane.

“…he rejected female chess and said that the players of her country were
[FAKE QUOTE] “all like fish, although it can be said that Lisa Lane is the best fish of all…” [/FAKE QUOTE]

Says “Bat Girl” that traces back to a low-cost or free website, which somehow made its way to chess (.com) archives without so much as a valid source or reference for the quote, and has been quoted and requoted as if there were ever any authoritative substance behind such a blatantly FAKE, ABSURD quote.

“…He ensured that he could give any woman in the world the advantage of a horse and still win.”

Bobby even denied that, according to Chess history record.

E.J. Rodriguez continues,

“…It is true that, after the publication of the interview, Fischer protested that some of his assertions were taken out of context - and, if he said so, it was probably true, because he never retracted anything even when he raised scandal – but in The reference to the weakness of women as chess players was reaffirmed that same year on television.”

Calling women weak chess players and comparing them to fish are two very different things!

There's no source for the quote because it is FAKE.

If somebody can produce a valid reference, I will happily change my mind!

This makes it apparent to me what drove Bobby into the fold of the Worldwide Church of God:

ZOLA: “Was it in 1962 or around then that you said you first became involved with the Worldwide Church of God? Did you flip the radio to the Worldwide Church of God's radio broadcast by accident?”

FISCHER: “I had some personal problems, and I started listening to a lot of radio ministers. I listened every Sunday all day, flipping the dial up and back. So, I heard just about every guy on Sunday. And then I heard Mr. Armstrong, and I said, ‘Ah, God has finally shown me the one, I guess. This guy really has power. authority. He doesn't talk like the other guys. He really knows his stuff!’”

What Ginzburg did, is extremely unethical.

Bobby Fischer was centered on Chess.

Ginzburg's article is centered on Ginzburg's political agenda. Ginzburg had SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES, with his tactless approach to political self-promotion. Bobby didn't say half the crap Ginzburg attributed to him… Bobby confirms Ginzburg lied. No offense to homosexuals, but this was tasteless.

Bobby's own words, from his own two lips (which is the only source that can be trusted):

Ralph Ginzburg was a piece of trash and LIED about Bobby Fischer.
And there was no way Bobby could prove otherwise, except his own word, to deny it.

But when others are complaining of the same Ginzburg FRAUD? What should we conclude?

Ralph Ginsburg unethically maligned Bobby Fischer in press.
Ralph Ginsburg unethically maligned Barry Goldwater who WON damages in court.

“You don't need to be straight to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight.”
Barry Goldwater

Barry Goldwater sued Deviant Ralph Ginsberg in court & awarded damages for the same reasons done to Bobby, defamation.
A peculiar account by Brady. Why would Ginsberg destroy all tapes & transcripts? If Bobby hadn't been Autistic, he'd sued Ginsberg & won.

Ginzburg, 32. Bobby, 19. Bobby's focus was chess & entirely mislead about the nature of Ginzberg's “interview”. Ginzberg is guilty of serious improprieties with a “childlike” 19 year old. Anyone who thinks that's “normal” should stay away from children & seek a psychiatrist.

What Wild Ecstasy
By John Heidenry

Know the codes of medical conduct & the flouting of ethics, and lack of integrity in Bobby Fischer's vicious, deviant accusers!

1972, Bobby extolled the grandiosity of “…Vera Menchik from Hungary and the best one now is Nona Gaprindashvili of the Soviet Union…” back in 1972. Why is this omitted?

E.J. Rodriguez points out there was NO FANATICISM in Bobby in 1960's. That is true! The cult forbid antisemitism.

Bobby Fischer (III): L'enfant terrible
by E. J. Rodríguez
Bobby Fischer (III): L'enfant terrible
(English Translation)

Bobby Fischer, Chess, Women and the TRUTH (which the Chess Establishment squeamishly evaded as tho it were the plague) about MY Church Brother:

Bobby Fischer with his half-sister, Joan, and her daughter, Elisabeth, 1962.
Carl Mydans—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
“This American chess champion holds in his arms Elisabeth, the daughter of his sister Joan Targ who gave him the virus of chess — Photo 1962”

Rodriguez edited his page in the past six months, noting Bobby was “cheated out of large sums of money”. Indeed he was. He was taken advantage of on numerous occasions by various people.
Meanwhile I can not bring myself, in good conscience, to translate the cult to “Christianity” when its whole doctrinal system is based on attacking Catholicism & Christianity.
I wonder how many of those “personal problems” were directly related to Ralph Ginzburg portraying him as a homophobic, sexist bigot who was academically daft. Oh yes… broadcast across America & the world, “An Atheist”.

Some think Bobby was difficult to understand. Not so. He was like anyone else, just Asperger's, on the Autism Spectrum which creates deficits with communication… and what Ralph Ginzburg did to him, was “unspeakable”. That's A LOT of emotional injury to process and verbalize. Barry Goldwater, not on the spectrum, took the words right out of Bobby Fischer’s mouth.

Excerpt from “Endgame”, Frank Brady, pg 138-139 and Barry M. Goldwater v. Ralph Ginzburg, Warren Boroson, and Factmagazine, Inc., 414 F.2d 324, 2d Cir. (1969), Scribd Government Docs

From now on, and in the future, with full justification — any “historian” who wasn't aware of Goldwater's lawsuit —?? I don't claim to be a historian, that's my excuse! This man Goldwater, was no “no account” figure. Goldwater was a major reputable political figure, ran for President — a “Historian” should've know his name and how closely tied he was to the Ginzburg/Fischer fiasco — and the liberal left can't very well say that “Welllllll… Ginzburg was fighting for ‘social rights,’ so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt,” when Goldwater himself lead the fight for homosexual rights in honor of his Grandson, — Goldwater did more for social justice than Ginzburg EVER did! — they'll just have to eat it this time… GINZBURG IS DEBUNKED… a fraud… a charlatan… and they can't play that card!
Any “historian” who cites Ralph Ginzburg as part of any “historical interpretation” of Bobby's history, knowing full well Ginzburg's sleazy reputation and was also successfully sued by Goldwater for malicious fraud… is no historian of any repute worth reckoning with! Only sleazy tabloid reporters would cite a fraud like Ginzburg. Not serious, ethical journalists.

Bobby wasn't denying Ginzburg took most everything he said and his life out of context… to waste his breath. That article was pure Fraud… from beginning to end.

That Ginzburg, is nothing but a bottom-feeding lowlife and has done nothing more than distort Bobby's history.

Ginzburg's version of Bobby Fischer's life is irrelevant, except for the trauma and harm to Bobby professional reputation and personal life.

Bottom feeding fraud. Swindler. Dishonest. Disreputable. Guilty as charged!

APA Standards. As if Ralph Ginzburg cared about ethical journalism!

Arthur Bisguer, the Alcoholic… and some corrections to his shoddy intoxicated recollection of history.

That is MY church brother, Bobby Fischer he's attacking… based on nothing but the sleazy LIES of Ralph Ginzburg.