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Ljubomir Ljubojevic's Mental Madness and Pathological Lying about Bobby Fischer

Another interesting absurd LIE spread by the MSM against Bobby Fischer.

FACT: Bobby didn't “break cameras”. What really happened:

Courtroom Chess

NY TIMES: “When the match finally started on July 4 … two days late because of Fischer's failure to appear at the scheduled July 2 opening … Fox's cameras, equipment and crew were on hand to record the event, according to the suit. But during the course of the first game, it said, the American challenger said he would not continue to play as long as the cameras were in the exhibition hall.
Fischer thereafter refused to allow Fox's cameras… Fischer has 20 days to answer the suit.

Bobby Fischer Sued For $3.25‐Million Over Chess Filming, OCT. 6, 1972


L.LJUBOJEVIC: And that's what I'm talking about. I know this story for sure. Let me tell what has happened in Reykjavik. Fischer lost the second game of the match by default, he broke the TV cameras in the playing hall and demanded that the TV crew had to leave, or he would stop playing. The broadcast rights belonged to producer Chester Fox; when Fischer won the match after all, Fox claimed the damage and won the case. That meant Fischer had to pay $2000000. It was a big trial, Fischer had his own lawyers, but Chester Fox had better lawyers, and he won it. So, Fischer had to pay those two millions while his prize was $128000 only, which meant he just went bankrupt. After that, he entered that sect. It provided him the room and food, and he began to live in Los Angeles as a sect member. The sect was pro-nationalistic,

Oh! “Fox … won the case… and Fischer had to pay two million. A big trial…and that 1972 prize was only $128,000 when meant Bobby went bankrupt…

In 1972?

Really? Why didn't Brad Darrach mention any of that in “The Secret Life of Bobby Fischer” as Darrach was given exclusive rights to Bobby Fischer in Iceland…

“The Secret Life of Bobby Fischer”
Brad Darrach, March 11, 1974

“…The author of the article, Brad Darrach, a Life staff member, accompanied Fischer to Iceland, where Fischer won the championship. Fischer reportedly had an arrangement with Life not to give interviews to reporters from other news organizations during the championship match, which ended with his victory over Boris Spassky 10 days ago.
NY Times, Archive, New Wealth Expected to Foster Big Shift in Fischer's Lifestyle

(Along with the claim that the WWCG Cult was “pro-Nazi”… it's all just a big fat fictitious lie made up by Ljubojevic).



“One Sunday last December I encountered an item in the Follow-Up on the News section of the New York Times which may have escaped the attention of some people. Under the title ‘Courtroom Chess’ it read as follows:

It was eight and a half years ago that Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky for the world chess championship in Iceland, and Mr. Fischer has never been in another official chess game since then. In July 1979, however, a sequel to the Icelandic encounter remained to be played: Fox v. Fischer in State Supreme Court in Manhattan.
Chester Fox had sued Mr. Fischer for $3.2 million in damages because the chess grand master had barred him from filming the match in Iceland.
“It's getting a beard on it,” Mr. Fox's lawyer Richard C. Stein, says laughingly of the court case. It came up for trial last winter, he says, and he requested an adjournment because of other pressing business.
Now, he says, he doesn't know when the trial will be held. Like a championship chess game itself, the case has settled into a long waiting pattern.

“Out of My Mind”: The Bead Game in the Glass House
JEREMY BERNSTEIN, The American Scholar, Vol. 50, No. 3 (Summer 1981), pp. 297-298, 300-302

Chester Fox must've not had much of a case in contrast to the lies of Ljubomir Ljubojevic… since that court case got dragged out till 1979 and still wasn't resolved.

Bobby Fischer vs. Chester Fox

It was a big trial…”

So big! that Brad Darrach didn't bother to mention it in 1974, “The Secret Life of Bobby Fischer” (People Magazine).

And, if the Chess Federation agreed to block cameras filming… then that was between Chester Fox and the Chess Federation.

Anyhow, speaking as one with Asperger's… and Bobby Fischer's notable dislike of spotlight, there's a lot more to it than just simply “ambient noise”. It's because you are FULLY AWARE you're on camera the entire time… and, it's unnerving. It distracts focus and concentration. It causes anxiety. His request was fair if he didn't want to be filmed.


I don't blame Bobby for wanting to avoid international competition since there's that much drama from coordinators.

From one Man on the Autism Spectrum, to Another…

Vishy Anand: ‘I found Bobby Fischer surprisingly normal and calm’
The world chess champion on analysing with the legendary American, being a new dad and his love of Monty Python

“…You met Fischer in 2006, a couple of years before he died. What was he like? I found him surprisingly normal. Well, at least not very tense. He seemed to be relieved to be in the company of chess players. He was calm in that sense. He was also a bit worried about people following him, so the paranoia never really went away. But I am really happy I got the chance to meet him before he died in 2008. It was weird as well because I kept having to remind myself that this was Bobby Fischer sitting in front of me!

That's not “paranoia”. It is high anxiety… and a very typical, normal symptom in Asperger's Syndrome.

I've seen Bobby Fischer on interviews he agreed to give, and he is awkward and shy. That too is part of Asperger's Syndrome. One is highly self-aware they are in the presence of others, and isolation is about the only way to resume full calm.

With Asperger's there is High Anxiety around other people, especially strangers, or where you're GETTING FILMED and knowing millions of people are LOOKING AT YOU… it's very unnerving.

“…When higher-functioning individuals with autism are stressed, they become highly anxious and at times may appear thought-disordered and paranoid…”
LIKE WHEN THEY'RE AT A HIGH-PRESSURE CHESS TOURNAMENT… Or around people… that includes the very real problem any celebrity faces with CREEPY REPORTERS wanting to stalk them and photograph them and slander them in the press…
That's not paranoia, that is Anxiety and for real reasons.

Here's an interesting archived article from 1972, back in the day, before the press went full witch hunt on Bobby's legacy.
It's nice to read things put in a more realistic light.

This article particularly irks me. The depth of pathological lying involved, runs deep. He is simply trying to make a name for himself off some sensational drivel but his claims don't at all stack up to the evidence.

This man did not know Bobby Fischer at all. If he “met” him, it was only in passing (if he were so lucky) and its doubtful Bobby spent much time talking to him, as Bobby tended to be reclusive (normal, for an Asperger's person to do so) and not trust or get close to too many people. He was isolated. But this person pretends he “knew” Bobby Fischer. When the rest of the Chess world and media failed to? He only knows the cliche stories circulated over the years by the press and nothing but slander to contribute.

Ljubomir Ljubojevic Lies about Bobby Fischer

More on the fraudster's lies vs. facts.

More on the Pathological Liar, Ljubomir Ljubojevic about Bobby Fischer

More on the fraud Ljubomir Ljubojevic's lies vs. facts.

Here's even more to refute the fool Ljubomir Ljubojevic's absurd lies. Fool doesn't know anything about the cult or “Racist Pro-Nationalistic Identity” movement.

What is Identity?

HWA Reference

“Got Questions” LIES about Armstrong Cult (which the fool Ljubomir Ljubojevic dumbly repeated out of his infernal ignorance about Bobby Fischer).

For anyone who'd like a relatively sober overview to Bobby Fischer's life, I'd recommend the following source:

(Rodriguez has knowledge enough to know, Bobby wasn't an anti-Jewish fanatic back in those days of the cult. The cult wasn't anti-Jewish.)

It's in Spanish, but can easily be plugged into Google translate. It translated to English quite smoothly… and I could understand the bulk of E.J. Rodriguez' history of Bobby Fischer.

His version wasn't filled with sensational hype and hysterical exaggerations which are so common in other works that claim to be representative of Bobby's history.

I've read Part III, and came away impressed (except about Rodriguez' insight into the cult to which he couldn't elaborate about, due to WCG's secretive nature and excessively controlling regulations).

But if I were to recommend a history — Rodriguez did the best job I've seen so far. Better than Brady, better than Ponterotto, better than many who want to embellish and fib, to sell a book.

Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. (That's Ljubomir Ljubojevic's legacy to Chess.) Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar.

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Prior to Joining Armstrong's Cult in 1962
(19 Years Old) “…his mother was left-wing and not too religious. So for part of his teenage years… Bobby himself had openly declared himself an atheist, considering the idea of a personal god as a ‘puerility.’”
Translated from “Bobby Fischer: L’enfant terrible,” by E. J. Rodriguez

Ljubomir Ljubojevic is in desperate need of psychiatric evaluation for his delusions.

  • NY Times, “Courtroom Chess” and The American Scholar, Vol. 50, No. 3 (Summer 1981)

Ljubomir Ljubojevic is in desperate need of psychiatric evaluation for his delusional schizophrenia.

Seeing my church brother *abused* in such a way for nothing more than warped kicks by a pathological liar, is revolting.

Such a pathological liar! He claimed Bobby Fischer didn't smoke and even that's not fully true. Bobby confided he tried smoking once, then quit. This man did not know Bobby Fischer.

Catalog of Sections and References:

  1. NY Times, New Wealth Expected to Foster Big Shift in Fischer's Life-Style
  2. The American Scholar, Vol. 50, No. 3, Summer 1981, “Courtroom Chess”
  3. People Magazine, The Secret Life of Bobby Fischer, Brad Darrach

“Bobby Fischer's Tragedy” JULY 15, 1972

Bobby Fischer was a patient and tolerant Aspie.
The “Histrionic” accusation would've been enough to set my anxiety on edge for a couple months and made me want to set the match out.