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Afterthoughts on Bobby Fischer

Follow up Correspondence to Vindication of Bobby Fischer

Crucify us both together… we were both of “legal age”. Both I and Bobby were Asperger Syndrome and Traumatized for around 15+ years in Armstrong's cult. Acting in “legal capacity” is another matter.

After cult doesn't escape to place of safety as Armstrong's promised in 1972.

1973 (Bobby read Nazi publication)
1943 (Bobby born)
30 years old

After Berlin Wall fell, 1989, another of Armstrong's ‘prophetic signs of the end’

1991 (I read Nazi publication)
1968 (I was born).
23 years old

I also so-called, “chose” to move from the Armstrong CULT into the Nazi CULT… just like Bobby “chose” to move from the Armstrong CULT into the Nazi CULT. I too, like Bobby, was parroting their propaganda. I too, like Bobby, believed their empty rhetoric. I too, like Bobby, was BRAINWASHED to believe “jews” were all involved in some kind of maniacal organized conspiracy and to blame for all the worlds evils, because I was doing the exact same thing Armstrong shaped me and Bobby to do: BLINDLY BELIEVE IN LIES and focus on some “World Power that's prophesied to arise” …the nazis and Armstrong's cult had a lot in common. An “activated brain” after 15 years of trauma won't distinguish any difference between a fictitional “Nazi-Fascist Holy Roman Catholic Empire” and a fictitional “Jewish Bolshevik World Conspiracy”… both were LIES.

So go ahead and crucify me with my cult brother, Bobby Fischer. He's not able to defend himself against the slander. But I'll defend him against the lies and ignorance.

Health Law, American Medical Association
“…There are two major exceptions to the presumption of an adult's legal capacity, …Historically, this exception intended to protect individuals who were DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED… that may affect their *cognitive abilities.”

[ * SOCIAL COGNITION = Autism Spectrum = Asperger's Syndrome]

Cults Today: A New Social-Psychological Perspective
“…Grasping the enormity of that situation allows former cult members to cease doubting and blaming themselves and to feel some sense of relief and clarity about their involvement and behavior. This is not to imply that cult members have no personal responsibility for their actions: they do—we all do (unless a gun is held to our heads). But we must take into consideration that cult members are functioning under the pressure and duress of what the legal world calls “undue influence.” Free will was not taken away per se, but it was certainly distorted and restricted.”

I want that no person has any reason to remain deceived.

“Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.”
— Eric Hoffer, “The True Believer”

Bobby did not go out searching for some ‘paranoid conspiracy theory.’ We were innocent and unpresuming. Armstrong had terrorized us with nazi extermination camps for 15+ years (Good grief! Are people completely devoid of compassion?!), so we investigated the literature of our prophesied killers. It was innocent curiosity, out of FEAR. For an Asperger person, it seemed the logical thing to do… but it was a regrettable mistake. I blame Armstrong. He created that “gateway to Nazism”.
We simply switched to a different devil to paralyze our brains.

Bobby Fischer was innocent and unpresuming

Bobby needed trauma counseling in 1973-1977… not a second cult trying to prey on his ravaged mental stability. Are people completely lacking in human compassion?!?!

“Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.”
— Eric Hoffer

Armstrong had his “Devil” : Nazi-Fascist Holy Roman Catholic Empire
Nazis had their “Devil” : “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy”

Ed: “I suspect that Bobby's indoctrination made his brain seek to///at the price of coming up with a simplistic paranoid conspiracy theory of his own that involved blaming “Jews.””

You made a terribly wrong presumption. You know that now, right?

Your words:

Ed: “…Also, it is interesting about how Bisguier and Donner lied about Bobby being anti-semitic early on.”

Then WHY would “Jews” even be on Bobby's mind? Oh… the LIES by Donner/Bisguer and all those LIES you've read in the media that LIED about the cult's doctrines, claiming the cult was antisemitic. Bobby would've had nothing against Jews either, unless… those Nazis gave him that idea when he started reading their literature after Armstrong's FAILED prophecy in 1973 and onward. Because Armstrong didn't teach antisemitism.

The majority of ex-Armstrongites are blissfully ignorant that Bobby Fischer was even in the WCG.
The majority of ex-Armstrongites are blissfully ignorant where Bobby even picked up antisemitism from, beyond lies in the media, that suggest the cult somehow taught antisemitism.

If Armstrong taught the cult “antisemitism” then why are they all hot and bothered ridiculing Bobby Fischer for antisemitic behavior… when they need to start POINTING THEIR FINGERS AT THEMSELVES… RIGHT?!?!?! they too were antisemites after all, right?

Right? They were all a bunch of antisemitic bigots? Right?

Go ask the ex-Armstrongites, how they were taught to “hate Jews”… and I think, they'll be confused as to what you're even talking about because antisemitism was NOT taught in the cult.

You've read way too much mythology about Bobby Fischer.

Armstrong didn't teach antisemitic dogma to the cult. The media LIED about the cult's doctrines. Bobby would've had no reason to single out Jews.

The Nazis rehashed that century old “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy” lie, long before Bobby was born. You know that now I hope. You also know that the Nazis are a type of political cult. They will ambush any sucker who is unfortunate enough to stumble into trap. That paranoid “Jewish conspiracy theory” is about a century old, and … Bobby didn't “invent it”… nor did he “come up with it”. And I dare say, there's nothing simplistic about it.

Bobby didn't go out looking for it, either. It found him. It's shills were working hard to indoctrinate and convert him to their crap political movement.

Bobby's rattled mind (after 15 years of Armstrong's terror) was weakened, injured, damaged… traumatized from the sheer stress, living under the terror of imminent gas chambers and extermination camps… hey, I lived through that hell too, wondering “When will the Nazis invade?!” for years on end, that will SCREW YOUR MIND UP and he had the courage to say so in 1977, in an attempt to PROTECT others. But nobody stepped up to the plate to protect Bobby. My psychotherapist said its because people PRESUMED he would be fine.

I totally disagree with you. Bobby was searching for the truth yes, after what Armstrong did to him… all the lies about a “place of safety” that never came… he'd given all his money… YOU ARE WRONG, he wanted to find the truth, but instead, his traumatized mind was taken advantage of, by political shills.

I don't think Bobby went out searching some ‘paranoid explanation’. Not at all.

Neither did I.

We were innocent and unpresuming. Armstrong had terrorized us with nazi extermination camps, so we investigated the literature of our prophesied killers. For an Asperger person, it seemed the logical thing to do… but it was a regrettable mistake. I blame Armstrong. He created a “Gateway to Nazism”.

I've explained it to you how it happened. Bobby already had PTSD…

His brain was already activated (traumatized) elevated fight or flight mechanism from “Nazi Death Camps” … and immediately exposed to “Judeo Bolshevik Conspiracy”. Bobby switched. Just like I did. Couldn't help it. We were shaped to reason like that. The brain would not distinguish between “Big Devil #1” vs “Big Devil #2”.

“Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a God, but never without belief in a devil.” — Eric Hoffer

He was an innocent victim of their propaganda. So was I.

Bobby's traumatized mind made the switch from “Armstrong's Devil” to the “Nazi's Devil”.

It really was as though our brains were on auto-pilot.

We believed Armstrong's BS… and with our minds traumatized on Armstrongism, that “Judeo Bolshevik Conspiracy” seemed like a very real threat, not imagined.

Bobby did not go looking for another devil, it found him.

Hope we cleared up that question.

Bobby didn't invent the “Judeo Bolshevik Conspiracy” … the Russian Orthodox Church invented it in reaction to the Bolsheviks and militant atheists that were a very real danger to organized religion back in early 20th century.

Stop blaming Bobby.

People don't want to look at a THREAT like that for 5 seconds, but Bobby managed it for 15 years of his life. It's how Armstrong terrorized Bobby out of all of his money and left him financially destitute. Think that circus won't cause somebody PTSD?

Supernatural Power
Clearly, Hitlerʼs power was beyond the human realm. But was his message from the Creator God? No, it was a religious message from another god—the god of this world. Herbert W. Armstrong said Satan is a thousand times more powerful than we are. But men refuse to even grasp Satanʼs frightening power.
If they canʼt learn by words, they are about to learn by becoming victims—like the extermination camp victims of World War ii!

////// EXCERPT //////
http://www.spirituallysmart. com/nazi.html

“Hitlerʼs power was beyond the human realm.”

Imagine that. Just like Superman, the man of steel.

“…they are about to learn by becoming victims—
like the extermination camp victims of World War ii!.”

What a topic for learning all about God's “Love” and “Mercy” in Sabbath Service… as well as the perpetual “terror of Nazis” inflicted upon the flock.

Sounds just like the “Worldwide Church of God” from back in the 1970ʼs that I remember, and Bobby Fischer wouldʼve remembered too. Exalting and teaching great reverence for Nazis as “Super-human” with “Supernatural” powers.

From: Sharon
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2017 12:24 PM
To: susanpolgar@####; ponterotto@####; redaccion@###; ewinter@###
Bcc: Edward, ####@chessbase
Subject: No Doubt Remaining—Pure Awesomeness of Bobby Fischer and the “devil”

The most insulting thing of all, is that you would either try to deny what's obvious or, you are in denial because it's TOO HORRIBLE for your mind to imagine some monster like Armstrong doing that to a lovable, well-liked, friendly chess celebrity who didn't have a mean bone in his body…

Wrap your brain around it.

It's exactly what happened to Bobby. He was on the autism spectrum and INNOCENT.

Perhaps cognitive dissonance is at work…

Ed: “…Also, it is interesting about how Bisguier and Donner lied about Bobby being anti-semitic early on.”

Bobby was not antisemitic in 1972 (you admit that) … but the other side of your brain presuming Bobby had some inexplicable need to blame “Jews”.

Which is it?

Bobby gave interview to the “Ambassador Report” in 1977, a desperate cry for help of the mental damage he sustained from Armstrongism … but the other side of your brain is still presuming, “Bobby was just fine, ready to take on the Nazi Propaganda in 'Round #2' of the psych-out war.”

Which is it?

They preyed on a man who was already injured (terribly, terribly, terribly mentally injured). MY GOD, read Bobby's words and really listen to what he is saying.

Bobby Fischer Speaks Out! (1977)
“I have to discuss some of the things Herbert has done to me-how he screwed up my mind—just to let people know that this is for real, because if anybody tried to live by the letter of the law… it was me. I truly tried to be obedient. The more I tried, the more crazy I became. The pressure he puts on you! You can't do this, you can't do that, you…
The real proof for me was those [false] prophecies…”

Did you think he was merely being a “Drama Queen”?!

Does it sound like he was mentally prepared to get exposed to Nazi Propaganda and converted to anti-semitic ideology?

Bobby was NOT antisemitic before Armstrong lead him into that “Gateway to Nazism”. Bobby was just a lovable, likeable chess player. An innocent. Just like I was.

Yes, those “false prophecies” … there were no “Nazi-Fascist Papal Hordes” coming with gas chambers and extermination camps…

Armstrong LIED.

Stop allowing cognitive dissonance preventing you from understanding how deep Bobby's mental trauma was, and the depth of the predatory cult indoctrination was unleashed on this poor man after Armstrong had already finished mentally raping him… the Nazis swept in for their share of the feast. He needed compassion, and trauma counseling… not a second CULT, seeking “easy prey” followed by outsiders, pointing judgmental fingers in their… ignorance of what really happened inside that cult.

When it finally sinks in… what that cult did to me and Bobby, you will be horrified.

It horrified me when I read Bobby's interview with the Ambassador Report, because I lived through it. I could hear the desperation in his words. HE NEEDED TRAUMA COUNSELING DESPERATELY … but instead the Nazis, like vultures swooped in to prey on him.

Armstrong laid the snare for him to seek out Nazi literature, and Bobby fell for it. Just like I did. Our minds were too screwed up by Armstrong, to think correctly about what we were reading. Bobby didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of seeing his way out of all that. STOP BLAMING HIM.

From: Sharon
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2017
To: Edward; @chessbase…
Subject: Pure Innocense, cast into HELL by Armstrong for the wolves to devour — Let No Doubt Remain — Pure Innocence of Bobby Fischer and Two “Devils”

“I've kept good memories of Fischer. I don't have any grudges against him. I always forgave him the fact that he behaved like a child. Bobby was very pure and friendly. He liked children, animals. He was an avid cat lover! I also preferred cats to dogs, like Bobby. Did he have any cats? I don't think so, although I never went to his house. I wanted to visit him in Pasadena, but didn't get the chance. His house was robbed there and almost his whole archive was lost…”
—Boris Spassky on Bobby Fischer

Edward, you have been trying to make excuses for the Nazis. Their victims must be “bad people”. Armstrong introduced Bobby to the Nazis, who then proceeded to DECEIVE a deeply emotionally traumatized and autistic, man. But you want to blame the victim instead of the predators.

What you're arguing is right up the same vein, of a pervert preacher who stands behind the pulpit and sees a little girl with a short dress and can see up in it. Now he has his “excuse” to molest the “little tramp” because she “tempted him”.

I don't know how much more a person could've been vulnerable as Bobby was. And you'd blame him for 2 powerful depraved cults raping him mentally and destroying his sanity, his life, his chess career, they took everything from him. His mind was so screwed up he couldn't see straight. He was destroyed and driven into exile.
Armstrong walked away with 100 Grand.

But you don't want to blame the perpetrators? The victims “chose” to bring destruction on themself.

I didn't choose any of that, neither did Bobby. He was vulnerable, just like I was. We were “shaped” and choices made for us.

You sound religious to me. Not scientific.

From: Edward Babinski
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2017
To: Sharon
Subject: Re: Bobby Fischer, terribly misdiagnosed and slandered like a “demon”

Glad to hear the message is getting out. I don't play chess these days and don't get on chess sites, but you have certainly stirred the pot in a good way for Bobby.

Meanwhile my folks are keeping me busy, and work too.

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From: Sharon
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2017
To: Edward Babinski; …@chessbase
Cc:; susanpolgar@…; redaccion@…;
Subject: Re: Bobby Fischer, terribly misdiagnosed and slandered like a “demon”

So, uh, that's a humble… “I admit it, you're right. Bobby was the most vulnerable victim from among the Armstrong cult being Autistic, and with all this new information, considering the duress his mind was under, surely he was a most innocent victim, of all the tragic events that spiraled out of control in his life, afterward” and, “It was a grotesque injustice inflicted on him, that Armstrong left him brutally traumatized, deprived of mental health counseling, only to fall prey to one of the most mendacious political movements on the planet…” and that the rest of the planet, terribly misjudged him.

Thank you for the admission.

Bobby Fischer was so courageous when he tried to speak out against Armstrong, and will always be a hero, who tried to protect thousands of other cult victims... but nobody was there to protect him.

That's what I'm trying to do now. Set the record straight for him. He deserves at least that.

From: Sharon
Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2017
To: Edward Babinski; Frederic Friedel
Subject: Raped. Pure Innocense. Vindicated — Bobby Fischer, terribly misdiagnosed and slandered like a “demon”

The Nazi literature was just part of the distorted reality “terror illusion” which Armstrong had mine and Bobby's minds locked in (and many tens of thousands of other cult members. My psychotherapist assured me there ARE OTHERS still out there who fell into the same mind-warping trap.) Cults create a distorted version of reality in the minds of the believers different that normal people know. It screwed Bobby's mind up, he “couldn't do this,” “couldn't do that,” couldn't even “trust his own thoughts” because your own thoughts are “wicked” says Armstrong. Restrictive mind-control tactics for 15 years. The first time Bobby makes the mistake of ‘bending’ Armstrong's legalist rigid rules and cult regulations (he investigated if they were actually going to invade), it is a mistake that will cost him everything and leave him such a distortion of his former self, that the world can only interpret his behavior through abhorrence. “Bobby must have been a bad person all along”… right Ed? They thought the same thing about me. They tried to explain my behavior with 1001 theories, everything except what I kept saying… it was because of the way Armstrong terrorized us with Nazi extermination camps, I searched out their literature, and became deceived… and indoctrinated.

Do you know how many years I spent BLAMING MYSELF, beating myself up, carrying guilt, shame, self-loathing for a “decision” a “mistake” which Herbert W. Armstrong “shaped” and “lead us into” and “made for us”. How many thousands have been spent to pay for psychiatric counseling because of that damned false prophet and his lies. I would've never had any reason nor desire to look at any nazi propaganda if my parents hadn't dragged me into that cult. Nor would Bobby. He was too interested in chess.

I can't bear seeing him blamed for something he was shaped to do, out of terror, and innocent, to “question Armstrong” was unthinkable and forbidden in the cult. Armstrong was self-professed, the “voice of the Almighty God”.

It is so SICK.


> > > > >Bobby was not antisemitic in 1960. No antisemite in 1961… no jew-hater in 1962… 1963 he's competing and people love him… 1964 Bobby is developing his chess prowess with dreams of becoming world champion… and doesn't want to become a victim of the ‘Second coming of the Holocaust’ as prophesied by HWA. In 1965 Bobby wasn't a “hitler worshiper” as Bisguer/Donner made him out to be… but Bobby is reading about what will happen if he's found not worthy before God and “left behind” 1966… Jews aren't even on Bobby's mind in 1967… wasn't interested in nazi literature in 1968 because Bobby's got Armstrong's literature, foretelling of the imminent end of the world, and those coming extermination camps… no interest in Jews in 1969 other than reverence for them as ‘God's chosen’ according to HWA and believing Jesus is going to return in 1975… 1970 arrives… the world loves Bobby… he's friendly, innocent, a genius, he has his quirks and sometimes lacks tact, but all in all, the world loves Bobby and Bobby loves the world… smiling… 1971… signing autographs for little kids, overseas, and loving animals and life, very innocently believing in “God's One True Apostle” Herbert W. Armstrong that we're all going to escape to the ‘place of safety’ (Petra) in 1972 — Bobby wins the World Championship and he's a media sensation, and Bobby's been being obedient and living by the letter of the O.T. law under Armstrong's rigid mind control for around 15 years. Giving the one true apostle, thousands and dedicated, heart, mind, body, soul to HWA's doctrines…

Innocent. Unpresuming. The person which Boris Spassky described… that young Autistic adult… Childlike… Pure…

1972 arrives… no escape to the place of safety. No nazis invade. Bobby's autism (literal thinking) thrown for a mental loop. He literally believed there would be an escape to the place of safety.

Bobby is intelligent…

1973 NYTimes reports Bobby is reading Nazi literature. (He's skeptical… wants to prove to himself about HWA's prophecies… what could possibly go wrong to read some of the Nazi literature… after all, Armstrong says they're going to invade but they haven't shown up yet)

Nazis are very skilled at deception.

Bobby, an innocent, under 15 years of mind control in the cult was no equal for the Nazi's level of deception… and at first, like myself, he was probably skeptical of some of the things they were claiming… but the Nazis propaganda wear people down through attrition… they've got a lot of literature for the asking and its very convincing to the mind that does not have experience to discern between the way they carefully wrap a layer of lie here and layer of lie there, around a nugget of truth.

Bobby didn't have the experience or discretion to discern what was true and what was a lie.

By the mid to late 1970's to the time he was writing Pal Benko, they'd convinced him, “there's a big huge evil Jewish conspiracy”. All that trauma from Armstrong's terror of “Nazi extermination camps” coming for him… got turned on the “Jewish Bolshevik World Conpsiracy” of the Nazis.

Armstrong opened that “Gateway to Nazism” on an innocent Autistic man who was left mentally traumatized and disturbed by Armstrong's depraved cult terror doctrines.

When you wrap your mind around what I'm saying, … it is grotesque … brutal … hideous what was done to Bobby.

I only understand, because its exactly what happened to me. Bobby was innocent.

I was an INNOCENT when I picked up the Nazi literature. I wanted to ask the Nazis, “Why do you hate people only because they worship on Saturday sabbath?! Why do you hate Jews and those that follow their religious observances?”


We were innocent. But when we started reading Nazi literature, we got indoctrinated into antisemitism. < < < < < < < <

From: Sharon
Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2017
To: Edward Babinski; Frederic Friedel
Subject: Truth and Bobby Fischer

The same thing that happened to me, happened to Bobby.

That is HOW I know E.J. Rodriguez told the TRUTH (and Bisguer/Donner lied).

“I've kept good memories of Fischer. I don't have any grudges against him. I always forgave him the fact that he behaved like a child. Bobby was very pure and friendly. He liked children, animals. He was an avid cat lover! I also preferred cats to dogs, like Bobby. Did he have any cats? I don't think so, although I never went to his house. I wanted to visit him in Pasadena, but didn't get the chance. His house was robbed there and almost his whole archive was lost…”
—Boris Spassky on Bobby Fischer

THE TRUE 1963 BOBBY FISCHER (just like Boris Spassky described Bobby).

“…As we said, his was not an uncommon opinion at that time, however much it might draw attention that someone expressed it so openly in the media. Nor would it make much sense to search as some did in their difficult relationship with their mother to explain a macho point of view that was not uncommon in 1963. Many years later, quite a few years after his retirement, Fischer would have time to prove that there could be women with a marvelous level of chess, such as when he met Judit Polgar: it was precisely the Hungarian — best female chess player in history, who has come to compete in the men's competition to occupy the 8th place in the rankings — which broke Fischer's record. To obtain the title of Great Teacher also to the fifteen years, but with few months less.
In fact, the problem with young Fischer was not only what he said (unlike his last days, where he did get to release real barbarities), but how, when and where he said it. There was still no sign of political fanaticism in him, but no tact. If I thought anything, I would say it. For good and for bad. Like it or not. It's that simple. And so it would remain during the rest of his sports career, before his enigmatic disappearance.”
Translated from a Spanish Chess History, Bobby Fischer (III): L’enfant terrible by E. J. Rodríguez

Armstrong “shaped” Bobby to fall into the Nazi propaganda trap.

Nazi propaganda is illegal in at least Germany. It is dangerous to read because it is filled with deception. People do not know this until they have became victims of it. Communist propaganda and “disinformation” is often equally dangerous.

Bobby was just an innocent, traumatized, cult victim who was on the Autism spectrum. I have poured tears of grief over what was done to him… he was the LEAST person among the cult to deserve this mind rape that was unleashed on him.

Then… the remainder of his life he is misinterpreted, slandered, vilified, demonized… terribly misjudged and misunderstood and driven into exile by his accusers.

It is a nightmare than no human being should ever have had to live through. I lived through it… a little bit. Only a very little bit, only enough to get my mind around the horror he endured.


Bobby was childlike when he began reading their literature. Bobby had no idea what kind of fire he was playing with. Armstrong had a responsibility but he neglected all the victims he left to pick up the pieces of their messed up lives. Who was responsible for terrorizing Bobby for 15 years all about “Nazis are going to invade in '72 and stick you in extermination camps!”? Bobby was childlike and innocent when he began reading their deceptive propaganda. He couldn't see through it. He was on the Autism spectrum… he was vulnerable.
A cult victim whose been traumatized 15 years, and has developmental disabilities (one who would read and perceive things “literal” and totally miss subtle nuances, distinguishing lies from truth, by deceptive people?)… Autism is like navigating life with a blindfold on, but Bobby, with his mental faculties already in a storm, is suppose to magically, “see through Nazi propaganda”??

It leaves me appalled and horror-stricken at how Armstrong picked Bobby's pockets clean for all he could take, leaving Bobby financially destitute — then after 15 years screwing up his mind, cast him off to mentally, “fend for himself” amidst a pack of wolves.

It happened to me, and yet, every time I get my head around just how vulnerable Bobby was… how impressionable and innocent… (he obeyed Armstrong's religion to the letter of the law, he was a dedicated believer)… he was left alone with 15 years of terror and the temptation to investigate Nazi Propaganda when Armstrong's prophecy didn't fulfill. Bobby said so. He was very upset when the church didn't flee to the place of safety in 1972.
1973 he was reported reading Nazi literature. Bobby would have been clueless to the Pandora's Box he was opening and would have his entire life destroyed because of it.

You can tell who the MOST VULNERABLE in the cult was simply by observing how their lives turned out after leaving.
The most vulnerable from among the cult, suffered the worst aftermath…

Some committed suicide.
Some ended up on drugs or alcohol.
Some ended up in lifetime psychiatric counseling and treatment.
Some ended up with just… not able to hold their lives together… not able to function.

Stories are diverse. Some suffered worse than others. The one person who stands out to me, as having the worst aftermath of ALL the cult was Bobby Fischer and his pitiful, misunderstood life.

Bobby was mentally destroyed and was so misinterpreted by the media, even people who knew him, people at all levels of society… demonized what they could not understand, labeled and misdiagnosed him, slandered him, opened a witch-hunt on him, he was driven into exile. He lost everything.

None of it was “Bobby's decision”. Bobby acted in accordance with how Armstrong had shaped him.

Abhay Vignesh Liginlal: Real geniuses like the inimitable Bobby Fischer are frequently misunderstood.


Twitter is crawling with extreme rightwing parasites exploiting Bobby.
This is why Bobby got so fixated with Bolsheviks —(which were actually atheists, not Judaism). After 15 years of Armstrong's cult traumatizing Bobby about Nazi extermination camps coming for him in 1972, so in 1973 he investigates the Nazis, sponging up all the dirty lies Nazi propaganda told him about “Jews,” after seeing Armstrong was a false prophet and Jesus and the Nazis were not going to show — he mentally transferred the 15 years he'd lived in of horror about “Nazis” over on a new obsession with “Bolsheviks” (Communist) —and ruminated on that aspect of distorted history.

It's a common feature of PTSD… the brain has been so injured and traumatized, it stays “activated” “on alert”… and that's why people with PTSD have “flashbacks” and “the traumatizing event is happening again and again”… repeating in their mind. Bobby and I had developed PTSD from Armstrong's terror. It wasn't just simply saying “Oh well, the Nazis and Jesus aint coming” and walk away unscathed. All that trauma was hardwired on the brain (15+ years!!!), and it doesn't “just go away”. Bobby refocused the dread of Nazi… on to the new threat he read about, “Bolsheviks.”

Same thing happened to me. Both I and Bobby were absolutely fascinated with… mesmerized… terrified of “Bolsheviks”… perceived like a mortal threat to self and society at large.

Asperger's Syndrome symptoms of preoccupation and rumination only exacerbates the tendency to obsess over what's perceived as “threatening”.

Outsiders would've perceived me and Bobby as insane (and who cares about their lack of understanding about our personal lives), but a trained psychologist would've known the difference. Both I and Bobby have combined Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (not “insanity”) from real injuries and threats —and Asperger's Syndrome which isn't even grouped among “mental illness” but categorized among intellectual developmental disorders.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (in Bobby's case, 15 years of inflicted trauma), the brain is on such constant high alert and hardwired for vigilance against a perceived threat. Sometimes the trauma comes as nightmares and hypervigilance. Bobby couldn't simply “just walk away.” Nor could I. His brain was trained by Herbert W. Armstrong to focus on an imminent “Doomsday scenerio” threat, at least equivalent to invading Nazis. Asperger's people tend to ruminate, repetitively go over something in their mind, and obsess over it… especially when they've been emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually injured as Bobby was, just like his preoccupation with Chess. Bobby was not insane. Just “Preoccupied” with… mistaken information, and half-truths sent to him by political fanatics. PTSD develops from real trauma, not imagined and Asperger's Syndrome is not categorized among “mental illness”. Bobby was not “insane” but Bobby was taken advantage of by unscrupulous cult leaders and pseudo-political shills.

[ * SOCIAL COGNITION = Autism Spectrum = Asperger's Syndrome]

[ * SOCIAL COGNITION = Autism Spectrum = Asperger's Syndrome]