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Vindication of Bobby Fischer

“It is because of Bobby Fischer that Chess players today enjoy all the perks including a huge pay check, international recognition, special treatment and many basic amenities that were devoid in the Chess circle for so long. We should be eternally grateful for his contribution and as far as possible accept his shortcomings off and on the board. This may be our best reciprocation towards the legend of the game.
Not forgetting that he alone put USA on the Chess map of the world at the time when the Soviets dominated the sport. He brought USA the image as an intellectual nation at the most trying time in the 20th century.
When you look at any sports its popularity is augmented not by the game itself but by people who play that sport. As Micheal Jordan is to Basketball or Muhammad Ali to Boxing; Bobby Fischer alone deserves the spotlight when it comes to Chess. This, I believe will be supported by any Chess player who has at least some knowledge on the history of Chess.”

—Gangte Minthang

“the action of clearing someone of blame or suspicion”

Bobby Fischer
“A Vindication of Bobby Fischer”
by Sharon Mooney


For me Bobby Fischer is the greatest chess player and right since I was a kid I have been a big fan. I have not only tried to study what has been written about his chess but also about his personality. But there was always a void when information was presented to the public as though the chess hero has turned into a villain. When I came across your blog, all the dots were connected and I got to know the true picture of my hero. I would whole heartedly recommend reading your work who wants to know the truth and doesn't mind spending time for it.
Sundararajan Kidambi (10/4/2017)

Licensed Psychologist Diagnosis (2017) (Qualified in the treatment of both mental illness & Intellectual Developmental Disorders, “Autism Spectrum”: “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” (C-PTSD) which explains Bobby Fischerʼs “bizarre” symptoms stemming from 15 years of deep indoctrination and thought control in the Armstrong Doomsday Cult (1962-1974), followed by an extremely traumatizing false arrest and detained in the Pasadena, CA jailhouse (1982), followed by the U.S. threats over his match in Yugoslavia (1992), followed by George Bush' war of terror and cancelling his passport midflight into Japan (2004) and spending 9 months in prison, once again re-traumatized by false arrest. Any psychiatric professional worth their salt knows what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms are —and Bobby Fischer exhibited them… bad. I ask that society seek knowledge and understanding about Bobby Fischerʼs life instead of merely judging what they clearly do not understand. Ultimately compassion. He earned the right for full reprieve for any undue offense he might have caused anyone unintentionally. Drawing his sources from second-account hearsay,

“…Dr. Ponterotto also says that Fischer was not Schizophrenic—he was not hearing colors or experiencing other ‘bizarre’ delusions but ‘manifested non-bizarre persecutory Type delusions’…”

…and as we go down each item on the list of symptoms provided by Dr. Ponterotto we find a long list of real, not imagined examples in Bobby's tortured life and personal history, i.e.,:

(10/4/2017) “Thanks for sharing all of this. I have heard a few of these things about the cult before but nothing as detailed as you describe and have relayed to me. I have always assumed that Fischer were in the Autism spectrum, Aspergers sounds like a reasonable diagnosis, based on anecdotal evidence. I will look more into this and will welcome anything you can tell me moving forward.

PTSD is poorly understood, frequently undiagnosed and all too often not properly treated. The combination of PTSD and Autism/Aspergers is a disaster when untreated. In fact, rather than treated, Fischer was abused described by you above. That must have been a version of hell that few of us can imagine.

I'm profoundly against Nazis and the far right too. My grandfather was in the resistance in Denmark and lived underground for the last four years of the 2nd world war. The SS visited my grandmother at least every other week to scare her and the family. One of my best friends had 90% of his family killed in KZ-camps during the war. I have no sympathy for these terrible, horrible people. Anybody who can march or support them in any shape or form deserve a place in hell.
—Carsten Hansen (@CazHansen)
Author of 17 books on chess, FIDE Trainer/chess coach, book reviewer, speaker, sales coach, national sales director for a major shipping company and a mad runner


(Indian Times) “Soviet players didn't want to cheat, they were ordered to”


“I Was Tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse!” by Bobby Fischer (©1982)

obstructed in pursuit of long-term goals,

…pigeon-holed midflight by the Bush administration revocation of his passport, to spend 9 months in jail injustly…


“Those KGB Poison factories (circa 1960 era) weren't something you played with…”

The Shrink agreed, being aware of some of the accusations surrounding Putin and assassinated political rivals.
the entire listet cetera on “numerous living examples, POOR BOBBY.”

Upon discussing this with my psychotherapist, she was stunned and asked, “He was really arrested and put in jail?!” I was like, “Yeah, Bobby Fischer was arrested on false charges, mistaken identity for a ‘bank robbery’, detained… and wrote about it in 1982. He was tortured… they stripped him and he was exposed to the elements, all he had was a mattress which was already cut open and he got inside of it. A guard came by threatening to charge him for destruction of property…”

My psychotherapist had a revolted expression on her face and confirmed to me, “He had POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. There's a difference between things that happen in real life and ‘imagined’. That would be Post Traumatic Stress…”

“I Was Tortured Under Herbert W. Armstrong's wicked cult and my Wallet Picked Clean and Bank Account Wiped Out!”
aka, “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!”

“I Was Tortured In The Pasadena Jailhouse!” ©1982 by Bobby Fischer

“…‘Enduring personality changes after catastrophic experience’ (F62.0), the concept corresponding to ‘Disorders of extreme distress not otherwise specified/complex PTSD’ (see definition, which may develop after extreme prolonged or repeated trauma, such as repeated childhood sexual abuse or prolonged captivity involving torture.”

Due to the blatant, deliberate misdiagnosis clearly done out of personal malice toward Bobby Fischer (a misdiagnosis which disregards the 15 years of cult abuse and police brutality from 1982). Tell that to some minority rights groups! Tell them, “Your trauma from police brutality is merely a ‘persecutory delusion’.”
A clear cut example of medical ethics violation if there ever were one.

I have reported Dr. Ponterotto to New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct as well as sharing his bigoted abuse of his credentials and licensing with many of his colleagues at Fordham University. I am incensed. He is abusing his credentials to mislead, miseducate and misinform the public… not only about symptoms of Autism but Post Traumatic Stress as well. Every day, millions of people across the world struggle with Autism spectrum conditions and are subjected to discrimination and bias, because of misinformation spread by persons such as Dr. Ponterotto who are not adequately qualified to make a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum. (Only specially trained and licensed professionals such as “child developmental specialists” are certified to make such a diagnosis. Dr. Ponterotto confused Bobby's “high anxiety” which is clearly associated with Asperger's Syndrome with “paranoia”. If this doctor were in fact an expert about Autism (an intellectual developmental disability, NOT a “mental illness”, he would have known the difference!) But Dr. Ponterotto feels trauma sustained from police brutality is merely “a persecutory delusion”, or that some who suffered cult-induced trauma or other forms of major traumatizing events are merely “persecutory delusions”. I find his unprofessional bigoted insensitivity reprehensible. Some committed suicide in the cult, but this doctor must feel that too is a joke.

Some think Bobby was difficult to understand. Not so. He was like anyone else, just Asperger's, on the Autism Spectrum which creates deficits with communication… and what Ralph Ginzburg did to him in the 1962 Harper's Magazine, was “unspeakable”. That's A LOT of emotional injury to process and verbalize. Barry Goldwater, not on the spectrum, took the words right out of Bobby Fischer's mouth:

Excerpt from “Endgame”, Frank Brady, pg 138-139 and Barry M. Goldwater v. Ralph Ginzburg, Warren Boroson, and Factmagazine, Inc., 414 F.2d 324, 2d Cir. (1969), Scribd Government Docs

APA Standards

Ginzburg Smut

Brady referred to Ginzburg's article, rightfully, as “a cruel piece of journalism, a penned mugging, in that it made a vulnerable teenager appear uneducated, homophobic and misogynistic, none of which was a true portrait.

Bobby Fischer was an Asperger teenager, who's mind operated on one frequency, “Chess… Chess… Chess…” and was clearly mislead about the nature and intent of Ginzburg's “interview”, to be used to open a “Can of Sexually-Charged Revolutionary Worms” at the expense of the unpresuming socially inexperienced teen age Bobby Fischer. Anyone who thinks this is normal, or fails to see what is unethical about it, needs to stay away from children and seek psychiatric help.

Dick Cavett: “Is it hard to find a girl who can discuss Capablanca and how he handled the Sicilian Defense against Alekhine or… did I pronounce any of those names right?”

Bobby: “Yeah this is a problem.” *laughter*

Guest: “Do you think chess is a sexist game?”

Bobby: “uh, I don't think it is at all. I'd welcome some girls in chess.”

Guest: “Have any tried to enter the competition?”

Bobby: “Well, there was Lisa Lane. By the way, I think you said she was dead? She's around.”

Dick Cavett: “Oh, I'm… I certainly apologize to her… I thought she was back in the 19th century for some reason.”

Bobby: “No. She's alive.”

Dick Cavett: “I'm sure that was news to her then.”

Guest: “What can they enter the competition?”

Bobby Fischer: “Yeah, there was one very famous one, Vera Menchik from Hungary and the best one now is Nona Gaprindashvili of the Soviet Union and she is a very good player and she, uh, plays with men now… she plays tournaments with men.”

Dick Cavett: “and there's no discrimination against her?…”

Bobby Fischer: “No chess is wide open. We don't have amateurs, we don't have discrimination with women, anybody but kids, everybody is welcome… old people…”

Source: Bobby Fischer, Dick Cavett Show, 1972

But Chess reporters want to source that perverse material concocted by Ralph Ginzburg, which even Bobby Fischer himself denied most of it being a remotely accurate portrayal of his statements or his life, — as if it were “legitimate”? Brady notes Ginzburg deliberately destroyed the documentation (tapes and research material that supposedly supported his vicious report about Bobby) – which is highly unorthodox, unusual, questionable… in ethical journalism.

“…People have committed suicide under the tremendous barrage of Armstrongism's subtly induced feelings of self-hate and hopelessness for this life…
This Armstrong—I was thinking if you had to think of one word to describe this guy, if you could only use one word, I would use ‘dangerous.
-Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!
1977 “Ambassador Report” magazine

Bobby Fischer had the potential to offer a great deal to the Chess world until Armstrong's Doomsday cult inflicted post traumatic stress with its constant terror of Nazis sticking Bobby into extermination camps if he didn't tithe and give enough; mind, body, soul, sanity… Followed by the Pasadena law enforcement who practiced Police Brutality which permanently changed Bobby's personality from friendly and affable, to aggressive and hostile… and then alas George W. Bush terror regime (convicted war criminals) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)… “war criminal” got finished crushing whatever remained of Bobby's peace of mind as well as his ability to move freely between countries to pursue his chess career. As politically-savvy people know, the Bush are “neoconservative,” which means they are not true conservatives and lean toward the Leftwing “Globalist” agenda. Bobby Fischer was no friend to Communists, therefore, he had to be destroyed and eliminated.

Whether it was leaving the cult, then attempting to fill the vacuum Armstrongʼs cult created in our minds, with the cult of “far rightism” or filling the vacuum with drug abuse the common thread between lives of Armstrongʼs ex-“true believers” was often revealed through Self Destruction.

Boston Sunday Globe, August 3, 1980:
“Herbert Armstrong admired Adolf Hitler's method of control…”

“In this rare interview, Bobby Fischer describes in his own words his relationship with Armstrongism and explains how even he, the “psych-out king,” was able to be out psyched and manipulated by the Armstrongs through long-term exposure to subtle religious mind-control techniques. The interview itself was conducted by several staff members at various locations in the Pasadena area over the course of several weeks.”

“I have to discuss some of the things Herbert has done to me-how he screwed up my mind-just to let people know that this is for real, because if anybody tried to live by the letter of the law… it was me. I truly tried to be obedient. The more I tried, the more crazy I became. The pressure he puts on you! You can't do this, you can't do that, you can't tell your friends this, you can't see unconverted people, you can't eat this, you can't eat that, on the sabbath you have to rest, you have to listen to the radio program every day, you have to study the correspondence course… and then you're supposed to pray…”
The real proof for me was those [false] prophecies. Everybody has a different way of looking at it, but to me that shows he [Armstrong] is an outright huckster.
Like the Bible says, when a prophet makes prophecies that don't come true, then that guy is not of God and you don't have to be afraid of him. Yet church members are afraid of him [HWA]. And he's failed umpteen times. This guy, Armstrong, in terms of religion, is the world's biggest loser.
[Next Fischer spoke about Herbert Armstrong's prophetic failures during and after World War II.] Okay, he could have made those mistakes, and I'd let them go. But he made mistakes again in 1950, 1952-the same trap over and over again. And he was dead wrong-100% wrong. He blew it all, and he pulled it again and again and again and again. And here I was in the sixties reading this stuff sincerely and believing it. And I should have known that it was all just a pack of lies. He was just playing with me. Lie after lie, letter after letter.”
I was looking through some of his old co-worker letters-so phony, you know. He talks about this world and how evil it is and all, but actually he's really of this world with all these high-pressure sales tactics. That's exactly the stuff he talks about-the stuff he was doing as a kid that he supposedly outgrew. For example, he continuously tries to frighten and panic you in his coworker letters about the supposed imminent end of the world-so that you will empty your bank account before him. Articles in old Plain Truths tell you that you haven't much time to develop character to prepare for Christ's return-to take the last train to sanity by joining Armstrongism. The idea is constantly drummed into your head that you must obey God=Armstrongism before it's too late. You must decide now. Time is running out… This kind of super high-pressure salesmanship leads people to make rash decisions, based on fear, often made against their better judgment. This is the very essence of Armstrongism (i.e., fear, panic, guilt).”

— Bobby Fischer Interview, 1977

“…The church welcomed him. Though Bobby is not a full church member—he is listed as a “coworker”—he offered Armstrong a double tithe (20%) of his $156,250 winnings. “Ah, my boy, that's just as God would have it!” (Herbert W.Armstrong)
— People Magazine, the Secret Life of Bobby Fischer By Brad Darrach, March 11, 1974

“I was trying to buy God.” From 1967 through 1974 he gave a total of $94,315 to the Worldwide Church of God. In 1972, the year he won his championship defeating Soviet champion Boris Spassky, he donated $61,200 to the Church. He said, “This idea of Herbert's that you can't trust your own thoughts — that's the key doctrine that I think has to be blasted out. I would say that if there's one thing that is the whole essence of Armstrongism, that is it. That's how he screws up your mind, that's how he hangs on to people.”
Source: Armstrongism Blog

In his interview, 1977 with the Ambassador Report, Bobby _THOUGHT_ his mind was clearing up. Bobby _THOUGHT_ he was using his own mind. Bobby _THOUGHT_ he was a freethinker at last. Bobby's troubles were only beginning. You don't come out of a cult, and magically recover from 15 years of intense cult indoctrination. Bobby couldn't see the forest for the trees. Just like I didn't. Back then, 1990's… I saw the cult falling apart with Armstrong dead, and Tkach taking over and I scoffed to myself how my sister joined the JW's, my mom went back to Baptist church (adamantly opposed to it all through the years of Armstrongism)… hooked on the need for religion!!

I mused to myself how I was far too intellectually superior to get caught up in another religion, much less, a CULT.
I landed right in the middle of the Nazi cult.
The same thing happened to Bobby. He didn't see it coming and didn't know what hit him.

Current administration of what was the original Worldwide Church of God, admits Armstrongism was indeed widely defined as a “cult” with serious errors.

Unorthodox doctrines
“…As Herbert Armstrong criticized traditional Christianity, he also attracted criticism. Many people considered him to be the leader of a heretical cult. Today, the leaders of this denomination reject Armstrongʼs doctrinal errors. We acknowledge that our errors were deep and serious…”

Let Bobby Fischerʼs life serve as a warning to others who think to join one of the splinter cults that came out of Herbert W. Armstrong, “Worldwide Church of God” cult. People should get as far as they can from these cults and if coming out of one of them, seek professional help to deal with the isolation.

The entirety of this post and testimony is for the grieved victims of the Worldwide Church of God cult and the supporters of Bobby Fischer, not to condone anti-semitic bigotry or bigotry of any sort, but rather to gain insight and understanding into what was done for 15 years to a once most beloved World Chess Champion.
This space is reserved for understanding, not for the hatemongers and their judgmental hubris.

Cults Today: A New Social-Psychological Perspective
“…Grasping the enormity of that situation allows former cult members to cease doubting and blaming themselves and to feel some sense of relief and clarity about their involvement and behavior. This is not to imply that cult members have no personal responsibility for their actions: they do—we all do (unless a gun is held to our heads). But we must take into consideration that cult members are functioning under the pressure and duress of what the legal world calls “undue influence.” Free will was not taken away per se, but it was certainly distorted and restricted.”

I know that there is a necessity for me to set the record straight, for Bobby Fischer, myself and many other victims of the cult we were all once devoted believers in. There are still many disciples of Armstrongism, and surely they will be on the offensive when they learn of my public testimony against the abuse of the cult that was and still is, the Worldwide Church of God™ and its splinter groups but so be it. Alas, I can set my soul at peace on this matter by sharing my story for sake of truth and justice and mercy.

Did Fischer Put Chess Over Armstrong or Did Fischer Put Armstrongism Over Chess?

Somebody wrote:

“I think Fischer's primary religion, his reason for living, was chess, to win at chess. I think his health and sanity suffered when that was denied him, when his requests to change future world champion match rules was denied (yet adopted later for Karpov!) Fischer grew disillusioned, and only came back to play Spassky in a second match decades later, to make some money, and playing in a country with U.S. sanctions against it. So Fischer was permanently exiled. That must have hurt him the most.”

Let's see if that presumption about Fischer holds water:

CLAIM: “I think Fischer's primary religion, his reason for living, was chess, to win at chess.”

FISCHER: “Well I kind of split my life into two pieces. One was where my chess career lies. There, I kept my sanity, so to speak, and my logic. And the other was my religious life. I tried to apply what I learned in the church to my chess career too. But I still was studying chess. I wasn't just 'trusting in God to give me the moves.”

Tartajubow On Chess II: Bobby Fischer and The Worldwide Church of God: “Most players are aware that there was a time in his life when Fischer, like Reshevsky, would not play on the Sabbath (sundown Friday until sundown Saturday) but it had nothing to do with Fischer having been born Jewish. It had to do with his membership in the Worldwide Church of God.…”

So, you … (just like the two liars, Bisguer and Donner), have already proven you really understand nothing about Bobby's past religious beliefs and its rigid, strict, unbending legalistic restrictions.

A Small Insight (caught on camera) into Bobby's Religious Fervency

To be known “guilty” of taking a job and working on the sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) would result in ex-communication. It was FORBIDDEN. I knew people who were excommunicated over employment during Friday sunset to Saturday sunset hours.

There is a great deal of interest in “cults” which can take many forms: They may be religious or racial, political or mystical, self-help or pseudo-psychological, but they all have half a dozen recognizable characteristics:

  • Powerful and exclusive dedication/devotion to an explicit person or creed.
  • The use of “thought-reform” programmes to integrate, socialize, persuade and therefore control members.
  • A well thought through recruitment, selection and socialization process.
  • Attempts to maintain psychological and physical dependency among cult members.
  • Cults insist on reprogramming the way people see the world.
  • Consistent exploitation of group members specifically to advance the leaders goals.
  • Cults nearly always go in for milieu control signals: a different,unfamiliar setting with different rules, terms, behaviour patterns.
  • Ultimately using psychological and physical harm to cult members, their friends and relatives and possibly the community as a whole.

Source: Psychology Today, Why Do People Join Cults?

Mainstream Media Lies Coming Unraveled: 1968-1972

Just when it couldn't get any worse? 1978: The Final Straw for Bobby Fischer

Considering this (1978) probably marks a huge decline in Bobby's mental state (as it would for anyone).

Where Bobby Fischer was at mentally by 1978, when both the dissidents and (now twice) the Armstrong Cult betrayed Bobby… After his interview with Ambassador Report (he told them, the Zola even said so to NY Times, to not publish his remarks):

Mr. Zola said in an interview that Mr. Fischer had asked him, before the publication of the report, not to publish his remarks.
(NY Times) Bobby Fischer Embroiled in Legal Dispute With Church Dissidents

Naturally, some of his remarks (since, as the Ambassador Report stated in the article it was an informal interview conducted over several weeks with different staff members). But they went to press anyway.
I know the nature of cult & the dissidents. They are “all or nothing”. The dissidents will go to any length to destroy the cult, even if they hurt people in the process.

Bobby's intent was to protect cult victims, not to destroy the church. This was stated in the Ambassador Report, 1977:

However, I want to emphasize that I'm not trying to destroy the college or the Armstrongs. I know the Bible says, “Vengeance is God's.” I'm not trying to “get” those guys. And I'm not interested in getting my money back. I'm trying to protect others. I just want to make sure that nobody gets ripped off mentally. That's the most important thing. I am not necessarily backing the whole magazine, but I'm using it because it is a good forum to get my views across.
—Bobby Fischer, 1977

like I'm speaking now, and have in the past… Bobby might've known the dissidents intent was about destroying the cult.
It is these people (dissidents) who are sometimes responsible for publicizing the falsehood that Armstrong was antisemitic when the doctrines plainly demonstrate Armstrong was Pro-Israel and very reverent of the Jewish people. The cult wasn't antisemitic. Bobby didn't play that kind of game either, i.e., using lies and deception to retaliate against the cult. He wanted to protect people. That was his mission.

Bobby was still living among the cult people in Pasadena in 1978, and one can imagine how the pressure was mounted on Bobby to duke it out in court, they had (vulnerable, impressionable, easily lead) Bobby worked up and then talking about a 3.2 million dollar lawsuit less than a year after the interview he gave to the Ambassador Report. This whole thing was certainly Herb's idea, the 3.2 million dollar lawsuit — has Herb's trademark of treachery and greed all over it and tells me Bobby was manipulated… again because as Bobby's actions demonstrate, when originally speaking to the Ambassador Report, he wasn't interested in money, he was trying to do the right and moral thing:

…And I'm not interested in getting my money back. I'm trying to protect others. I just want to make sure that nobody gets ripped off mentally.

The Worldwide Church of God even went so far as to put a lawyer behind Bobby to instigate the lawsuit… which tells me who the puppet-master was from the start, and who was pulling Bobby's strings, and what do you know? Herb Armstrong's double-crossing treachery revealed:

Mr. Fischer's main assertion in the papers is that the church, to which he said he had contributed $100,000, had first agreed to finance his lawsuit, and then reneged.
He included copies of several letters that he had written, including one typewritten note to a deputy district attorney assailing him for not pressing criminal charges against the publishers of Ambassador Report.

There is a letter to a Superior Court judge attacking the withdrawal of the attorney who had been retained by the church and who had initially represented him in the case.
(NY Times) Bobby Fischer Embroiled in Legal Dispute With Church Dissidents

Once the story is all in the press, that Bobby Fischer is taking the Ambassador Report to court… a woman came forward from the dissident end accusing Bobby Fischer of assault (charges which were dismissed the NY Times states)

A warrant was issued for Mr. Fischer's arrest on assault charges. But the charges were dismissed in court here after he agreed to make a cash payment to Mrs. Ruiz, who had brought a civil action against him.

…a mess… is made of Bobby's life and the church bails out, withdrew its lawyer, after its empty promises to Bobby.

The press attention resulted in making Bobby out to be “the bad guy” and what more could Armstrong have wanted… to make it look like, “Hey, Bobby Fischer didn't actually mean what he said to the Ambassador Report magazine, after all!”

The Ambassador Report dissidents walked away $ richer with whatever was awarded during the civil suit (although assault charges were dismissed).
WWCG came out of the mess they created, unscathed.

Bobby, being a vulnerable autistic — impressionable, easily manipulated, one of Armstrong's obedient puppets was most assuredly pressured into initiating a court case by leading administrators in the cult, who had no intention of carrying it through to the end, initially supplied with an attorney retained by the Church. It was Herb's idea, not Bobby's who was left picking up the pieces of this ongoing power struggle between the cult and dissidents.

Herb was quite fond of the Old Testament, including the “eye for an eye” justice, or in this case “career for a career”…

Bobby was made out to be the “bad guy” “the scapegoat” in the media spotlight charged now with “assault” and in 1978, Bobby Fischer had to deal with that realization: There's no way that his reputation could ever recover from such an accusation (even though the charge was dismissed… his formerly pristine reputation was now soiled with a single accusation of violence by a woman) there's no hope of recovery from something of that severity, when you find you're the dupe on the losing end of one of Armstrong's sociopathic schemes. Being Autistic, Bobby probably wasn't so keen figuring out how both sides (the cult and its dissidents) pulled the wool over his eyes in their power struggle. The tragic irony is, this entire fiasco began when Bobby Fischer sought out the Ambassador Report, and set out to achieve one mission:

I'm not trying to “get” those guys. And I'm not interested in getting my money back. I'm trying to protect others. I just want to make sure that nobody gets ripped off mentally. That's the most important thing. I am not necessarily backing the whole magazine
—Bobby Fischer, 1977

… to protect people. But somehow, it got all turned around where Bobby was the one accused of being a violent, greedy maniac.

Bobby should've remembered his own words from 1977:

This Armstrong—I was thinking if you had to think of one word to describe this guy, if you could only use one word, I would use ‘dangerous.’

This traumatizing experience with betrayal in 1978 would've naturally lead to further distrust of people and traumatizing feelings of people working in collusion and “conspiring against him.”

The effect would be utterly devastating. His initial mission was simple: Bobby tried to do the right thing, and was not trying to hurt anyone. He set out to attempt to protect people. People in the church and the dissidents, preyed on his weaknesses, plotting, manipulating and coerced Bobby Fischer to do things that were against better judgment, pressured to “take back” what he had spoken in confidence with Ambassador Report about his true convictions; the manipulation, mind-control, the greed, the false doctrines of the Armstrong cult and the lives destroyed by it.

Less than a year later, February 1979, Bobby Fischer was lost in his studies of the Nazi-brainwashed lies of a “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy” and searching for some rational explanation to an irrational world where good people who try to come forward and do “the right thing” sometimes are manipulated by men of great influence and power and lead into self-destruction.

The WCG Doomsday Cult: A Brief History

My parents joined the cult in 1973 and stayed, heavily indoctrinated and involved until the mid 1990's. Bobby Fischer joined in the 1960's and stayed till middle/late in the 1970's. To get to the crux of the matter, one must understand the core doctrines of Herbert Armstrong's 'prophecies'. It was the same method Hitler ruled the masses through use of terror. If they were not obedient to their authoritarian rule, “The Nazi soldiers will come get YOU. And they will killYOU”. This nightmare prophecy motivated both members and coworkers to open their wallets and dig deep in their pockets to “finish” God™'s work. But God™'s work is never ever done. Armstrong revised and replotted his depraved prophecies many times during the ensuing decades. Many times this “great tribulation” was foretold, and yet it never actually came to pass.

There were many “Doomsdays”... at least two in the 1970's

“…Armstrong laid it down thickly in the closing chapter.
God™ will use Nazi-Fascist Europe to punish Britain-America. Then He will use the Communist hordes to wipe out the Roman Europe. Right now God™ʼS WARNING MESSAGE of this terrifying greatest trouble of history is being THUNDERED over The WORLD TOMORROW program into ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD – as a witness!’”
“The Most Significant Book of this Century” (Ambassador Watch)

Hereʼs more from “The Booklets Nobody Wants to Talk About”

“… 1975 in Prophecy Of all Herbert W. Armstrong's booklets, this one is perhaps the most shocking and terrifying one he ever authored. It attempted to graphically portray the terrifying events prophesied in the Bible that he felt would befall mankind between the time he wrote (in the mid-fifties) and Christ's return which HWA and the Worldwide Church of God felt would occur in 1975, if not before.

{“Whistler’s comment: Some of this booklet's stark and terrifying drawings, done by artist Basil Wolverton, can be seen in all their colorful glory at: wolverton.html. Double-clicking on the drawings will enlarge them.}

Each passage in the booklet seemed designed to strike fear into the reader and cause him to “get right with God” quickly Herbert W. Armstrong's way, of course. Notice some of the things he declared:

“Most Europeans are becoming distrustful of the United States… They are thinking more and more about the coming United States of Europe! We Americans, with the British, gave them the idea … They are going to unite against us! … The stage is all set! All that's lacking now is a strong leader the coming Fuhrer! … Probably Germany will lead and dominate the coming United States of Europe” (p. 4).

“Bomb Crater” by Basil Wolverton in Herbert W. Armstrong's October, 1954 Plain Truth, and The Book of Revelation, Unveiled at Last, 1959. (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

“That Nazi organization went underground! Their plans for coming back have been proceeding, under cover, since 1945! Already Nazis are in many key positions in German industry in German education in the new German army! … But this time the Nazis … plan to head and dominate a United States of Europe … they plan to strike their first blow … on the centers of American industry! … You'll find this prophesied in Daniel 2 and 7, and more specifically in the 17th chapter of Revelation.” (pp 5-7) (Herbert W. Armstrong's excessive emphasis removed throughout).

On pages 11, 12, and 13 are pictures of extreme flooding and drought in the U.S. accompanied by alarming statements like this:

“While modern science and industry strive to prepare for us a push-button leisure-luxury-world by 1975, United States Assistant Weather Chief I. R. Tannahill warns us unofficially to really fear ‘the big drought of 1975.’ But the indications of prophecy are that this drought will be even more devastating than he foresees, and that it will strike sooner than 1975 probably between 1965 and 1972!” (p. 10)

“Famine” by Basil Wolverton in Herbert W. Armstrong's October, 1954 Plain Truth, and The Book of Revelation, Unveiled at Last, 1959. (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

As the booklet progresses, Herbert W. Armstrong reiterates that “the German-dominated European combine will blast our (U.S.) cities and industrial centers with hydrogen bombs” (p. 14) He adds: “And so now God is about to punish! … It's later than you think!” (p. 18) Then Herbert W. Armstrong boasts that “these prophecies are as certain as tomorrow's sun” and proceeds to prophesy: “Millions of lukewarm inactive professing Christians will suffer martyrdom and that before the anticipated push-button leisure-year of 1975 dawns upon us!” (p. 20)

To provoke even greater consternation in the reader's mind and to create a sense of urgency, he concludes: “You have been warned! … You can take this lightly, let it slip from your mind … If you do, you have read your fate and I say to you on the authority of God Almighty that it is absolutely sure!” (p. 31)

As history has shown, Herbert W. Armstrong's “inspired” warning supposedly based on divine authority were nothing but the apocalyptic ravings and vain imaginations of a misled, self-styled prophet claiming the authority of God Almighty. But one doesn't need to fear HWA or his predictions anymore when he claims to speak with God's authority, according to Deuteronomy 18:22 “When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously, you need not be afraid of him” (RSV).

Occasionally, I run on a comment that is a true reflection of where I and Bobby Fischer were coming from in the 1990's and 2000's. This was one of those, I found on Twitter.

Bobby was not a racist bigot. After the mid 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, while reading far right literature which seeks to tie Jews to everything (right or wrong) evil happening in the world, he saw the very real, not imagined Apartheid and killing of unarmed Palestinians.

People who don't understand Bobby Fischer or his religion throughout the 1960ʼs and 1970ʼs also canʼt seem to figure why suddenly, out of thin air Bobby Fischer quit professional chess. It makes no sense to the outside world. The date for the Worldwide Cult of God™ “exit” from this world, according to “Flying Free: A Journey from Fundamentalism” was 1972 - September 6, 1975. Prepping for the “End of the World” and the “Great Tribulation” to be ushered in.

1975: They still canʼt figure it out.

Question: Why did Bobby Fischer quit chess after the match with Spassky?
I am not asking about the 1975 “resignation” to Karpov, but for which reasons did Bobby Fischer gradually lose interest in competitive chess after becoming World Champion? Jews or not Jews, he did not play a single tournament or match game until the 1992 so-called “re-match”.

Answer: There is no real definite answer for this question. Many people have floated different theories, most of which borrow bits and pieces from each other. It is quite possible that his mental struggles just got the best of him or that he lost interest after attaining the summit of the game. Psychologically, it must have been hard to cope when you get the thing you've been working for most of your life. In My Great Predecessors, Volume IV, Garry Kasparov offers a few reasons, arguing that Fischer probably would have lost to Karpov and probably knew it (that point is debatable).
Regardless, Fischer forfeiting the title was not without precedent in his career. He dropped out or quit major competitions or chess itself on more than one occasion. In fact, despite his spell of dominance in the candidate's and title match, his career had almost always been erratic. The reasons for this are debatable as well--I've seen people argue that it was mental illness, strategy, or just intimidation--but the answer is probably a mix of reasons.
Source: Stack Exchange

Something I'll share since it seems pertinent and it occurs to me I've done it myself 1000x (second nature, normal) related to Asperger's syndrome. I start something… get deeply involved with it, till people are taking notice, then, no particular reason: *stop* and move on to something else. I mentioned recently in a post when I was a kid, sitting at Pac Man I spent hours on end studying the way the computer reacted to direction I moved the joystick and was able to manipulate the game through motion (a perfectly timed pattern), to flip the machine over to “0” and beat the machine by simply following a pattern… silly thing, I know. Once the challenge was removed, the conquest over, the mystery eliminated… I lost interest.

Bobby was doing something similar involving strategy (sort of, just at a much more complex level), for YEARS obviously, obsessively studying and memorizing openings of matches, and the outcomes, — he complained in one interview about how predictable chess was and all the theory involved in it. Fischerandom mixed things up… decreasing the predictability of the game, increasing the difficulty or challenge. He had memorized the openings and outcomes of various pieces and his brain could calculate several moves in advance… and almost zero chance he would lose a match. At least that is my understanding. People with Autism do that… hyperfocus on something, and little interest for other things around them.

However, the question of Bobby's 1972 becoming World Chess Champion… and then, he didn't compete any further until 1992. People can't seem to get their minds around that, and what happened.
He told everyone for many years, his goal was to become World Chess Champion — and he did. Once he achieved that goal… he had achieved his goal. Simple as that.

Here's a really good movie clip to speaks to that trait in Autism… the comedy-drama, “Forrest Gump” … for no particular reason, Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) sets his goal to running and after a couple years, attracts national attention… people start following him and then suddenly for no apparent reason, “loses interest”. Forrest Gump just leaves them standing in the desert, turns around walks back home.

I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now.

That's sort of what happened with Bobby… it wasn't anything he would've had against chess in particular, except perhaps a healthy distrust of Soviet Poisoning (like Viktor Korchnoi himself expressed concerns about)… but Bobby gave a list of demands to the federation—some have regarded Bobby's nonchalance as arrogance, but it wasn't arrogance, it was perhaps he had more pressing interests, and the drama involved in public chess competition was to Bobby (ever private and loathing spotlight)—as if he could care less, if they refused… he had already *won* — he had PROVEN to himself already he could win the world championship… just the satisfaction in that alone, would be all the more reason to feel there was no need to compete further… there was nothing left “to prove”.

…its just a fact of how some Asperger's (Autism) people operate.

I think Bobby just wasn't that interested by 1975/1976 in competing… and he had other distractions going on in his private life. He was in the midst of reading the false history about the Bolsheviks, for starters — which, like me in the past, probably thought he was on to unlocking the “secrets” of history… which he turned into a new obsession, he had other distractions going on in his life… and still under the influence of the Armstrong cult.

That was the soviets claiming Fischer was trying to “hypnotize” them:

After draws in games 14 and 15, Fischer still had a three-point lead in the World Championship match, and the Spassky side was getting nervous. The Champion was fighting hard but not getting any points. Suspicion arose that Fischer might be using secret weapons: hypnosis, devices planted in the lights or the chairs, and even perhaps assistance from an “IBM” (Russian for “computer” at the time). All this was formally investigated, while Fischer continued to coast.
Bobby Fischer in Iceland 45 Years Ago

Having Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum) myself, I can fully appreciate Bobby Fischer desiring to avoid certain noise such as cameras… as a distraction and annoyance. My own son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, and could not tolerate sitting through his school choir class due to the auditory pain it caused. My son is not trying to “psyche” anyone out. He is being honest. It HURTS his ears. People who do not understand what Autism is, often refer to Bobby Fischer's complaints about sensory issues as “Bullshit”. That is because they are not familiar with Autism and intolerant.

…Children and adults with autism, as well as those with other developmental disabilities, may have a dysfunctional sensory system. Sometimes one or more senses are either over- or under-reactive to stimulation… Although the receptors for the senses are located in the peripheral nervous system (which includes everything but the brain and spinal cord), it is believed that the problem stems from neurological dysfunction in the central nervous system—the brain.

While some in the Chess community call Bobby's simple requests to avoid sensory isssues with cameras and such, “Bullshit” the U.N. is calling for worldwide awareness of Autism:

World Autism Awareness Day, 2 April
“On this World Autism Awareness Day, let us all play a part in changing attitudes toward persons with autism and in recognizing their rights as citizens, who, like everyone else, are entitled to claim those rights and make decisions for their lives in accordance with their own will and preferences.

- Secretary-General António Guterres

I'm reading what is reported about the game… aside from being Asperger's Syndrome (in the Autism Spectrum), under the high pressure of a Chess Competition, all the more Bobby would find himself HIGHLY ANXIOUS.
High Anxiety is par for the course with Asperger's Syndrome, but some in the Chess Community marked this off as a “gimmick?” and some mistook it for “paranoia”. It is neither! It is High Anxiety. It is a very common symptom for persons on the Autism Spectrum.

…Fischer played poorly in the beginning, and Spassky easily won the first game, on July 12. Fischer refused to play the second game unless all cameras were removed from the hall. The match organizers tried to minimize the intrusiveness of the cameras, but still he refused to play. Finally Fischer was warned that if his demands didn't stop, game two would be awarded to Spassky. Fischer thought, wrongly, that they were bluffing, and ended up forfeiting the game. Suddenly he was in a hole, with Spassky ahead 2 to 0. At this juncture Spassky could easily have retreated to Moscow still in possession of his crown, and nobody would have blamed him because of Fischer's behavior.

Ah, a world living in the dark ages would say this was Bobby's “Bad Behavior”? (The Autistic are often so demonized for their quirks, they have even became victims of EXORCISM and accused of Satan possessing their bodies and souls). Is this how the Autistic's legitimate complaints about sensory (neurological) issues are respected?
Only a “Childish gimmick” that light was perceived by Bobby Fischer, to make the shiny chessboard unbearable to look at (light, which he _VERY OFTEN_ complained about causing him very real “high anxiety… nervous” — as he explained to a reporter in Argentina — this is a primary symptom of persons on the Autism spectrum)… that “bad terrible Bobby”… being totally HONEST about his very real sensory issues.

“…To placate Fischer the third game was played in another room and broadcast to the dismayed audience on closed-circuit television. He won handily. The players returned to the exhibition hall for the rest of the match, and Fischer soon grabbed the lead and held it, albeit still complaining about the presence of cameras (in the end very little of the match was filmed), the surface of the chess board (too shiny), the proximity of the audience (he insisted that the first seven rows of seats be removed), and the ambient noise. Distressed at their countryman's poor showing, members of the Soviet delegation began to make their own unreasonable demands, hoping to unnerve Fischer. They accused him of using a concealed device to interfere with Spassky's brain waves. The match was halted while police officers searched the playing hall. Fischer's chair was taken apart, light fixtures were dismantled, the entire auditorium was swept for suspicious electronic signals. Nothing was found. (In a subsequent investigation a Soviet chemist waved a plastic bag around the stage and then sealed it for lab analysis. The label affixed to the bag read “Air from stage.”)
The Atlantic

Sometimes things are, TOO SHINY, and they reflect light badly, and it HURTS MY EYES too. All the more so, if I am under high pressure. The less able I find myself able to focus and concentrate. These things are part of NORMAL Asperger Syndrome symptoms.

Bobby Fischer was not using a “gimmick” to “psyche” anyone out. High Anxiety (NERVOUS as he described during interview) is the #1 symptom of Asperger's Syndrome under high pressure. Bobby was being totally honest! He didn't believe in “psychology” he believed in good moves.

It is not for Bobby Fischer to “change” or myself, or my son, or the millions of people on the Autism Spectrum. It is time for the world to change, to become enlightened, and educated about what Autism symptoms look like. BOBBY FISCHER IS THE POSTER CHILD OF AUTISM SYMPTOMS. It is time for the world to make room, and acceptance for the neurologically diverse.

Interesting fact about “The Imitation Game”. Might've this also contributed to Bobby's so-called “Paranoia” of further competion with the Soviet Union after 1972? YOU DECIDE.

So says the Telegraph about the codebreakers of Enigma during WWII,

…Twice British chess champion, and an International Master, he made important contributions to two classic chess strategies: ‘the Dutch defence’ and the ‘Petroff defence’. Had he been allowed to compete in the Soviet Union during the Cold War — the authorities here thought the contents of his brain too valuable to allow him to go anywhere near there — he may even have become a world champion.

Hugh Alexander - British chess champion
“…As the war progressed, Station X became a hidden city of 10,000 people working in hastily constructed “huts”. Many of the codebreakers were tweedy, pipe-smoking Cambridge mathematicians, both dons and recent graduates, but some were recruited because of their linguistic skills, knowledge of hieroglyphics, or brilliance at chess. All were expected to be able to solve the Telegraph crossword in less than six minutes.“
Who were the real Bletchley Park Codebreakers? (

Were the British merely being “PARANOID DELUSIONAL” about the Red Menace? Or was the Soviet Union actually THAT dangerous of a threat to the West? DECIDE FOR YOURSELF but as for me, I would agree with the British and Bobby Fischer about the threat the USSR posed to personal safety.

Another incidental parallel between Bobby Fischer and Alan Turing's life, aside of Genius and the involvement of Chess expertees, was the obvious fact both Turing and Fischer were both “War Heroes”…Turing helped end WWII by an estimated 2 to 4 years, whilst Bobby was the undisputed Cold War chess champion. Likewise, both Turing and Fischer ultimately got DISSED by their respective countries!

The Media Blackout of Bobby Fischer's “Cult Life”

“…The press at the time, however, often found it tiresome to question the religious beliefs of a public figure, so Fischer's new faith was treated with caution. It would be he himself who disliked Armstrong's organization many years later…”
Translated from a Spanish Chess History, Bobby Fischer (III): L’enfant terrible by E. J. Rodríguez

They didn't question at all…

Bobby Fischer TRIED to warn people… and he was also ignored.

“…People have committed suicide under the tremendous barrage of Armstrongism's subtly induced feelings of self-hate and hopelessness for this life… This Armstrong—I was thinking if you had to think of one word to describe this guy, if you could only use one word, I would use ‘dangerous.’”
— “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!,” 1977

There was widespread media blackout about the cult and its impact on Bobby Fischer's life… that silence has persisted till this day.

(The cult was not a “conservative sect of Protestant Christianity” it was the Devil's religion. It was staunchly opposed to traditional Christianity and especially Roman Catholicism. Armstrong transformed the anti-Roman Catholicism dogma of the Ku Klux Klan into a new-fangled Apocalyptic Doomsday scenerio with the Pope as “Antichrist” and attacked traditional Christianity at every opportunity.)
More on the topic of Armstrongism resembling nothing even remotely similar to “Protestant Christianity”.

“Boils and Darkness” by Basil Wolverton in Herbert W. Armstrong's February/March, 1955 Plain Truth Magazine (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

He is going to “destroy wonderfully,” or mightily. Godʼs holy people—spiritual Jews—are his main target. Itʼs time for men to awaken out of sleep and know for certain what is coming! That time is almost here.

Supernatural Power

Clearly, Hitlerʼs power was beyond the human realm. But was his message from the Creator God? No, it was a religious message from another god—the god of this world. Herbert W. Armstrong said Satan is a thousand times more powerful than we are. But men refuse to even grasp Satanʼs frightening power.
If they canʼt learn by words, they are about to learn by becoming victims—like the extermination camp victims of World War ii!

////// EXCERPT //////
spirituallysmart ??? com/nazi.html

“…they are about to learn by becoming victims— like the extermination camp victims of World War ii!.”

Basil Wolverton “Mass Burial” in Herbert W. Armstrong's 1975 in Prophecy, 1956.
(©1998 Monte Wolverton)

1972-1975: The end of the world as we know it, when the Pope's Nazi hordes would barge into the “…United States and Britain in Prophecy” and no safe place would be left to hide, except for God™'s chosen, in the Worldwide Church of God™.

An excerpt from Flying Free: A Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom which tells of one prophesied date when God™'s chosen would make their escape to the place of safety or, Petra, as it was called. Following this event the Nazi hordes would invade and punish Britain and the United States for its wickedness. This included all non-believers in Armstrong. It included little children, like myself, who were neither old enough to be baptized or to become stable givers of tithes. Left behind to face the concentration camps, the nightmare gas chambers, the crematories, the smoke of machine guns. (Many adults who were children in the cult at that time, later grew to report they too were under that dreadful belief, they would be left behind, and the adults back in the 1960/1970/1980 era did nothing to correct that belief.)

Not a far fetched conclusion for young minds. Armstrongism lives on!

From a recent Armstrong Watch website, dated 2017

“Dreary” is an acute observation too = Traumatic Stress Disorder that will follow children the rest of their lives! If you believe I was in some way exaggerating about Armstrong or his ministerial underlings thundering from the pulpit about a “God(TM)” that could never be pleased, and, every thing you say and do, God™ might be watching you ready to send the lightning, the viruses, the plagues, the Great Tribulation, the Apocalypse to consume you in his intolerant demonic wrath for the “sin” of eating a pork chop or working on the sabbath day.
Emphasized to LITTLE CHILDREN and young adults, “…or else you will go into the Great Tribulation…”

Is it absurd to propose, that I, and others fell prey to believing “I too” would be stuck in the Nazi concentration camps, gas chambers and not last more than a week or a month when they learn I am like Jews and keep the true sabbath? The WWCG taught that depraved doctrine to children. Armstrongʼs God™ really had it in for those “lukewarm” un-baptized… and that incidentally includes children.

The Great Tribulation was drilled in. Those memories were sealed in my mind, a weekly dose at sabbath service. Fischer was living in Pasadena, California, in the center of it, Armstrongʼs headquarters. Theyʼve misleadingly made out that he mustʼve been given “special treatment” and allowed to get away with things prohibited by the cultʼs legalism… On the contrary, I think the truth is, Armstrong likely beared down all the more on Fischer, (as People magazine reports, word went out, Bobby was not to be left alone —somebody was to always be with him.
He was under a constant barrage of such church doctrines and legalistic restrictions. I think that was one of his complaints, when he took off with disaffected church members,

People around here are too restricted in what they can say and do,” he said, and took off to Denver with some disaffected church members.”

But later he returned. People Magazine reports he abstained from the prior levels of socializing among church members and coworkers.

Consider the similarities between the methods cults and prisons use to control their inmate populations:

From “The Psychological Impact of Incarceration: Implications for Post-Prison Adjustment”
Office of The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Department of Health and Humans Services, US Gov.
Craig Haney, University of California, Santa Cruz…/psychological-impact-incarceration-i…

Sounds Like Bobby Is Describing 15 Years of Living In a Prison:

“…I have to discuss some of the things Herbert has done to me—how he screwed up my mind—just to let people know that this is for real, because if anybody tried to live by the letter of the law… it was me. I truly tried to be obedient. The more I tried, the more crazy I became. The pressure he puts on you! You can't do this, you can't do that, you can't tell your friends this, you can't see unconverted people, you can't eat this, you can't eat that, on the sabbath you have to rest, you have to listen to the radio program every day, you have to study the correspondence course… and then you're supposed to pray…”
—Bobby Fischer, 1977

“Among other things, the process of institutionalization (or ‘prisonization’) includes some or all of the following psychological adaptations:

  1. Dependence on institutional structure and contingencies.
  2. Hypervigilance, interpersonal distrust, and suspicion.
  3. Emotional over-control, alienation, and psychological distancing.
  4. Social withdrawal and isolation.
  5. Incorporation of exploitative norms of prison culture.
  6. Diminished sense of self-worth and personal value.
  7. Post-traumatic stress reactions to the pains of imprisonment.

As a former Armstrong cult member, I recognize all the listed symptoms in how I felt, post-cult. I also see those symptoms present in the behavior Bobby exhibited post-Armstrong.

This research paper has some gems, consider that Bobby was at the vulnerable age of 19 when joining the cult. Neuroscientists in this age would argue the brain isn't even fully developed till between 25 and 30. Bobby's life was “controlled”, “manipulated” and “shaped” for approximately 15 years after joining Armstrong in 1962:

“…incarcerated persons often suffer long-term consequences from having been subjected to pain, deprivation, and extremely atypical patterns and norms of living and interacting with others.

“…even researchers who are openly skeptical about whether the pains of imprisonment generally translate into psychological harm concede that, for at least some people, prison can produce negative, long-lasting change. And most people agree that the more extreme, harsh, dangerous, or otherwise psychologically-taxing the nature of the confinement, the greater the number of people who will suffer and the deeper the damage that they will incur.

“The term ‘institutionalization’ is used to describe the process by which inmates are shaped and transformed by the institutional environments in which they live.”

However, in the course of becoming institutionalized, a transformation begins. Persons gradually become more accustomed to the restrictions that institutional life imposes. The various psychological mechanisms that must be employed to adjust (and, in some harsh and dangerous correctional environments, to survive) become increasingly “natural,” second nature, and, to a degree, internalized. To be sure, the process of institutionalization can be subtle and difficult to discern as it occurs. Thus, prisoners do not “choose” do succumb to it or not, and few people who have become institutionalized are aware that it has happened to them. Fewer still consciously decide that they are going to willingly allow the transformation to occur.

The process of institutionalization is facilitated in cases in which persons enter institutional settings at an early age, before they have formed the ability and expectation to control their own life choices. Because there is less tension between the demands of the institution and the autonomy of a mature adult, institutionalization proceeds more quickly and less problematically with at least some younger inmates. Moreover, younger inmates have little in the way of already developed independent judgment, so they have little if anything to revert to or rely upon if and when the institutional structure is removed. And the longer someone remains in an institution, the greater the likelihood that the process will transform them.

“…I work with parolees and addicts in treatment; this is a great paper. I've read this and other information like it for my own research papers. And I know that our upbringing could be compared with incarceration, but in my opinion there is a vast difference - incarceration is a punishment for an offense, while WWCG (and its splinters) were a choice born of fear and cultivated with self doubt and loathing.”
Cindy Woodman

PRE-TEENS… little children that havenʼt even reached puberty. Theyʼre already indoctrinating them about the “Great Tribulation”. They wonʼt tell those kids anything real about Europe such as, “Hitler is dead.” During my research about Armstrong and the far right back in the 1990ʼs, I subscribed to both the English PT and German Plain Truth, Klar und Wahr, and found Armstrongʼs “Germany is the modern Assyria” hogwash mysteriously absent from the pages. Had the English and German version to compare and they were identical… yet, certain articles were missing. Maybe thatʼs because the Germans wouldʼve read it and known it was utter hogwash.

From “Memories of Petra”
“…We were informed (by a deacon and minister's daughter) that Petra was the “place of safety” that God was going to take us to when the Great Tribulation would start (said to be January 7, 1972, which HWA said was the end of a “19-year time cycle”). It was located in the deserts of Jordan and, when it was time to flee, God would make sure He would give the warning to His Apostle, Mr. Armstrong. At that time, we would sell all of our worldly possessions and send the money to Pasadena. Then, HWA would purchase jetliners and we would head to Jordan (“on eagle's wings”). They told us that HWA had made all these arrangements with King Hussein.
As we spent more time in “the true church,” it was clear to us that getting to the “place of safety” was the ultimate goal of each member.
WCG ministers predicted the date of January 7, 1972 for the time when members would flee to the “place of safety.” When this date failed to materialize, other dates were given: 1975, 1979, 1981, 1984, etc. The December 1981 Plain Truth editorial by HWA was entitled, “There Is a Way of Escape.” HWA used this idea as a money-making tool.

“Hydrogen Bomb Over City” by Basil Wolverton in Herbert W. Armstrong's October, 1954 Plain Truth magazine. (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

1975. Upon which all of Bobby Fischerʼs “faith” in religion probably hinged by that time, and all those prophecies surrounding 1972-1975 utterly failed to materialize.
Many may underestimate the toll of devastation surrounding 1975… not only was 1972-1975 suppose to be the “Big Showdown” for the Nazis and Jesus which Fischer had been built up by Armstrong since the 1960ʼs, but instead of getting whisked away to Petra on “wings of eagles”, what Fischer got was “THE BIG NOTHING”. 15 years of faithful service, tens of thousands of dollars, and … wanting to kick yourself for believing all those lies. (Speaking of my own experience, I felt like an absolute FOOL.) Fischer wouldʼve been going through his around 1975 or 1976… and by 1977 was featured in the “Ambassador Report” criticizing the cult for various abuse, and at least by 1979 (according to one document Iʼve seen and read) he was beginning for the first time in his life to publicly write explicit Nazi views and lambasting religion as a swindle.

The Truth is Simple.

A clearly overlooked fact and absurdity due to the ignorance among the populace of Bobbyʼs critics:
If Bobby were “antisemitic” between 1962 and 1975, then WHY give Armstrong $100 Grand or more to escape the prophesied antisemitic Nazi-Fascist hordes, when heʼd logically been better off keeping his money, and just stay home from church and enlist in the gestapo (2), (3) when the nazis arrive. Thatʼs the logical solution! Surely Bobby couldʼve cracked codes or something.
Bobby gave Armstrong $100 Grand, because he was terrified of Armstrong's prophecies about nazis and wanted desperately to escape them when they invaded in 1972-1975. Bobby was TERRIFIED and traumatized. Thoughts of gas chambers and extermination camps… knowing he was of Jewish ancestry.
Thatʼs very difficult for the World Chess Champion to admit: He was AFRAID.
We were all afraid. Thatʼs how Herbert W. Armstrong raked in his ill-gotten tithes and donations.

“…there was no trace of anti-Semitism in him [Bobby Fischer] back then. That came later, AFTER his religious phase in early 70's.” —Ron Gross

What is Identity?

HWA Reference

“Got Questions” LIES about Armstrong Cult

I am about to document several liars, so here's the first. “Bob Ellsworth” is an established liar (2) (3) (4) (5) a former cult member who (may have also recently returned to the cult) auctioned off Bobby's stuff… observe the contradictions in the accounts he provided Chess Reporters:

You can judge a man by the company he keeps.

Regarding the lie by one “Hans Ree,” I have located the tie-in… he was rather good friends with none other than the weaver of great fables himself, Jan Hein Donner. Regular Chums… *Pals*… Inside Circle!
Jan Hein Donner… one of the weavers of fantastical tall-tales, lying profusely about Bobby's life in 1961… not just simple lies, but *whoppers*. How could Donner possibly be taken seriously? The stories told by Ree and Donner strike me as something one might come up with say while getting drunk, not that it matters, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi. Should Donner, or any of his accomplices be trusted? NOT AT ALL ACCORDING TO VIKTOR KORCHNOI:

“…when discussing the character of Dutch Grandmaster Jan Hein Donner, who he clearly despised, Korchnoi quotes Bent Larsen about Donner: ‘Everything that he said was exceptionally interesting, but it was all untrue!’”

“An earlier book with the same title - Chess is My Life - was written by Korchnoi nearly 20 years ago but it bears little relation to the present work which is unique in chess literature. It's not so much that it covers all of Korchnoi's life from his formative years when he lived through the terrible blockade of Leningrad during the Second World War to the three epic matches with Karpov. No, what makes this book unique is Korchnoi's frankness. He tells things as he sees them and doesn't mince words. For example when discussing the character of Dutch Grandmaster Jan Hein Donner, who he clearly despised, Korchnoi quotes Bent Larsen about Donner: ‘Everything that he said was exceptionally interesting, but it was all untrue!’

Timman's Titans: My World Chess Champions, By Jan Timman, Page 38 provides account of Donner and Ree's “chummy” friendship.

Does “Bad memory” (as was suggested some months ago) account for Donner and Ree's very mistaken stories about Bobby's youth, his teenage and early adult years in the cult? “Bad memory”? More like the BOOZE… behold, that certain “je ne sais quoi” that constitutes the source of “Bobby Fischer's faux history” (Thank you Bobby Fischer for explaining EVERYTHING! about Donner.)

“…‘Alcohol’ is an essay with stories about chess players who drink (or drank), including Ree himself, along with stories related to drinking and chess. This could easily be expanded into a full-length book; when I was active, it seemed to me that every Russian and Eastern European player drank to excess, not that it affected their chess much; and every nationality could boast of their hard-drinking chess star. Come to think of it, several of Ree's Dutch compatriots have been champion drinkers. Today's superstars seem quite dull by comparison; perhaps they are simply better at hiding their weaknesses. In any case, this is a fun essay…”
This Week in Chess

Bobby Fischer Comes Home: The Final Years in Iceland, a Saga of Friendship

Hans Ree… another to add to the list who fabricated blatant falsehoods about Bobby due to clearly being absolutely ignorant about the cult's fanatic reverence of Jews and risk of ex-communication… as well as likely being intoxicated while writing.

Arthur Bisguer who was also notorious for his outlandish tales about interactions with Bobby Fischer during the early 1960's, had his own problems with excessive alcohol use, according to GM John Fedorowicz.

A brief compilation of medical sources on alcoholic over-consumption and blackouts associated with false memories, located here.

One time friend of Bobby Fischer and disgruntled former employee “Ron Gross” throws a monkey wrench into Donner and Bisguer's fabricated history of a 1960's “anti-semitic Bobby Fischer”… which is, a LIE.

“…there was no trace of anti-Semitism in him back then. That came later, after his religious phase in the early 70's. When he got involved with The Church of God…”
—Ron Gross (More on this statement by Ron Gross, located here).


Edward: Also, it is interesting about how Bisguier and Donner lied about Bobby being anti-semitic early on. They might have mis-remembered, or maybe Bobby said something they mis-recalled, such as saying something about how Jews were not as chosen as members of Bobby's church, and then Bisquier and Donner filled in the blanks with their memories of Bobby's anti-Semitic statements from years later. At any rate, memory is not perfect, and blanks get filled in, in odd ways, thus rewriting what they thought they heard earlier, making it appear even to their own memories, like it was the same as Bobby's statements made much later.

Sharon: Thanks for thoroughly reading. For now, I'll stick with calling Bisguer and Donner “LIARS” even though your theory is plausible, perhaps Bisguer/Donner were just SENILE… and bad memory accounts for their falsehoods about 1962-1974 Fischer's religious life. And if their memories are that bad, then how can they possibly be trusted in regard to any other history?


[Since the release of this article some who are avid Chess enthusiasts (including a Chess Grandmaster I had the pleasure of acquainting via messenger, that shall remain unnamed at present) agreed that the evidence suggests Bisguer and Donner have propagated falsehood “LIED” about Bobby Fischer's political views in the 1960's.

A Spanish Chess History of the 1963 Bobby Fischer: “There was still no sign of political fanaticism in him, but no tact.”

[MY NOTE: So here's the “Real History” about Jan Hein Donner, which I wish to add to the annals of Chess History: “He [Donner et al] championed a brand of lying that could only be thought up by a mind completely cut off from reality.”]

“…As we said, his was not an uncommon opinion at that time, however much it might draw attention that someone expressed it so openly in the media. Nor would it make much sense to search as some did in their difficult relationship with their mother to explain a macho point of view that was not uncommon in 1963. Many years later, quite a few years after his retirement, Fischer would have time to prove that there could be women with a marvelous level of chess, such as when he met Judit Polgar: it was precisely the Hungarian - best female chess player in history, who has come to compete in the men's competition to occupy the 8th place in the rankings - which broke Fischer's record. To obtain the title of Great Teacher also to the fifteen years, but with few months less.
In fact, the problem with young Fischer was not only what he said (unlike his last days, where he did get to release real barbarities), but how, when and where he said it. There was still no sign of political fanaticism in him, but no tact. If I thought anything, I would say it. For good and for bad. Like it or not. It's that simple. And so it would remain during the rest of his sports career, before his enigmatic disappearance.”
Translated from a Spanish Chess History, Bobby Fischer (III): L’enfant terrible by E. J. Rodríguez

1979 not 1961 as Jan Hein Donner LIED to sell his book

(Bobby didnʼt have to lie, swindle or cheat to sell or win anything!)

At the time, 1979, Bobby writes that he had only just, 1979 purchased a copy of Mein Kampf, and states:

“…I also picked up a copy of Mein Kampf the other day. Hitler was not a great man.…”

A Letter from Bobby Fischer to Pal Benko, 26 February 1979

Jan Hein Donner LIED. Bobby was no “rabid antisemite” in 1961. Bobby was a good person who was trying to please and serve God when he joined Armstrongʼs cult in 1962.

A Progressive Timeline

  • 1962 … Bobby Fischer joins the Worldwide Church of God.
  • 1950's-1960's Bobby Fischer himself speaks in 2005 (video) interview of his mother and the harassment by government agents during this traumatic & tumultuous period in his life.
    Regina Fischer was suspected by the bureau of being a spy for the Soviets. Because of a lack of evidence, the FBI closed its file on her in the 1970s, according to the reporters.
    Consultation with a psychologist confirms it was not good judgment on behalf of Regina to tell Bobby (who was around 11 years of age) about “FBI agents”. Rather, he should have been told nothing, a child should have been told, “If any strangers approach you… tell them you have nothing to say.” Too much detailed information can be detrimental to a child's perception of authority figures and thier sense of security.
  • 1971 and years prior… Bobby is a much loved Chess Champion and worldwide celebrity and dedicated coworker, body and soul to the Worldwide Church of God.
  • 1972 … “The Great Tribulation” is suppose to occur, according to Herbert W. Armstrong's failed prophecy, the NAZIS will invade Great Britain and the United States.
  • 1973New York Times timeline states Bobby was living near the WWCG headquarters in Pasadena, CA and reported as “reading Nazi literature”.
  • 1974 … Reportedly, Bobby has given his last tithes to the cult.
  • 1975 … Jesus was prophesied to return in 1975. Bobby has dropped out of professional chess during this “1972-1975 prophetic timeline”.
  • 1976
  • 1977“Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!” is reported in the Ambassador Report with criticism of Armstrong's failed prophecy. Bobby has left the cult and expressing deep grievances over Armstrong's doctrines inflicting a devastating toll on the mental state of believers.
  • 1978 … DOUBLE-CROSSED by both the ex-WCG dissidents and now, twice the Armstrong cult. Bobby Fischer is still living among cult members in Pasadena. Mounting pressure and intimidation by cult officials on Bobby to sue publishers of Ambassador Report in a $3.2 million lawsuit, (New York Times: Bobby Fischer Embroiled in Legal Dispute With Church Dissidents (April 13, 1978), initiated with a WCG-retained attorney backing Bobby. Bobby Fischer is accused by one of the cult dissidents of “assault”. Though the charge is fully dismissed, Bobby is ordered to pay financial restitution to his accuser. The WWCG cult headquarters bail out of the court case altogether, withdrawing their attorney, leaving Bobby holding the bag and made out to be the “bad guy” in the media spotlight. The dissidents walk away financially enriched, whilst Armstrong's cult weathers the legal storm unscathed. Bobby's original intent was to “protect prople” but Bobby was the one who needed protection from becoming a pawn in the ongoing power struggle between the ex-Cult dissidents and Pasadena headquarters. Additional information (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
  • 1979Bobby writes Pal Benko with an extremely anti-Jewish filled letter, but expresses strong dislike of Hitler… and has for the first time in his life, purchased “Mein Kampf.”
  • 1980 … *
  • 1981
  • 1982 … Bobby was walking on the streets of Pasadena, and **singled out by police on the premise of mistaken identity and locked in the Pasadena, California jail and described being ***tortured. “I was tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse!” by Bobby Fischer
  • 1992 … Bobby is threatened by the U.S. Government for “violating an executive order issued by President Bush in June that restricted commercial relations with what remains of Yugoslavia”. Federal officials issued a warrant for his arrest. The indictment came as Mr. Fischer appeared ready to resume a more active playing schedule. International law scholars expressed surprise that, of all the possible violations of the economic embargo by arms salesmen and other commercial ventures, the Administration had chosen to go after a former chess champion. Bobby faced the choice of living in exile or returning to the United States for a trial that could result in up to 10 years in prison and a fine as high as $250,000. (See New York Times, “Fischer is Indicted Over Chess Match”)
    • In an open letter to the NY Times, September 2, 1992 Worldwide Church of God renounces all association with Bobby Fischer: “Mr. Fischer's comments in no way reflect the beliefs or teachings of the church, and the church objects to any possible association with anti-Semitism. The Worldwide Church of God condemns racism in any and all forms.” (Trust me, Bobby Fischer lost no sleep over this divorce from the devil and it's doctrines.)
  • 2004 … “The only person in the world to have been indicted for a violation of this regulation – a regulation that has long since ceased to be in force, and a violation committed in a country that no longer exists – is Robert James Fischer. This case is an example of a barbarous violation of human rights.” (See Chessbase, “Bobby Fischer – six months in jail”)

** U.S. Government is known to snoop in private citizens' postal deliveries. There's no doubt in my mind that eyebrows were raised over the radical rightwing literature arriving at Bobby's mailing address since the 1970's.
*** Bobby exhibited symptoms of post traumatic stress, post-Armstrongism. PTSD does not make a person aggressive by default. However, it was following the traumatizing 1982 false arrest by Pasadena, California police and their dehumanizing barbarous treatment of him, that Bobby's personality changed from being “likable and friendly” to becoming public with an AGGRESSIVE hostility people were not prepared for.
* following the 1980's … Bobby moves toward expressing public vitriol toward Jews but had not done so prior to the late 1970's.

Another Liar Bites The Dust

“The sect was pro-nationalistic…”

A damned lie.

WCG was certainly NOT “pro-Nationalist”. THE CULT FORBID VOTING & MILITARY SERVICE & FORBID ALL POLITICAL INVOLVEMENT of ANY KIND altogether! This clown Ljubomir Ljubojevic knows nothing more than cliché LIES circulated in the media about Bobby Fischer.

Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. (That's Ljubomir Ljubojevic's legacy to Chess.) Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar.

  1. NY Times, New Wealth Expected to Foster Big Shift in Fischer's Life-Style
  2. The American Scholar, Vol. 50, No. 3, Summer 1981, “Courtroom Chess”
  3. People Magazine, The Secret Life of Bobby Fischer, Brad Darrach

Entire refutation of this Ljubomir Ljubojevic's Mental Madness and Pathological Lying about Bobby Fischer (On the Chester Fox vs. Icelandic Chess Federation Lawsuit that failed to materialize in 1972…'73…'74… up till 1979 when Fox's lawyer had more pressing business! but according to Ljubojevic in 1972, “It was a big trial” that left Bobby “bankrupt” and turned into a “beggar”… what a pathological liar!)

Ljubomir Ljubojevic, is yet ‘just’ another malicious liar and slanderer (here) of Bobby Fischer and no “friend”. He claims Bobby lost the 2nd round to Spassky and “broke cameras in the hall and demanded they stop filming” which was followed by a 2 million dollar lawsuit… (where's the court records? Why wasn't Brad Darrach aware of it?) and later in his absurd tall tale, he claims Bobby spent 300+ grand on Quinteros in Argentina. Since Bobby wasn't competing professionally from 1973-1992… perhaps this bizarre compulsive liar Ljubomir Ljubojevic would enlighten us to Bobby's source of income? The Columbian Cartel? Money trees? Magic penny fountains?
What does Chess & Fishing have in common?

…After Fischer lost the trial, he started to think everyone was against him.

There he goes… producing a STRAWMAN ARGUMENT, to attempt proving Bobby was just being “paranoid” after an IMAGINARY, FICTITIOUS bankruptcy from a court case that never even happened! Brad Darrach explains, in People Magazine, “The Secret Life of Bobby Fischer,” March 11, 1974… Bobby is certainly not “bankrupt” and asking for “food handouts” when the Armstrong cult dug their talons into Bobby's wallet:

“…The church welcomed him. Though Bobby is not a full church member–he is listed as a “coworker”—he offered Armstrong a double tithe (20%) of his $156,250 winnings. “Ah, my boy, that's just as God would have it!” Armstrong replied, and passed the word that Bobby was to be given VIP treatment. A pleasant three-bedroom apartment in a church-owned development was made available. So were the gymnasium, squash courts and swimming pool of the church's Ambassador College. Leaders of the Armstrong organization were told to make sure that Bobby had plenty of dinner invitations. “The word went out,” says a church member, “that Bobby should never be left alone, or allowed to feel neglected.

Ljubomir Ljubojevic's lies are so far-fetched and factless that either he is a habitual liar, or merely delusional schizophrenic!

Bobby Fischer was not “insane” nor was he “disconnected from reality” or suffering “hallucinations” which fit within the class of criteria associated with “schizo delusional” disorders. If Bobby Fischer expressed misguided opinions he READ THEM somewhere and believed them. Bobby Fischer suffered from untreated PTSD which creates anxiety and distrust issues for those afflicted. The GREAT PROBLEM, was not Bobby Fischer. On the contrary, the real “mental problems” that was the circus of Bobby Fischer's life are the mental illnesses exhibited by his critics who are utilizing common slander, untruths, outright lies and utilize a cruel psychological abuse tactic known as “gaslighting”.
GASLIGHTING comes from the old Ingrid Bergman movie “Gaslight” (1944) about a sinister criminal who has his eye on marrying Bergman for her wealth and seeks a stash of missing jewels that belonged to her aunt, which incidentally, (spoiler alert) was guilty of murdering her aunt, just years before. As the plot thickens, “things disappear,” “things forgotten,” tall tales of Bergman's “insane mother”… —all to convince her she was “mad” and to doubt her own sanity. Of course, in the end, Ingrid Bergman gets her revenge and the abuser gets his long awaited justice.
For the “pathological truth teller” of Asperger's Syndrome Bobby Fischer, the dishonesty and lies unleashed by media would have been cruel, but the manipulation and coersion by the WWCG cult, the Pasadena Police, to the Bush administration 2x and media outlets and betrayal by what he believed to have been his “friends” such as Bob Ellsworth, particularly brutalizing and inhumane. Bobby Fischer was right to be distrustful of people. Simply look at how they took advantage of his vulnerabilities.

There are also traits of “Narcissist Personality Disorder” apparent in some of the journalists who have written scathing, misleading disinformation about Bobby's personal life. Some of Bobby Fischer's critics have approached me on social media with their own “sanity” put in question with insults such as this one (who is clearly NOT any religious practitioner of “Judaism”. On the contrary, this is a Zionist who has no remorse, conscience, or adherence to any “spiritual religion” that would teach such things as “love” and “forgiveness” like that found in the major mainstream religions of Christianity, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and soforth:

Very disturbed individual.

Bobby Fischer has family. Those who bear such animosity should exercise restraint with their opinions. He is my church brother and I take great offense to their casual, careless unfounded, factless, absurd slander and abuse, and there are tens of thousands worldwide who are Bobby's “Chess Family” and other ex-cult members who relate to Bobby Fischer, as a “Church Brother” or “Church Sister” and still love Bobby Fischer.
Every month on Facebook alone 1000's have clicked “thumbs up” on the post supporting full reprieve of Bobby Fischer as well as this page itself. FULL REPRIEVE for any undue offense Bobby might have caused… FORGIVEN by his family around the world, because people around the world still cherish his memory… for all the good things he represented and cared about.
Bobby loved all people, all races, worldwide.
Nazis deceived Bobby Fischer about USSR Bolsheviks being “Religious Jews”, which, as demonstrated, they were not… Bolsheviks were militant Atheist.
Bobby was under the false belief, a fraudulent deception perpetrated by lying Nazi propaganda, that “Religious Jews” were bullying and killing peasants in the USSR, then moved to Palestine and unleashed the barbarity on Muslims and Christians. Bobby Fischer mistook non-religious political Zionists with RELIGIOUS Jews, incidentally, as discussed within this article, many of those religious Jews, today strongly vocally oppose ZIONISTS themselves.
Anti-Zionist Jews oppose the same group of people Bobby Fischer meant and intended to oppose.

Two groups conflate Zionism and Judaism: Zionists, who want to legitimitize Zionism by pretending it is Judaism; and anti-semites, who want to deligitimitize Judaism by pretending it is Zionism.”
Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro

Bobby hated bigots. Bobby was mislead by antisemites into the false belief militant atheists (whether Bolshevik or Zionist with their war on Christians, Catholics and Muslims, (including Judaism as a major target of persecution by Karl Marx's rabble rousing anti-Theism) appear to be “Bigots”.
Nazis of course blame such acts of bigotry on “religion(s)”,
Hitler and Goebbels being such ardent admirers of Militant Atheist Lenin, of course they blame “religions” for all the failures in the world… usually Jews… sometimes Christians… often Muslims.
If Bobby Fischer now were alive and understood this, he would have manned up and apologized to those he unfairly maligned and offended via the deception of Evil Nazis and their vile lies about “religious Torah Jews”.

“Giant Tsunami” by Basil Wolverton in Herbert W. Armstrong's 1955 Plain Truth, and 1975 in Prophecy, 1956. (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

One in a million… one in a hundred billion minds… and this is how the powers-that-be treat a … cult victim. The poor guy had been traumatized out of his mind, and needed compassion, trauma counseling —and if he'd gotten what he needed, he'd been fine. Instead, they schemed to attack and vilify him. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) involves the brain's “fight or flight” mechanism, once traumatized Bobby would perceive it was the world against himself and to come out fighting. (One of the primary symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is “Paranoia”, hypervigilence against the very real traumatizing event(s) recurring).
PTSD can make some people dangerous when they feel threatened. Bobby Fischer had ample, valid reasons to feel threatened or “paranoid”. Just because you're paranoid does not mean they're not out to get you.

Such a terrible and tragic waste of one of the 20th century greatest humans.

Armstrong took Bobby for $100,000… think that wouldnʼt cause anyone trauma?

Bobby might've at first dropped out of professional chess, just like lots of other members were refusing to buy new homes, get further education, keeping kids home from school, making preparations for the coming “Wings of an Eagle” to take the “chosen people” to the place of safety. Bobby probably was waiting for a divine sign of providence. But none came. By end of 1975 he'd been becoming disillusioned and in a state of shock from realizing he'd been lied to for 15 years of his life. He doesn't return to chess because naturally, he'd be traumatized and depressed, as anyone would who was a “true believer”. That drop from chess tells me he was VERY DEPRESSED and his mind screwed up. He'd donated tens of thousands of dollars to a FALSE PROPHET who robbed him of 15 good years of his life, —so much self-restraint to “please God” (according to Armstrong) and sacrificing pleasures, your life… for a false prophet and false religion. Yeah, he dropped out of Chess. It was mentally devastating when you're in a high-control cult that controls your diet, your weekly schedule, your thoughts, you're afraid if you breathe wrong, it'll displease God … and then you find out “It was all a big lie.” The drop out of Chess was likely due to underlying psychological trauma and depression stemming from Armstrongism.

“Volcanos and Waterspouts” by Basil Wolverton. Date and place of first publication of original b&w uncertain. (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

What is interesting to note. When I first began researching the Nazis in 1991-1993, they didnʼt try to pawn “Hitler worship”. On the contrary, (as seen in Bobby's letter to Pal Benko above) it was a bombardment of “Anti-Jewish” propaganda Bobby is reading. To prove the Holocaust didn't happen… to prove that Jews are running everything… to prove that Jews are behind every single evil act in the world.

(Just reading that kind of material, alone would have had a traumatizing psychological effect on Bobby Fischer, (having Aspergerʼs makes one prone to literal thinking, and believe what they read). It would have been especially cruel, and have a dehumanizing effect on Bobby. It makes my heart break knowing he was of Jewish ancestry, needlessly put himself through that. I suspect that Bobby's self esteem would have been crushed. Here he is the World Chess Champion and suppose to be on top of the world, but “that group” of people says he's ”worthless” and a “k%@*” because his mother is Jewish. He would have been reading about terrible acts of injustice, corruption, historical wrongs and the “Jews” are all to blame for it. He likely went through self-loathing and wanting to be of a different ethnic background. From the example seen with Armstrong manipulating Bobby for excessive financial gain, Bobby would have been very impressionable as well as vulnerable. He believed all the horrible accusations aimed at “himself” and the Jews. I believe this is what contributed to his later emphatic disassociation of himself with being labeled “Jewish.” I know he began reading this filthy literature because of Armstrong's “Nazi prophecies”, out of fear, unsure of his future, if he would be counted worthy to escape to the place of safety, we all had those fears. Recently learning Bobby Fischer was in the WWCG and I followed the same path he did, I know how I got there, and putting myself into Bobby's position in the early 70's… I could imagine the times he spent alone in his thoughts, considering the trash he read about the Jews, and internalizing all of it on himself. I broke down and wept. Just putting myself in Bobby's position makes me sick and hate the racist bigots all the more. The terrible things they print about the Jews, he was directing all that at himself. He was the least person to deserve any of it. He most likely believed, as I did, that he had access to historical information he hadnʼt had access to, cut off by Armstrong from seeking knowledge and information outside of the cult —outside societyʼs norms, all those years, and who do we blame for that other than Herbert W. Armstrong, for exposing Bobby and the entire cult to his fanatical obsessions with “Nazis” as “Beyond the Human Realm” and “biblically prophesied”. Herbert W. Armstrong was way beyond societyʼs norm. That is why his “religion” was and still is, a CULT.)

But I was really upset in 1972 when Herbert Armstrong refused to apologize. He could have just apologized and said, ‘I became overly enthusiastic. I wanted Christ to return so badly. Everything seemed to fit. Please excuse me. I won't do that again.’
I thought, ‘This doesn't seem right. I gave all my money. Everybody has been telling me this [1972 would be the date the WCG would flee to a place of safety] for years. And now, he's half-denying he ever said it when I remember him saying it a hundred times. And then on top of it, he won't even apologize for saying it.’ When you put it all together, it's hard to accept his sincerity. That's the problem.”
-Bobby Fischer, 1977

Likewise, persons with Aspergerʼs, can not deal with “routine change” very well. Bobby anticipated as Armstrong promised, that in 1972 there was to be the coming of a “Place of Safety” for those who obeyed God, and a return of Jesus in 1975. The failure of these events to unfold as promised, would have been particularly devastating and traumatizing to Bobby, who had been lead to believe in them to literally occur, for 15 years of his life. This unexpected change in future plans or “routine”, would have been psychologically devastating… but Armstrong had already instilled a strong distrust in medical care or psychological counseling.

Post traumatic stress disorder Also called: PTSD
People may experience:
Behavioral: agitation, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, or social isolation
Psychological: flashback, fear, severe anxiety, or mistrust
Mood: loss of interest or pleasure in activities, guilt, or loneliness
Sleep: insomnia or nightmares
Also common: emotional detachment or unwanted thoughts
LOSS OF INTEREST IN CHESS...... I went through it. Shut the door on the world and stayed locked behind four walls for nearly a decade. It happened to Bobby.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair was a bit so-called “Paranoid” herself, along with myself, Bobby Fischer and others… with justifiable cause

In the 1990's it was a time of “Great Awakening” to many things. It's debatable exactly when and where Bobby Fischer got his hands on publications with particulars about World War II, but my own personal experience, was that my brother, now renouncing religion, and an Atheist brought me an article written by Madalyn Murray O'Hair on Dwight D. Eisenhower's Death Camps for unarmed prisoners of war and civilians that was published back in the 1990's (American Atheist Magazine April 1991, Page 34). “Dwight Eisenhower and the Disarmed Enemy Forces” by Madalyn Murray O'Hair. It is now available online here. Bobby Fischer would have certainly heard of these same atrocities, because in later years he openly espoused a strong skepticism, if not outright rejection of the “official version” of events from World War II. With good reason. Not only persons like Bobby and myself who were on the far right, but the Left as well. Pay close attention to what Madalyn Murray O'Hair emphasizes: The mainstream News media SUPPRESSED the truth about Eisenhower's immoral crimes against humanity — the mainstream media refused to publish, refusing to even review a valid historical book that was available in Canada, but not made available in the United States.

Eisenhower purposely starved and tortured unarmed civilians, and deprived them of medical care. Slowly, agonizingly starved to death and exposed to the elements. Why is that?! Why wasn't the “freedom of the press” exercised? In spite of the media censorship, and yes, government complicity in this cover up of atrocities committed by allied troops, Madalyn Murray O'Hair made a bold move and covered this story which exposed the crimes against humanity committed by Eisenhower and the Allies. Was Bobby Fischer merely being “paranoid”… when yes, it was in fact, a CONSPIRACY by the media to suppress this story from common knowledge? Information such as this would have had the same effect on Bobby Fischer, as it did on myself and many others, including Madalyn Murray O'Hair, leaving us strongly distrustful of the way media portray events around World War II… compounding Bobby Fischer's (and my own) fragile perception of history and politics.
I remember the impact this article had on my mind… it made me very distrustful of the MEDIA and GOVERNMENT… as “dishonest” and “corrupt”.
Call it “paranoia” if that floats your boat. I remain unapologetic for it. Just as Bobby did. What Eisenhower did was evil and barbaric.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair was an Atheist, and a rather militant one… often times known to express some of her own personal pro-Communist views. However, her bold uninhibited honesty on this matter deserves applause. It proves to me, Madalyn Murray O'Hair was no anti-American “Bolshevik” otherwise she would been complicit in the coverup!

However, the far right literature will predictably take events such as Eisenhower's death camps out of context, attempt to portray “Eisenhower as Jewish” creating a “moral Trojan high horse”, a fallacy… “Dwight D. Eisenhower did this inhuman crime against humanity therefore Hitler must be given a free pass and excused… in fact, there's no reason to believe Hitler killed anyone at all!” (So the rightwing extremists would argue.) I know better. Hitler was a tumor of Bolshevism. His minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels even admitted as much in public. The Bolsheviks were butchers.

Why they… ALL OF THEM… committed such horrendous acts of barbarity was because during that time, prior to the Nuremberg trials there were no laws criminalizing such acts. During the Nuremberg trials a new and extremely unethical precedent was set by Stalin and his Kangaroo Court system of justice with its show trials, —to backdate laws, Ex post facto, which is unethical, certainly not accepted as legal nor a legitimate practice in Democratic nations. The Bolsheviks knew no limits on the extent which they'd go to exact revenge upon their enemies. Under the influence of the Soviet regime, lawyers at Nuremberg devised retroactive laws, backdating them to successfully prosecute the Nazis.
However, the Allies and the Soviet terror would not be called to account for their own crimes against humanity. It was a mockery of international law and justice. See the book by Giles Macdonogh, “After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation” for the full account of how this was accomplished.) Those officials involved with meting out prosecution during the war crimes trials against Japan were incensed with the allies unethical methods of prosecution while operating under the influence of the Bolshevik regime.

Recommended Further Reading

Hitler? Remained sort of “out there” as a “strange… distant… irrelevancy” but the information on the Jews seemed real, current, pertinent.
That is the FIRST STAGE of indoctrination. They target the Jews in their publications, most always, “Jews”. They don't begin with “pro Hitler” propaganda. It is 99.9% anti-Jewish publications that crossed my reading agenda the entire time I was involved.
As you get more and more indoctrinated, — a couple of years perhaps, its then you might entertain the notion, “Hitler was fighting for a good cause.” “Hitler had some good ideas,” “Hitler was right…” and on it goes.
It is a slow, methodical process they indoctrinate people like they did to me and Bobby.
The first publication I remember that passed by me, about Communism… it wasn't even about Communism per se, it was about Karl Marx, and strongly emphasizing that he was “JEWISH”. That's how they mind-trick people. (Actually, Karl Marx was MILITANT ATHEIST and they carefully omit, the co-conspirator of Marx, Friedrich Engels was a former Christian, and MILITANT ATHEIST).
Instead of focusing on Communism… they focus on Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews…
I can honestly say that while mingling among the far right, I learned NOTHING worth repeating here about Communism. And Communism was suppose to be Hitler's arch enemy.

I will give Bobby credit. He was making an effort to gain knowledge. However, just like his days in Armstrong's cult, he was merely parroting booklets, and publications by people he FOLLOWED and blindly, naively trusted them to lead him. Not a single original thought should ever pass between the ears of the “devoted disciples” and “true believers”. Just like in the Armstrong cult, giving his mind, his reasoning powers, his critical thinking skills, over to a mass movement and its leaders to “guide him”. (We all did. We were Armstrongʼs faithful flock.) Bobby was a genius with Chess. But not so much at politics or religion. While others may have nothing to offer but blind hatred for Bobby, Iʼm going to stand by him. He is the only person whom I know by name and face who suffered exactly what I went through in the Worldwide Church of God and the post-trauma after leaving. (See the subsection on “Bolshevism” and “Why The Jews?”)

A small sample of what has really been going on behind the scenes for around a century that Bobby Fischer was tipped off by the Nazi propaganda, however, Nazis deceived Bobby to believe misleadingly the “Religion of Judaism” was to blame for Zionism. NOT SO. Just like Bolshevism (USSR-Communism) Atheists were the authors of this confusion. Orthodox (Religious) Jews are now correcting this widespread misconception… created and spread by Nazis and Militant (anti-Theist) Atheists and Zionists.

Highly Recommended Resources on the Palestinian-Zionist Conflict (Palestinian Side). I do not follow extremist, anti-Jewish/anti-Judaism sources.


…Contrary to common belief; the Zionists only founded the Israeli state for the purpose of eradicating religious practices and to transform the whole Jewish people from a spiritual religion to an atheistic political nation. This agenda they are pursuing with full vigour up until this present day. The Zionists and their State of Israel are true & bitter enemies of the Jews, one of the worst Jews have ever encountered.”
—Rabbi Avigdor Galandauerat (11/2/2017)

Mass rally of Orthodox Jews protesting the Balfour Declaration.

Being familiar with Nazi propaganda, today I recognize what is “Simple minded” and what is the product of something based on valid research and carefully thought through (the product of a fully cognizant, consensual mind).

It causes me deep grief that Nazis are doing this to Bobby, exploitation, when in my mind, it is at the same level of depravity as raping a child. (Mentally, Bobby was at the emotional maturity level of a 12 year old). Ask yourself how much difficulty is involved in coaxing a 12 year old to repeat familiar phrases once shills succeed to brainwash their victims? Then, further arrogantly imply Bobby's Chess Skill (derived from Autism, Asperger's Syndrome) has some bearing on these misguided, erroneous political views.

As I look back on my experience, having been in the same place Bobby was in the 1990's and the opportunity to put almost 20 years between now and what was then, I can honestly say, “I was NOT in control,” and “That was NOT me.”.

Nazi shills brainwashed me, following 18 years of tumultuous brainwashing under the manipulative control of Herbert W. Armstrong.

Militant Atheists in charge of Soviet Rule who hate the religion of Judaism, combined with Hitler, who simply adored Lenin, founder of the Militant Atheist Bolshevik Party regime, left Religious Jews with NO ESCAPE. But according to Nazi Propaganda, all blame for Atheist crimes is the “Blame of Religious Jews”.

There was no organized religious “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy”… A Hoax, perpetrated by Nazi propagandists, to incite war on RELIGION.

Time to consider many things about the lies of Nazism has provided me with a very different perception of their political ideology today, than the views I held, back then. Had Bobby received Trauma Counseling and therapy for Autism coping skills and had access to the plethora of information that is available today, Bobby would've felt the same as myself. He only cared about truth and human rights in face of oppression and political corruption.

The Great Bobby Fischer's legacy is STILL being taken advantage of, and exploited by unscrupulous persons promoting their lies of Nazism.

The “Raging Controversy” Surrounding Bobby Fischer

Only two groups (froth with racial & ethnic bigotry) would lie and claim, the non-religious Bobby Fischer was “Jewish”. Nazis & (anti-religious Atheists) Zionists. Judaism is a Religion. Many Jews are fed up with their spiritual faith being conflated with Political & Atheist agendas!

True Torah Jews: Anti-Zionist, Anti-Nazi

Back in the 1970s Nazi shills brainwashed the vulnerable Autistic Bobby Fischer with lies about history.

Such as this whopper:

By 1934, 28 percent of the Orthodox churches, 42 percent of the mosques, and 52 percent of the synagogues in the Soviet Union had been closed down.
Jews in the Soviet Union up to 1940

When put to question “why” ex-Jews like Emma Goldman spoke out against the Bolsheviks, or “why” ex-Jew Fanya Kaplan tried to kill Lenin (Leader of the Bolsheviks), or “why” ex-Jew Ferdinand Lassalle opposed Karl Marx, there are no answers forthcoming from nazi extremists. In their distorted altered reality, all Jews are/were in cahootz in a conspiracy. (Yes, unfortunately, they actually believe the lies they're telling. They do not think to question their sources.) They do not comprehend that “Socialism” was a movement comprised of 1000's of political activist groups worldwide, covering a whole spectrum of social views. Some were for women's rights, others for abolition of slavery. Some were Christian-based socialist groups and some were militant atheist. But Nazis (and Bolshevik-Communists, who murdered off all their political rivals & opposition) have rewritten history to where it falsely appears the only “Socialist” party was the “Bolshevik tyranny” and “Jews were responsible for 100% of it”.

That is a patent falsehood. Abolitionists Elizabeth Stady Canton and Susan B. Anthony who fought to end slavery in the United States and were Women's Rights Advocates and Socialists were not “Jewish”, nor was Thaddeus Stevens… Jews were not the only ones involved with Socialist efforts to improve conditions for the poor and oppressed.

Emma Goldman moved from USSR and went on to write publications proclaiming her disillusionment and denouncing what had became of “Communism” under “Bolshevism”).
“…In no country did Emma Goldman feel more estranged than in her native Russia. She was shocked by the ruthless authoritarianism of the Bolshevik regime, its severe repression of anarchists, and its disregard for individual freedom.”
Source: “Emma Goldman in Exile”
Emma Goldman (a former Jew and Atheist) had this to say about Bolshevism:

“To the average man, to the masses in Russia, the different rations established in the country for the liberation of which they had bled, was the symbol of the new regime. It signified to them the great lie of Bolshevism, the broken promises of freedom, for freedom meant to them social justice, economic equality. The instinct of the masses seldom goes wrong; in this case it proved prophetic. What wonder, then, that the universal enthusiasm over the Revolution soon turned into disillusionment and bitterness, to opposition and hatred. How often Russian workers complained to me: ‘We donʼt mind working hard and going hungry. Itʼs the injustice which we mind. If the country is poor, if there is little bread, then let us all share that little, but let us share equally. As things are now, itʼs the same as it used to be; some get more, others less, and some get nothing at all.’”

Nazi shills withhold such information from those they seek to dupe and deceive. They would lie and attempt to mislead their readers into thinking that Emma Goldman (an atheist, renounced the Jewish religion, and of a rival socialist faction) were part of the “Bolshevik Conspiracy”. On the contrary, the Bolsheviks were notorious for liquidating rival socialists like Emma Goldman who dared oppose them or openly speak against them. It's surprising she wasn't killed like millions of others who were buried in mass graves across the USSR.

Myself and Bobby had so, so many things in common and with how he had an appetite for TRUTH, at all costs, — I know… I wholeheartedly believe Bobby Fischer would have turned against the anti-semites and their lies, had he been shown such evidence that convinced his mind. I am completely confident in the good and honest nature of Bobby Fischer. When people understand the deception he was under, they too can acknowledge,

Bobby wasn't crazy or insane. He was DECEIVED.”

A Nazi posted this:

His “tribe”?!?!

Are Nazis calling (Chess Genius) Bobby Fischer, a liar?


…since history emphatically demonstrates, Bolsheviks were MILITANT ATHEIST … not “Judaism” (a religion)! Soviet Communism made open warfare on all religions.

Atheism is the natural and inseparable part of Communism.”
— Vladimir Lenin, Leader of the Bolshevik Party
“Communism begins from the outset (Owen) with atheism; but atheism is at first far from being communism; indeed, that atheism is still mostly an abstraction.”
— Karl Marx, Founder of the First Communist International
“Our propaganda necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism
— Vladimir Lenin, Leader of the Bolshevik Party

Bobby Fischer was far better educated than any Nazis about Theology and would have known whether or not he was part of the “Jewish Religion Race”. Britannica Encyclopedia agrees with Bobby Fischer's conclusion. Bobby Fischer was never part of the “Jewish Religion ‘Race’”.

Most disturbing of all Nazis use this simple-minded quote, lifted from a title of Goebbels' speech as if Bobby were privy to some ‘deep insight’. To me, it strikes me as nothing more than Bobby back in his days of Armstrong cult, an Autistic (vulnerable adult)… parroting religious dogma.
Further evidence of the exploitative nature of Nazism's shameless self-promotion.

Those are reasonably simple questions! Even Nazis should be able to wrap their brains around them.

I feel confident to take his word on it. Bobby was never part of the “Jewish Religion Race.” He was an Atheist before joining Armstrong's cult at 19 years of age, and after leaving the cult became non-religious. Bobby even chose to be buried in the Catholic tradition.

If Nazis reject Bobby's affirmation he is non-jewish, then they should likewise reject everything he has to say when glibly parroting Goebbels about “The Bolshevik Party”, a thing Bobby clearly didn't have any indepth understanding of:

???? ‘…First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism is basically a mask ???? for Bolshevism…’
—Bobby Fischer

The Soviet Union never made any effort to conceal the fact they were “The Bolshevik Party”, in 1907 or 2017! So what need for a “mask”? After reviewing Bobby's words, I am left to ponder the question, “What exactly did Bobby think Bolshevism was?
But of course I know what Bobby misleadingly presumed it was… some dark conspiracy… but no, “Bolshevism” was merely “The Bolshevik Party” or Soviet Communism.

It makes Nazis look IGNORANT quoting Bobby as if his parroting their lies, offers substantiation for their pseudo-political distortions of history.

History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks)
“…They changed their name to Russian Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) in March 1918; to All-Union Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) in December 1925…”

Bobby's statement is a nonsensical attempt to parrot Goebbels' title… just as he did in the days of Armstrong's cult parroting the cult's booklets & other literature.

So when Nazis cite Bobby Fischer's statements about Bolshevism, also commonly called “Marxist-Leninism,” by some, considering Bobby clearly didn't have that indepth an understanding of Communism its really a reflection on Nazi ignorance about… the “Bolsheviks” (which was merely the original name of the Lenin's Socialist Party (“Bolshevik” or “Bolshevik Party” translated to “Majority” and their rival political parties such as the “Mensheviks” along with the “Socialist Revolutionary Party” and other rival socialist “parties”… there's no “conspiracy” to be found in names, such as the “Republican Party” or “Democratic Party” or “Green Party”)… Bolshevism IS THE SAME THING AS “Soviet Communism”.

I presumed everyone knew this already. Clearly Bobby did not. …and perhaps the Nazis??? do not???

Bobby was lost in a haze of pseudo-politicized hangover from his 15 years under Armstrong's insane cult doctrines and didn't fully understand what he was saying or doing. But the radical nazi extremists have no excuse for their misguided errors.

However, for sake of curious minds, I located a reference that summarize the actual statistics of MILITANT ATHEISTS (perhaps the few that were, totalling 10% were among Ex-Jewish, Atheist “Zionists” — which even this small minority were eventually disbanded because their ideology was contrary to the Soviet Socialist ideology, or “Bolshevik” or “Marxist-Leninism” — whatever you choose to call it, it's all the same thing):

Split between Lenin and Bogdanov (1908–1910)
“…However, all factions retained their respective factional structure and the Bolsheviks formed the Bolshevik Centre, the de facto governing body of the Bolshevik faction within the RSDLP. At the Fifth Congress held in London in May 1907, the Bolsheviks were in the majority, but the two factions continued functioning mostly independently of each other.
As the Stockholm, April 1906. When the Mensheviks struck an alliance with the *Jewish Bund, the Bolsheviks found themselves in a minority.

Beginning of the 1905 Revolution (1903–1905)
The average party member was very young. In 1907, 22% of Bolsheviks were under 20, 37% were 20–24 and 16% were 25–29. By 1905, 62% of the members were industrial workers (3% of the population in 1897[16]).[17] 22% of Bolsheviks were gentry (1.7% of the total population), 38% were uprooted peasants, compared with 19% and 26% for the Mensheviks.
In 1907 78.3% of the Bolsheviks were Russian and 10% were Jewish MILITANT ATHEISTS (34% and 20% for the Mensheviks). Total membership was 8,400 in 1905, 13,000 in 1906 and 46,100 by 1907 (8,400, 18,000, 38,200 respectively for the Mensheviks). By 1910 both factions together had fewer than 10,000 members.[18]

* “The Jewish Labor Bund was one of the most important leftwing Jewish political organizations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It played a key role in the formation of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party well before its split into Menshevik and Bolshevik factions, and was influentially active in the 1905 Russian Revolution while emerging as a leader of Jewish self-defense against Tsarist pogroms. While the Russian wing of the Bund was destroyed by the Bolsheviks…”

Which brings us to the conclusion there was a whopping 0% “religious practitioners of Judaism” in the Bolshevik party by the time of its power-grab, widescale tyranny and its mandated policy of a “state atheism” which unleashed a repressive assault on Catholic priests, Christian Clergy and Jewish Rabbis alike.

Anti-Zionist Jews would affirm, “Bobby Fischer was NOT Jewish.” True Jews that believe in God, and do not reject God, such as the following:

…refuse to count non-practioners like Bobby Fischer, who was non-religious among the folds of Judaism, because Judaism is a spiritual faith & religious practice.

Bobby did not practice the religion of Judaism therefore he was NOT Jewish. Anything beyond that is a matter of one's personal opinionated political interpretation, not one's ethnic identity.


Here's another claim made by the same nazi in the same evening. As one can see, there's a major gap between the claim that “70% of Jews are Atheists” -VERSUS- the actual “2%” according to polls. I have learned to trust nothing Nazis nor their Zionist counterparts claim about everything!

One is forced to ask themselves, with how Communist-Bolsheviks unleashed a furious warfare on Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus… why the obsessive desperation with trying to pigeonhole Jews into the “Atheist” category against their will? Are Nazis closet “Atheist” like their Bolshevik counterparts?!


If their fingers are typing, or lips are moving… they're lying.

At first I didn't trust the Nazis, but they send literature making themselves out to be the “victims” which were maligned unfairly by the “criminal Jews”, and of course, they're conflating Zionists (political atheist zionist philosophy) with religious Jews. The belief or lack of belief in God makes a whole lot of difference in how one defines what “being Jewish” even means…

Nazis didn't bother to make Bobby Fischer privy to this information in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's…

The Atheist “Jews” (a mere 10% of the Bolshevik party membership in 1907) were not religious in any manner. The Nazis withhold this information of course. They also don't tell about Communists like Emma Goldman (former Jew, non-bolshevik “Communist” Atheist) who was abhorred and vocally opposed the Bolshevik overthrow in Russia.

Nor do the Nazis tell their readers about Fanya Kaplan, an ex-Jew who was a Communist who tried to assassinate Lenin, the founder of the Bolsheviks. The reason? Fanya's explanation before her execution was that Lenin was a “traitor to the Socialist Revolution”.

I remember that well, waking up from the fog of religious illusion, conned by Armstrong all those years!! Living in fear of phantoms. Robbed of football games, social mingling, friendships, my entire childhood, cut off from normal activities, and for what? To trade my life in, nearly 20 years of my life, sucked down the toilet. Most people would have no clue what Iʼm speaking of unless they were raised in this, or another high-control, indoctrination-intense cult. I was bitterly angry and resentful. I entered a phase of revolting self-loathing and disillusionment.
If you donʼt believe that kind of life-shattering event doesnʼt cause very REAL psychological trauma?
Surely that was the last straw for Bobby. Soon after, he publicly began his exit out of WWCG. By late 1970ʼs he was already well on his way becoming fully indoctrinated in nazi literature rhetoric.

The Brain Science Underlying “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” and Bobby Fischer's notorious “Personality Change”

I don't think many people really, truly get what was done to Bobby. I recognize how devastating, because I was diagnosed with PTSD for the same reason Bobby first developed it: Armstrong's cult, for starters. I frequent some ex-Armstrong groups now, and often the former members discuss their diagnoses of PTSD. However, most of them didn't take the path me and Bobby did… just like Bobby brutalized by Pasadena California Police, I got brutalized with 9 months of terror by my far right husband. Of course which, I cooperated with FBI in hopes they'd arrest him. They refused to arrest him immediately when he mailed an explosive, and so he was allowed to roam loose, which according to one reporter at one German tabloid, 2 more people were inadvertently allowed to be killed. I even called the German police and inquired why they weren't arresting him? I'd given them his address, everything… I guess they were too busy watching him. Investigating if he were the person who sent Ingo Hasslebach an explosive. So I was told. The German dummy at the police station got on the phone and told me, “Thomas Lemke is considered dangerous, don't allow him around you.” That was truly a Homer Simpson moment in my life. I wouldn't have been calling if I didn't suspect he was “dangerous”, now would I? The police weren't really hearing me. He was KILLING people and they didn't take it serious. The people, “not listening” part of it, is disempowering, helplessness and damaging. Bobby gave his interview to the “Ambassador Report” and people shrugged it off instead of realizing, “He's warning about a dangerous cult.”. Bobby wrote about the police brutality he endured in Pasadena, but that too was ignored.

Me and Bobby shared so many parallels it's haunting. So I know something about the depths of Post Traumatic Stress and how it can change you. Yet, when I look at Bobby's tragic end, I suffered NOTHING even close to what he did. It would take a stone heart, not to have empathy for what he endured, and without benefit of any counseling. In 1995, during the height of my ex-husband's terror, I had no choice but to seek counseling for the nightmares. Nervous breakdown. Bobby was taught by Armstrong to avoid medical care, and I think he carried that dumbfounding doctrine with him. Truthfully, it was very awkward for me to go to a counselor, after being discouraged my entire life in the cult but when you can't sleep at all for horror in your dreams — things like finding the body of your own child laying in a pile of ants (things like that) because your psychotic serial killer husband is calling daily with threats to kill you and your whole family and kidnap your child and take her back to Germany with him. I was going out of my mind, terrorized around the clock 24/7 for 9 months. I forced myself to get counseling, mainly for sleeping pills, out of desperation.

I understand why Bobby was reluctant to seek psychiatric counseling. Armstrong had control over our minds, deeply indoctrinated for 15 years.

“…Quinteros, who was with Fischer when he defeated Spassky in '72 and again in '92, downplayed these incidents and said Fischer is neither as strange nor as anti-American as some have portrayed him. “He likes his country,” Quinteros said. “He may not appreciate some of the people who are running it, but there is no doubt that he likes his country.”
Fischer's first visit to Argentina was in 1971, when he defeated Tigran Petrosian in the set-up to the world championship. Adulating Argentines gave Fischer a hero's send-off after his victory, and ever since there has been an affinity between the capricious chess king and a legion of followers here.
A lot has happened since. The boyish Fischer who left in 1971 wore dark suits and thin ties, combed his hair and smiled a lot. And then, a quarter of a century later, he came back a burly and angry man with a salt-and-pepper beard, a baseball cap and a head full of conspiracy theories…”
(Washington Post) Bobby Fischer's Strange Moves

Was looking into Bobby's notorious “personality change”. When you read the medical information on what causes such a catastrophic “personality change” it becomes evident that severe debilitating trauma was inflicted on the victim. It happens often, but the worst of all is the feeling of helplessness against the traumatizers, and the failure of people to hear what the victim is saying/claiming about the intensity of the abuse. Bobby didn't seek trauma counseling, instead he did the only thing he knew to do… write about the experience, or speak to somebody (like the Ambassador Report and his little booklet about the police brutality)… he was making an effort, the best he knew and I don't believe anyone really heard his desperation. (This is very common with people who have Autism, social deficits, lacking in community support, navigating life skills with a blindfold on, so to speak. Bobby did not have any close friend to insist he seek trauma counseling. Many on the Autism spectrum are completely non-verbal. Bobby wrote about his inflicted injuries. Social interactions can be extremely awkward and uncomfortable for people on the spectrum. Bobby needed an advocate.) Bobby had Armstrong's cult breathing down his back and picking his wallet clean for around 15 years, then the Pasadena Police had a go at him (1962-1982) — which would result in Complex PTSD because the trauma was sustained over a long duration, and repetitive.
Serious damage occurs inside the brain, neurologically, but when the brain finally does repair itself… the person we knew, no longer exists. That's what happened to Bobby. I've said before in the past, that the person he was, was murdered. By Armstrong, the false prophet and then the Pasadena Police Brutality. They killed “Bobby”… the person everyone knew & loved back in 1972.

“I Was Tortured Under Herbert W. Armstrong's wicked cult and my Wallet Picked Clean and Bank Account Wiped Out!”
aka, “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out!”

“I Was Tortured In The Pasadena Jailhouse!” ©1982 by Bobby Fischer

“…‘Enduring personality changes after catastrophic experience’ (F62.0), the concept corresponding to ‘Disorders of extreme distress not otherwise specified/complex PTSD’ (see definition, which may develop after extreme prolonged or repeated trauma, such as repeated childhood sexual abuse or prolonged captivity involving torture.”

Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Armstrong's traumatizing terror doctrines: 1962-1974 followed by Pasadena Police brutality 1982, followed by WAR CRIMINAL BUSH, trapping Bobby like a bug, 1992, and 2004… its a nightmare.

“…Implications for clinical psychology
“…One of the curious features of personality change is that we are more profoundly altered by highly unpleasant experiences than by highly pleasurable ones, possibly because painful experiences signal imminent threats to survival.”
“…Clinical psychologists are often called upon to help victims of extremely traumatic experiences move on with their lives. No one ever claimed that would be easy, and now we are beginning to understand why.
Some unpleasant experiences produce permanent changes in the brain and corresponding shifts in intelligence, emotional reactivity, happiness, sociability, and other traits that used to be thought of as set for life.
These personality shifts are generally considered pathological and that is undoubtedly true of post traumatic stress disorder, which ruins the lives of sufferers and their families. Yet, we need to recognize that many of these changes were useful to our ancestors in adjusting to risky environments.”
(Psychology Today) Trauma Resets Personality

“…PTSD will change every aspect of your personality. Suffering from post traumatic stress doesn't mean that something scary happened and now the person merely feels jittery and unsure. Biologically, the brain is working very hard to process experiences that it can barely comprehend; let alone categorize. Because of the severity of that event, the brain is physiologically altered. Some areas of the brain that are responsible for memory and emotion become severely damaged. Complex neurological pathways are distorted. The body either repairs them or forms new pathways and this can lead to changes in temperament, personality traits, preferences, and perspectives.
This is why nearly everyone who has PTSD and their friends and families say that they are no longer the same person. They are correct. They don't feel the same. They don't think the same. They are not the same person and may never be that person again. They have to rediscover who they are, which can be a long process. Healing from PTSD does not mean that you return to your former mental self unchanged and unscathed. A big part of healing means that you discover and develop new traits, talents, interests, and perspectives. This can be very tough to accept without having gone through a proper grieving process first. Once you accept that your personality and the way that you relate to the world are now coming from a different perspective, your brain will initiate the rest of the healing process.”
Ezine Articles, How PTSD Can Change Your Personality and Perspective

For those with any lingering doubts as to Bobby Fischer's lack of culpability and innocense under duress of cult leader Herbert W. Armstrong, who financially exploited Bobby through brainwashing tactics of “Fear, Panic, Guilt,

Mental Capacity and Contracts
Lee Black, JD, LLM
Virtual Mentor. March 2008, Volume 10, Number 3: 161-164.
Health Law, American Medical Association

“…There are two major exceptions to the presumption of an adult's legal capacity, one of which is being intoxicated when the agreement was made because intoxication can affect judgment. The second exception to legal capacity is mental illness or mental defect [5]. Historically, this exception intended to protect individuals who were DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED or insane. Today, the category has been expanded to include those suffering from degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer's, that may affect their cognitive abilities.”

“…They cleaned my pockets out frankly. I have some money left, but not that much. I've got some assets. It's amazing they didn't get everything.”

(They did take everything important, like peace of mind and sanity…)
Bobby was on the autism spectrum. Asperger's Syndrome. Pervasive Developmental Disorder (or “Developmentally Disabled”). He needed an advocate that protected his financial interests and provided personal guidance. The Federal Law has recognized the status of vulnerable adults for decades, but seldom is this law recognized or taken into consideration by the mainstream population because of the widespread ignorance of what Developmental Disabilities (Autism) encompass.

I hope so, August.

Corroborating Evidence

Bobby Fischer, a vulnerable adult (Asperger Syndrome) on the emotional maturity level of a 12 year old.

Bobby Fischer, terribly misdiagnosed and slandered like a “demon”. They've killed autistic people during “Exorcisms” because of widespread ignorance.

“…Bobby Fischer. He's completely natural. He plays no roles. He's like a child. Very, very simple.”
—Zita Rajcsanyi, personal friend of Bobby Fischer's

“I've kept good memories of Fischer. I don't have any grudges against him. I always forgave him the fact that he behaved like a child. Bobby was very pure and friendly. He liked children, animals. He was an avid cat lover! I also preferred cats to dogs, like Bobby. Did he have any cats? I don't think so, although I never went to his house. I wanted to visit him in Pasadena, but didn't get the chance. His house was robbed there and almost his whole archive was lost…”
—Boris Spassky on Bobby Fischer

Former U.S. champion Alexander Ivanov of Newton, Mass., who followed the Reykjavik matches from the Soviet Union at age 16, said Fischer “was ahead of his time by about 15 years.”

Watai, a longtime friend of Fischer's, said he could be “like a child.”

What Genius and Autism Have in Common
“When Asperger's was first described in 1944 by Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger, he referred to children with the syndrome as “little professors” because of their prodigious vocabularies and precocious expertise, and because they tended to lecture others endlessly without being aware of their own tediousness. Poor social skills and obsessive interests characterize the condition.

Yet, despite the obvious similarities, very little research has been done on the connection between autism and extreme talent. One previous study, published in 2007, did find that close relatives of prodigies — like close relatives of people with autism — tended to score higher on autistic traits, particularly in problems with social skills, difficulty switching attention and intense attention to detail. Other than that, however, the issue hasn't been studied systematically, beyond the observation that autism is often seen in savants, or people with exceptional abilities who have other simultaneous impairments.”
Source: (Health Land, “TIME”) What Genius and Autism Have in Common

How many others are out there?

I googled to see if there are others who testify about Armstrong's depraved “Germans are coming! No where to hide. Obey HWA, or you will be 'Left Behind'”

Yes, there are others, I just found these testimonies on the web:

“…How many parents, who had been abuse victims, read the childrearing booklet, which advocated breaking a toddler's will by repetitive spankings with two fingers, and became even worse abusers than their non-WCG parents had ever been with them? The seeds for cruelty were also planted through vivid descriptions of what “the Germans” were going to do to all of the Laodiceans left behind. And, how much aberrant behavior and personality disorder was allowed to grow and flourish because false teachers would not allow consultation with outside professionals who were actually schooled in dealing with these things.”

“…When I left home at 18, I had no functional brain about life, about nothing. I am about 20 to 25 years behind where I should be in life. It took a long time for me to figure out that there was something wrong, and I finally found out what has caused all of my years of 'the painful truth,' a child shall be seen and not heard. That is the same as locking a child up in a closet and then when they turn 18, turn them out into the world. You tell me how that person could get along. It is the only way to describe it. Then today, people don't understand that your inept abilities come from your religious childhood. And the stories we were told to make us mind. About when it was time to go to the place of safety (1975) God would call our name, and if we didn't hear him we would be left behind. Then the Germans would come, and you know what Germans do to little girls. And when they are done with you they will tie one of your legs to a jeep and your other leg to another jeep and go off in different directions.”

There is nothing in Bobby's behavior that would constitute evidence that he was 'searching a conspiracy theory' when he first read nazi literature. The timeline is very clear about Bobby's actions. Bobby did not go looking for any theory nor a devil to explain his “future” trauma. The new Devil and its theory found him… a sitting duck.

New York Times:
“…But Mr. Fischer was incapable of sustaining himself in the limelight, and by the beginning of 1973, he had withdrawn into the weird, contrarian solitude he more or less maintained for the remainder of his life.
For a time, Mr. Fischer lived in Pasadena, Calif., the church's home base, or nearby Los Angeles, where he was said to spend his time replaying chess games and reading Nazi literature. There were reports that he was destitute, though the state of Mr. Fischer's finances was never very clear.”
— From New York Times, Bobby Fischer, Chess Master, Dies at 64

NY Times said Bobby was reported reading “Nazi Literature” in 1973, after the Nazis failed to invade in 1972.

But I was really upset in 1972 when Herbert Armstrong refused to apologize. He could have just apologized and said, ‘I became overly enthusiastic. I wanted Christ to return so badly. Everything seemed to fit. Please excuse me. I won't do that again.’
I thought, ‘This doesn't seem right. I gave all my money. Everybody has been telling me this [1972 would be the date the WCG would flee to a place of safety] for years. And now, he's half-denying he ever said it when I remember him saying it a hundred times. And then on top of it, he won't even apologize for saying it.’ When you put it all together, it's hard to accept his sincerity. That's the problem.”
-Bobby Fischer, 1977

Bobby gave ALL his money… he still continued to give till 1974. People do not do that, unless they are TERRIFIED and TRAUMATIZED… their brain paralyzed on raw unbridled fear… levels of trauma most people can not grasp. Bobby's inadvertantly telling the world why. Bobby was investigating, if, when, how they were going to invade… curiosity. Terrified enough of the Nazis and hope for escape, that he gave ‘all his money’. He was terrified of nazi extermination camps coming — the imminent end of the world. So much terror, that it deprived him of the ability to … think rationally … PTSD involves brain damage… who would give ‘all’ their money to a charlatan, a fraud, a Devil who pretends to speak for God, except a man who isn't using all his mental faculties because of 15 years of traumatizing terror under a false prophet who shaped Bobby to think and reason the way he did.

  • 1972… Cult is suppose to flee to place of safety… Bobby gave everything to Armstrong (he said)… nearly all his assets. Nazis are suppose to invade. But none of the prophecies fulfill. Bobby was Autistic and trusted Armstrong totally.
  • 1973… Bobby innocently begins investigating. Curiosity… just like I did. Same thing. Naive. He's not brainwashed immediately. It took Nazi shills and their propaganda about 2 years (1991-1993) to convince me they were telling 'truth' before I fell completely into their trap. Of course Bobby had Armstrong's FAILED prophecy to rock his world, and I had the cult falling apart with Tkach transforming the cult to mainstream Protestant Christianity (1991-1994).
  • 1974… Bobby is STILL tithing to Armstrong which tells me he still trusted, and mentally dependent on the cult.
  • 1975… no Jesus.

“Giant Hailstones” by Basil Wolverton. Date and place of first publication of original b&w uncertain. (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

So, Bobby didn't start reading Nazi literature to seek some ‘conspiracy explanation’ to Armstrong's exploitation or trauma… he didn't even leave the cult till after 1974. In 1972-73, he was upset that Armstrong's prophecy didn't unfold and expected Armstrong to apologize, but he held on faithfully for another year… to see if the church would still escape to the place of safety… Bobby was still under the influence of Armstrong's web of deceit. On the contrary, my friend was seeking his own “simplistic theory” to explain Bobby's behavior.

He only spoke against Armstrong with words of anger, resentment and betrayal all the way in 1977.

Bobby first searched out Nazi literature— out of curiosity, an innocent mistake that had catastrophic consequences. And it is worth noting here, there's nothing “simplistic” about Nazi propaganda. After all “God's One True Apostle” said they would invade the U.S… and Nazi publications do not come with warning labels.

That cult left many traumatized, (PTSD) with all those years of terror, believing the Nazis were just on the horizon of invading. We were cut off and forbidden to take in a lot of knowledge/information available to others in the outside mainstream. Of course we did read newspapers and evening news, but we had a distorted perception. All national and world news was filtered through Armstrong's interpretation in his many publications. The Pope was the looming Antichrist… any day now!!! was how we lived on the edge of our seats — sending in tithes to “finish God's work” and waiting… for the re-emerging “Nazi-Fascist Holy Roman Empire”. So now I understand why both me and Bobby smoothly glided from following the religion of dread for Armstrong's fictional “Holy Roman Fascist Nazi-Fascist Empire” into following the religion of dread for Nazis' fictional “Judeo Bolshevik World Conspiracy”… Both I and Bobby (as my psychologist concluded) had been “shaped” by this cult leader to reason like that. She assured me, that it was not my fault, nor was it Bobby's fault. He was only around 19 when he actively joined the cult… and Armstrong had “shaped” his mind after that, all totaled for around 15 years. The concensus among Neuroscientists now, today, is that the brain isn't even fully mature until somewhere around 25… and in Bobby's case, he had (social) cognitive impairments, or developmental disabilities, that impaired him from ever developing a “fully mature brain” to begin with. He was a vulnerable adult to Armstrong's madness. I'm sharing some of the email that discusses about PTSD effect on the brain and why Bobby went from Armstrong to Nazis without a second thought. I did the same thing.

False Profits and Doomsday Mythology

I have cause to wonder if Charles Manson was not a subscriber to Armstrong's “Plain Truth” magazine as the “prophecy” seemed to be nothing more than a theological doppleganger of apocalyptic proportions!

  1. The Apostles; Armstrong or Manson
  2. The Commune; The Church Members or The Family
  3. The prophesied desert haven of Petra, or Manson's commune out in the desert
  4. The Great Tribulation occurs or Helter Skelter occurs.
  5. Armstrong's Commune or Manson's Commune arise from their desert stronghold and take over reigns of world government.

Mere coincidence?

The similarities are striking.

Charles Manson spent a whole lot of time in prisons.

The following source states The Plain Truth magazine was distributed “significantly, in prisons”.

We may never know!

Excerpt from: Charles Manson: Music Mayhem Murder, by Tommy Udo

I grew up in the WWCG from 1973 until 1991, terrified of these phantoms. I believed wholeheartedly the Nazis would arise in a “Resurrected United European, Fascist, Holy Roman Empire” where the “Antichrist” Pope would reign supreme over a Fascist Europe and persecute those who kept the Saturday sabbath and God™'s commandments.

The Herbert W. Armstrong cult was taught to keep Old Testament laws, holy days and the “Jewish sabbath” just as the Jews kept. His prophecies hearkened back to Hitler's persecution of Jews during World War II implying “Religious Persecution” as the grounds. Only we, had the “One and Only Truth”, only Armstrong had a direct line to God™ himself, only the loyal, devoted baptized were counted worthy to escape this doomsday, and children under age 20 could pretty much kiss God™'s mercy good-bye because children were not permitted baptism.

We were vigilant about our racial identity, we were part of “The Lost Tribes of Israel”. We were not Jews, emphatically… we were NOT Jews. We were “Israel”. So we were taught. There's a bit of confusion over a letter written by Bobby Fischer to the Encyclopedia Judaica where he strongly denounces being labeled a “Jew”, and questions the merit of their religion. That letter does not prove to me Fischer was intending to be anti-semitic. On the contrary, (what Fischer wouldʼve believed as a devoted disciple of Armstrongism, during the 1960's and 1970's is explained below). I had read originally on a Jewish website the letter was written in the 1960's and did a Google search after seeing the date is in the early 1980's. This was actually after Fischer left the WWCG although its quite difficult to know how much of Armstrong's doctrines concerning Israel, Fischer took with him and which he rejected. From the lens of Armstrongism, Fischer would have taken his “theology” very seriously. Even still, his letter emphasizes “Judaism” (theological emphasis)) and I'm not certain this was intentionally directed at the jewish people, so much as the Encyclopedia Judaica, and the religion of Judaism.

A Clarification

A few articles have been circulated on the web implying Armstrong taught “antisemitic” doctrines, or denied “Jews” are “Hebrews.” I am correcting their error: Such interpretations of Armstrongism have came from people who did very limited reading of Armstrong's “United States and Britain in Prophecy”, “1975 in Prophecy (1956 Version)”, and “United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy (1956 Version)” or misconstrued Armstrongism with other, unrelated racist “identity” movements. (See the Equip Article below how the “Anglo-Israeli Movement” evolved and eventually turned toward violent racist organizations. However, the WWCG was not part of that and the Equip article clarifies as much).

Armstrong's worked long and hard constructing doctrines that placed great reverence upon the Jewish people as “God's Biblically Chosen”, and proceeded to piggyback off the persecution and suffering of the Jewish people, for his own personal profit. By using examples of persecution like that seen with Hitler, after convincing credulous minds they were the “lost tribes of Israel” (Manasseh and Ephaim in the U.S. and Britain): all those horrible scenes spawned from the Holocaust, Armstrong played up the fears to the “true believers”. “THIS IS WHAT'S COMING FOR YOU! You are a descendant of Manasseh, Ephraim… So step in line, Armstrong's way or perish in the torment of the coming Great Tribulation.”

Armstrong was emphatic that the ancient Hebrews divided the Holy Land into two distinct kingdoms. “Judah” (or the “Jews”) in the South, and “Israel” or the Israelites in the North. It was a matter of geography, not racism. The tribe of “Judah” was in Judah, and the other 10 tribes were in the Northern Kingdom of “Israel”. For anyone who would like to actually, fully understand the delusion Bobby and I myself were under in Armstrongism, then I've uploaded a copy here: “The United States and Britain in Prophecy” (PDF), “1975 in Prophecy (1956 Version)”and “United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy (1956 Version)”. Did Armstrong deny Moses was a “Jew”? Emphatically yes, and Orthodox Jewish scholars would agree, that is because Moses was a “Levite”, of “the tribe of Levi.” There were 12 total “tribes” of “Israel” or Hebrews. The “Jews” were one of 12 tribes. The majority of Hebrews were not “Jews”. This defining devil in the details is what convinced many Armstrongites that Armstrong had some special divine revealed insight into the Bible. Enough that Bobby opened his bank account to Armstrong and was reportedly “destitute” by 1973 in the New York Times.

Let no one be deceived. Bobby Fischer was not taught “Jews are fake… you are the real jew.” On the contrary, Armstrong taught Bobby, me and the flock that “Jews are INDEED the REAL Jews of the tribe of Judah… and you Bobby Fischer, are of the tribe of Manassah (or Ephraim). We all know what the Nazis did to the tribe of Judah, and now, they're going to rise up and do it again, to all the lost tribes of Israel… God has it in for the descendants of Ephraim and Manassah… The Nazis are coming for YOU!”.

The “Jews” were descendants of “Judah” who was one tribe out of 12 in total. This does not imply modern Jews are “fake Jews”, and somewhere along the line, people came out of Armstrongism proclaiming they are “spiritual Jews” but in fact, they clearly do not understand Armstrongism. Jews are “Jews”. More correctly, Armstrong originally, till his end promoted the concept of spiritual “Ephraimites” and spiritual “Menassehites” since there's a need to get technical about it. Moses was a “Levite” and not of the tribe of Judah. Jesus was claimed to be of the “tribe of Judah”, therefore, “Jesus was Jewish” by nationality and tribe. Bobby Fischer would have emphatically understood this, just as I did, and still do. Some have lost sight of what Armstrong originally taught in the 1970's, or, over time have diluted Armstrong to mean, Armstrongites are “Spiritual Jews” which is a patently FALSE interpretation of Armstrongism and supposedly excludes the Jews of their Abrahamic promises. On the contrary. Those persons are disseminating misleading information to the public at large.

  1. Reuben… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  2. Simeon… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  3. * Judah… THE TRUE “JEWS”
  4. Issachar… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  5. Zebulun… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  6. * Benjamin… along with tribe of “Levi”
  7. Dan… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  8. Naphtali… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  9. Gad… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  10. Asher… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  11. (Joseph son) Ephraim… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah
  12. (Joseph son) Manasseh… not “Jews” of the Southern Kingdom Judah

* Joined together as “Judah” or “The Jews” according to Armstrongism. (See above, page 65 of “The United States and Britain in Prophecy”.)

Armstrong emphatically recognized all Jews, modern and ancient, as “Hebrews”. Armstrong did not deny that “Jews” were “Israelites” in the collective sense as “Hebrews.” However, Armstrong was emphatic on the “Divided Kingdom” of Judah (South - Tribe of Judah) vs. Israel (North - 10 Lost Tribes of Israel). This was not “Anti-Semitism”. It was literal Biblical history, and for myself and Bobby, it seemed Armstrong really, genuinely knew his Biblical Scholarship… and placed our blind faith in “God's One True Apostle”.

Armstrong didn't teach “Antisemitism”. He taught great reverence for the Jews! Along the lines of

See the Jews… God's Chosen!! Jews are Judah… and scattered abroad the nations (factually correct and Orthodox Jews agree)—Revere the Jews! You are related to them… you of the tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim (sons of Joseph)… Now… SEE HITLER… SEE NAZI WAR MACHINE… and what it did to the tribe of Judah (The Jews)…
See the corpses… the wasted life… the gas chambers… the extermination camps… breathe in the smoke and death, loyal sheep…
What happened to the tribe of Judah, is coming for you too, Ephraim and Manasseh and there will be NO ESCAPE… unless you follow Armstrong!

Bobby believed it. Bobby literally believed he would escape with Armstrong's cult into “the place of safety” at ‘Petra’ in 1972. For this he gave all his money. Why should he be antisemitic if he believed he was a “modern Hebrew” and of the tribes of Israel? Bobby was terrified as we all had reason to be. Fear can accomplish amazing things… such as emptying Fischer's bank account by 1972 into Armstrong's.

The quasi-religious “Anglo-Israel” doctrine which Armstrong plagiarized has undeniably spawned countless other “racist” identity religions, but the Worldwide Church of God was not among them.

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

Christian Identity: A “Christian” Religion for White Racists

…Another form of racism developed along religious and nationalistic lines. The growing concern of the peoples in the West (including the United States) with their own national interest led to some strange ideas about national identity. In the United States a theory called “Manifest Destiny” evolved. That view included the understanding that it was the nationʼs God™-given destiny to expand from the east coast to the west coast, and perhaps even to the southern end of Mexico. In England another movement began that would later blend well with the Manifest Destiny ideas held by some in the United States. This religious movement was nationalistic, assigning religious worth more to race than to righteousness. The movement, Anglo-Israelism, began in 1870. It was founded by the Rev. John Wilson, a nonconformist minister who expounded the idea that the Anglo-Saxons were the supposed ten lost tribes of Israel. Believing the nations of western Europe and the United States to be God™ʼs chosen people, they expected them to receive all the promises God™ gave to Israel in the Old Testament.

Mr. Edward Hine brought the Anglo-Israelism movement to the United States in 1870, the same year the movement began in England. His efforts were mostly unfruitful, but his book, Identification of the British Nation with Lost Israel, is still used by adherents of Identity in the United States. Hineʼs book was first among a spate of Anglo-Israel literature published in the U. S. — including a periodical published by Yale Professor Charles A. L. Totten called, Our Race, Its Origins and Its Destiny.11 Today, with few exceptions (the Worldwide Church of God™ being one), most adherents of Anglo-Israelism are in the Identity movement.

The Turn toward Violence. Extreme racism entered Anglo-Israelism because some of its most prominent adherents were also connected to the Ku Klux Klan, and the Klan in turn had become interested in the Nazis. The KKK was born, without overt racist intentions, in 1867. Thomas F. Gossett, author of Race: The History of an Idea in America, notes that “the Klan originated as a lark among young men in southern Tennessee who — so the story goes — chose this method of visiting their sweethearts attired in their version of the costume of Knights of old and discovered accidentally that they were terrifying the Negroes.”12 The Klan grew in its attempt to control black people during the Reconstruction period. The methods included “assassination, whipping, tarring and feathering.”13 The Klan during the 1920s added the Jew and Catholic to their list of enemies in an attempt to attract more members. By 1923 membership had reached between three and six million people. Decline came with the depression of the 1930s and also with the Ku Klux Klanʼs overtures to the American arm of the Nazi party before the Second World War.14

The merging of Klan and Nazi extremism into the Anglo-Israelism movement — which then produced the Identity movement — can largely be traced to one man: Wesley Swift. However, it was not Swift but Howard B. Rand (whose writings are published by Destiny Publishers) who first coined the term Identity. According to James Coates, Randʼs intention was “to describe Hineʼs concept of Anglo-Israelism, in which Jesus was not a Jew of the tribe of Judah but an Aryan of the ten lost tribes of Israel and an ancestor of the present British, Germanic and Scandinavian people.”

Armstrong outright plagiarized the theory of Anglo-Israelism, never giving proper credit to its original author, however Armstrong never denied Jews were the true Jews. That false teaching came from unaffiliated racist organizations. Armstrong did a lot of things worthy of harsh criticism, but I'm not going to pretend he was responsible for that. The people in that cult were victimized enough by an exploitative ministry (Armstrong's doctrines which terrorized cult members out of their wits), and after coming out of the cult, they need support, not finger-pointing and double-victimized, blamed for being “anti-semitic bigots”, something they never even believed in the first place, because some mainstream journalists didn't get their facts correct.

For good cause I have NO REASON to believe or even remotely suspect Bobby Fischer was inherently “anti-semitic”. Not from the outstart. The Worldwide Church of God™ had subtle racist views in its earliest days (1920's) and on, but by the time Fischer arrived did indeed welcome non-whites in the congregation. I was taught they were “adopted children of Abraham”. Jews were actually held in high regard, on the overall, as they kept the “true sabbath” and if they were willing to open their wallets, and accept Jesus, they too were embraced as “adopted from the tribe of Judah, into the tribes of Israel”. However, most emphatically we were NOT “Jews”. I have elaborated on this topic even further at: “White Supremacist Identity Groups Deny “Jews” are “Jews” But This Was Not Herbert W. Armstrong's Fiction nor did the Armstrong Cult Teach It To Bobby Fischer”

Any Armstrongite can appreciate, Jews were of Judah (the southern half of the Holy Land) while Israel was in the northern part of the holy land. (*Assyria invaded Israel around 700 BC, enslaving them, and later supposedly scattered the tribes of Israel. About a century later, Babylon invaded Judah in the south and scattered the Jews. We kept the Jewish holy days, sabbath and God™'s commandments. We were the “10 Lost Tribes of Israel” so I'm not surprised Bobby Fischer on occasion took great pains to define himself as “Not Jewish” and lambasting the merits of the religion of Judaism (theological emphasis). From the lens of Armstrongism, I am not at all surprised. We were vigilant on our “spiritual” racial identity. We were the “Lost Tribes of Israel”. God™'s chosen people. NO OTHER RELIGION, not even the Jews, were following God™. Armstrongism was an equal opportunity bigotry against ALL other religions as ‘deceived by satan’. All Protestants and the Catholic church were “satan's churches” too. Armstrongism approved of Catholicism and Christianity even less than Judaism, because the Jews at least kept the true sabbath!

*Part of Armstrong's peculiar spin on the Anglo-Israeli identity doctrine was that the “Assyrians” took Israel northward, into Europe. It is true that the inhabitants of Assyria disappeared from their development in Mesopotamia, but Armstrong took a fantastical leap to suggest that modern day “Assyrians” live in what is modern day Germany. Armstrong's spin was that Assyria would once again rise up to conquer “modern Israel”, that is the “United States and Britain in Prophecy”.

However, this letter, dated 1984 was after Fischer had left the church and had already been steered by Armstrongʼs depraved, sadist, inadvertently Hitler-worshipping doctrines in the direction of studying Nazi literature. Post-Armstrongism. So its difficult to say his underlying intent with absolute certainty.

And, since the Jews refused to accept Jesus and did not tithe to Armstrong, nor were baptized among Armstrong's chosen, then the Jews too would suffer the wrath of “The Beast” during the Nazi terror's “Second Coming”.

That was “Armstrongism”. None dare question it. For a child, it provoked night terrors. I had dreams of Hitler personally ordering my execution. It was very personal. My sin? I kept the saturday sabbath, like the Jews. No child should ever be forced through such abominable indoctrination of terror but children of the cult, were. Children were “to be seen and not heard”. According to Armstrongism, sound scriptures, would result in taking “rebellious and disobedient children into the street to be stoned to death.”

Deuteronomy 21:18-21
18 If someone has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father and mother and will not listen to them when they discipline him,
19 his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his town.
20 They shall say to the elders, “This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a glutton and a drunkard.”
21 Then all the men of his town are to stone him to death. You must purge the evil from among you. All Israel will hear of it and be afraid.

I was given that lecture at the ripe age of about 8 or 9 years of age.

This terror was not one single, briefly experienced traumatizing event, as with “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”. Through the chain of unfortunate, and tragic events, of which my life and Bobby Fischer's paralleled on, I was officially diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 1995. The trauma in this high-control cult was drawn out over many years. Fischer was reported to have stayed for 15 years, myself around 18 years. (Just a personal note: I have discussed this diagnosis with my psychotherapist in counseling and concurs that because C-PTSD is widely recognized, but not officially listed in the DSM, it is not used for billing purposes. PTSD encompasses both single-event traumas as well as those multiple and long-term traumas, which should classify under “C-PTSD” which properly encompasses cult trauma diagnosis.)

Complex PTSD
Dr. Judith Herman of Harvard University suggests that a new diagnosis, Complex PTSD, is needed to describe the symptoms of long-term trauma.
“Many traumatic events (e.g., car accidents, natural disasters, etc.) are of time-limited duration. However, in some cases people experience chronic trauma that continues or repeats for months or years at a time. The current PTSD diagnosis often does not fully capture the severe psychological harm that occurs with prolonged, repeated trauma. People who experience chronic trauma often report additional symptoms alongside formal PTSD symptoms, such as changes in their self-concept and the way they adapt to stressful events.”
Complex PTSD

When I read that in the news, I figured he was playing head games with police. A ‘forest full of bodies’ according to one report I was made aware of. He didn't kill 5 people. He killed three (according to the closed investigation). You can't trust media reports. I was still fully indoctrinated in far right ideology (just as Bobby was) but even I saw this wanton violence was wrong (and Bobby would have too)… many on the far right do have a moral compass and know right from wrong, but acting on what their own conscience tells them is the right thing to do, is a matter of personal prerogative. In spite of relapsing into nervous breakdown, and the police forbade contact between me and my husband, after returning to the U.S. in 1996, I wrote a letter to his prison address, on the faint hope the police might choose to allow my letter through. “If you have any love or respect for me, tell the truth so the investigators will shut the case and stop investigating. Stop claiming Odin made you do this, you know its not true and it makes the entire movement look bad. There are mothers with missing children. Do the right thing. Don't torment them. Level and tell the investigators what they want to know so they can close the case” (or something like that). A week or two later, I received news the case was closed and three victims were revealed. These victims have haunted me till this day. The grief I feel for the relatives of the victims.

This terror by phone, mail, cassettes… went on around the clock between July 1995-March 1996 (over six months) until they finally arrested him. A constant barrage of terror and death threats. I handed his psychotic letters and packages over to the SBI, FBI and Postal Inspectors. He did not give me a choice. People on the far right agreed I did the right thing. He was even making threats to kill some of their own people… instead he murdered and raped two unarmed, defenseless women and, shot an unarmed man in the back (unarmed and running from him), (his own former friend who went to police, after Thomas threatened him with a gas pistol, to my knowledge, unprovoked, and not any justifiable reason for it. Yet he blamed that man for all his troubles, and then took his life.) What I was regrettably forced to be part of, has haunted me since the time it happened.

People are so arrogant! I lived through it and they'll come up with 1001 “explanations”… God-forsaken IGNORANT explanations as to “why” I did what I did, and I'm telling the world right now, it was because of the way Armstrong terrorized the cult with “Biblical Prophecies on the Book of Revelations” with the Nazis as the “Beast” … yet, no matter how many times I say it, and reiterate… it will fall upon IGNORANT SKULLS… because they are IGNORANT about what the Armstrong cult taught… IGNORANT about Bolshevism ((—“blaming the ‘Jews’ for the Bolshevik Revolution” which I and Bobby first heard of through the Nazi movement, (NOT ARMSTRONG'S CULT)) and obsessively preoccupied and ruminated over that topic, till the day he went to his grave!) and IGNORANT about Nazism — Herbert W. Armstrong's terror of Extermination Camps which tempted me to begin researching the Nazis…

Antisemitism did not come from Armstrong, it came from the Nazis themselves — the “Antisemitism” came 100% courtesy of far right literature, and I'm sick and tired of people… who know absolutely nothing about my life or Bobby's religious/political life, and knowing even far less about Nazism, Bolshevism, or the Worldwide Church of God doctrines and they have the gall, the audacity to throw out soooo many “theories”… I KNOW HOW I GOT WHERE I DID, and yes, I'm daring to declare: Bobby did too, — OUTSIDERS and their damnable arrogance presuming they know more than a 44 year veteran of Armstrong! And Bobby was a 46 year veteran of Armstrong. He went to his grave suffering from Armstrong's mind-damaging, mind-altering indoctrination.

Bobby Fischer's parents, his mom, Regina, who had nursing and medical degrees, his father Paul Felix Nemenyi, a physicist and mathematician, as well as Bobby's stepfather, a German biophysicist named Gerhardt Fischer. The parents can not be blamed for Bobby's strange, distrustful disdain for science and modern medicine.

Herbert W. Armstrong was the first to introduce Bobby Fischer's mind to such a quaint “anti-science, anti-doctor, anti-modern medicine” philosophy. Bobby's Mom took Bobby to a Psychiatrist to get an “OK” on the obsessive preoccupation with chess, and the doc said all was good. On the other hand, Herbert Armstrong indoctrinated Bobby with all the forbidden medical care claptrap and Bobby refused medical treatment that could have kept him healthy and prolonged his life. Bobby Fischer was merely 64 when he died, (in an age when 78.8 years is the average life expectancy) Bobby Fischer died way too early. It is injust and I won't rest till Bobby is vindicated and the blame & guilt & shame transferred back on Herbert W. Armstrong's back, where it belongs.

“A rare moment of tenderness! Bobby relations with his mother have often been reported to have been stormy, and such reports were often as a teenager. On the contrary, Regina was dedicated to her son attaining his dream of becoming world champion.” (Source)

There was one female journalist that stands out in my mind. After she finished her interview, and I know during that interview, my mind was beginning to break. Reliving the nightmares, over and over and over again. Mentally, I was not able to do it. She actually took the time out of her schedule and came by my hotel room in Germany and hugged me. An expression of kindness. I do not recall any other person from media or police, not even family, and certainly not the Armstrong cult members who had any empathy or compassion. It was the coldest, loneliest time of my life. People behaved as if I “deserved this” evil fate.
I had suppressed many of the memories associated with Armstrong's cult and how it flowed over into the nazi movement, like a “Gateway into Nazism” for over a decade. I tried in 2004 or around that time to put my story on the web, but the cult members will attack you if you challenge the cult. I became intimidated and deleted my page from the web after a couple weeks or so. But 2017, when I cognizantly, fully recognized and connected the dots that “Bobby Fischer was in the far right and… Worldwide Church of God… 15 years?!” all the horror and unresolved grief returned. I've spent the past month in tears. Not a day has passed that I haven't broken down and wept. I didn't “deserve” what happened. Neither did Bobby Fischer. I did not understand, he did not understand or fully grasp what we were even doing. We were still following cults… like puppets.

The newspaper report below (typical) is sketchy, got some facts (such as dates) wrong and the reporter took liberties (putting words in my mouth) but the general concept is described.

What kind of Armstrongism literature Bobby Fischer was reading from 1962-1973…

An excerpt from “1975 in Prophecy (1956 Version)”.

Here's Armstrong's “Missing Piece of the Puzzle” His terror of “Nazi Invasion” which Bobby diligently researched, fearing, his life was in danger… as did I.

“…uprooted from their homes—transported like cattle as slaves to Europe … State police will arrest them and they will be TORTURED inhumanly until they either give in, or die in MARTYRDOM…”

…a challenge against the world chess champion. Not a threat to be taken ‘lying down’.

There were way too many monkeys in that circus…

Iʼve read the slander of Bobby Fischer across the web, but I intend to pluck Fischer from the Leftist attacks and set the story straight. (And the rightwing, sporting videos of him, as if that were the true “Bobby” —merely the human wreckage the cult left remaining of his former self, a hollow shell of who Bobby once was, a friendly, thoughtful, bright, World Chess Champion.) He is the only person I know by name and face who went through, exactly what I did when coming out of the Worldwide Church of God, and now he is gone. Starting with those who consider it merely “paranoia” to suggest that “Jews” might have a vendetta against them, obviously aren't familiar with organizations like the JDL:

Jewish Defense League | Southern Poverty Law Center
The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is a radical organization that preaches a violent form of anti-Arab, Jewish nationalism. Its late founder, Rabbi Meir Kahane, claimed that Jews face fierce anti-Semitism domestically and abroad and must protect themselves by any means neces…

There seems to be quite the rage among the population of unqualified netshrinks, to obtain a diagnosis for Bobby Fischer, in hope of establishing an explanation for his bizarre behavior. The most common, lame and erroneous diagnosis is “schizophrenia” such as this, from a Chess forum:

“…we cannot know whether Fischer hears voices (the main symptom of schizophrenia)…”

…reluctantly, inadvertantly admitting there was no actual evidence to support accusations of schizophrenia. Forcing the evidence to fit the conclusion is not how credible medical science works. Sorry.

Were the Soviets being “Paranoid Delusional”?

“Spassky became so distressed during the tournament that his seconds accused the Americans of using electronic devices and chemical substances to disorient the Russian national champion.”
Source: Fischer and Spassky ‘warm up’ before match, Aug. 6, 1992

Further Historical Corrections! (1/23/2017)

Another liar, calling its name nothing more than “Batgirl” and ended up quoted on actual Chess sites, as “history” although the date provided by this liar is 1966, and is ahistorical rubbish because it incidentally puts Bobby in the middle of his cult attendance (1962-1970's) and does not mesh with the rigid regulations & the strict compliance with good public behavior demanded of cult members, else face excommunication from Pasadena. The quote attributed to Bobby is absurd as it is stupid. Bobby and Lisa Lane were friends.

Judge a man by his actions…

If Bobby really believed women should be *excluded* from chess like Ralph Ginzburg LIED & projected on Bobby (yeah, Barry Goldwater sued that liar and WON!) — but if any of those libel claims were true… Then judging BY ACTION *WHY* was Bobby Fischer playing Chess with Lisa Lane?

Also, here's a photograph of Bobby participating with black chess players, although it is in a prison.
All the same it tells me Bobby did not have racist tendencies and was open to involving ALL races and genders in the sport of Chess.

“…In 1960 Bobby Fischer gave a simultaneous exhibition at Rikers Island prison. He defeated all 20 prisoners while 2,400 inmates watched the exhibition and the prison band played

You know the heart and mind of a man by his actions… and Bobby Fischer included all races and genders in the sport of chess.

Armstrong's cult gave new meaning to “walking the straight and narrow”.

One thing not issued in the permissible regulations and mind-control was bad-mouthing female chess players with vulgar obscenities.

“…And here I was in the sixties reading this stuff sincerely and believing it … if anybody tried to live by the letter of the law… it was me. I truly tried to be obedient…The pressure he puts on you! You can't do this, you can't do that, you can't tell your friends this, you can't see unconverted people, you can't eat this, you can't eat that, on the sabbath you have to rest, you have to listen to the radio program every day, you have to study the correspondence course… and then you're supposed to pray…”
- Bobby Fischer, 1977

Full thread on this ahistorical “1966” FAKE quote, where Bobby Fischer is accused of calling Lisa Lane a “Fish” and referring to other women as “Fish”

The author of the stupid fake quote, “Batgirl” is stupid, but not as foolish as those who quote it as “history”.

No credible record or testimony exist of Bobby Fischer ever having experienced auditory or visual hallucinations. Whilst discussing this matter with my psychotherapist she confirmed for a diagnosis to be assigned for either “Schizophrenia” or “Paranoid Delusion” — hallucinations are a requirement to accurately make such a diagnosis. Therefore, Bobby was not Schizophrenic. Paranoia is a typical symptom occuring with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which nobody here will deny Bobby developed in his later life. As well there's good cause to suspect Bobby Fischer was on the “Autism Spectrum” or “Asperger's Syndrome”. (Autism Spectrum or “Asperger Syndrome” is not a mental illness. It is a pervasive developmental disorder. Those born with it, are often very good with one thing, or limited, narrow range of interests whilst possessing underdeveloped social skills.)

“…When higher-functioning individuals with autism are stressed, they become highly anxious and at times may appear thought-disordered and paranoid…”

Bobby Fischer is widely suspected of being an Asperger because of his extraordinary skill with Chess, but socially, he was described as reclusive and socially inept and often demonstrated hypersensitivity issues with light, noise and other environmental stimuli.) Under circumstances involving high stress, “paranoia” can occur with PTSD… However, after discussing this issue with my psychotherapist (September 2017) she informed me that persons with Asperger's Syndrome do not manifest “paranoia”, even if this is a common error made by those who are unfamiliar with Autism spectrum. It is a direct result of ANXIETY. Another common misconception.

Incidentally, I and my children were all officially diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome during the latter half of the 2000's. On rare occasions, having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, under high stress or during repeat events that trigger memories of stressful events from the past, I am guilty of being a little so-called ”paranoid” myself. Guilty as charged. However, there's a saying that applies:

Just because you're paranoid does not mean they're not out to get you.
Rabbit Hole

Too Good To Pass Up!

Just a small follow up: If Bobby Fischer were making “anti-semitic statements” back in the 1960's the church would've found out and EXCOMMUNICATED Bobby Fischer flat out… no exceptions… out out out out out. Pro Israel is an understatement. Theologically speaking, Armstrong's cult worshipped Israel and the Jews.

The absence of Fischer's anti-semitic remarks are notable during the 1950's and only vague “reports” by a couple so-called witnesses in the 1960's… absent in early 1970's. After Fischer left the WWCG in the late 1970's and 1980's is when Fischer is known to spew vitriol toward Jews in public. I really would have to see evidence of these claims prior to the 1970's, or I won't believe it for myself. Hearsay, retrospectively dated 1980's doesn't qualify.

I've read of Fischer's alleged 1960's anti-semitic remarks. So, who or what is it referring to in the 1960's? I got to looking deeper for references. When they claim “public statements made by Fischer in the 1960's” but don't provide any actual quotes, it makes me suspicious. Not that it will really make a lot of difference, but I have my suspicions these are false allegations fabricated in retrospect.

Paranoia?? Said the Soviets? and communist sympathisers?

“…Bisguier said he began to distance himself from Fischer when he witnessed the early signs of paranoia. In 1961 he made his first public statements despising Jews…

And, what were those please? Where's the newspaper clippings or video, since they were “public” statements?

Bobby wasn't paranoid delusional, he accused “CHEATING!” because the Soviets were CHEATING!

*Hallucinations must be present to validate a diagnosis of Paranoid Delusion.

That machiavellian rabbit hole runs deep.

1979 : Herbert Armstrong's Cult Damage Running its Course

A Letter from Bobby Fischer to Pal Benko

“Below is a ten-page letter which Bobby Fischer wrote to Pal Benko on 26 February 1979, as transcribed by Mr David DeLucia (Darien, CT, USA), without any spelling or other changes to Fischer's text. The document is in Mr DeLucia's chess collection and was published on pages 164-165 of Bobby Fischer Uncensored (Darien, 2009), a book discussed in C.N. 6189. The letter is reproduced here with his kind permission.”

‘Dear Pal, how are you? Thanks for your letter several months back. Since then I've continued my studies of the Jewish World conspiracy. Just a month ago I read a book called Natures Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen … The book shows that Christianity itself is just a Jewish hoax and one more Jewish tool for their conquest of the world. It is completely out of harmony with the Eternal Laws of Nature. Well you should read the book – it explains everything – it's about 500 pages.
Unfortunately the author is an extreme racist and this somewhat spoils the book.

I also picked up a copy of Mein Kampf the other day. Hitler was not a great man.


According to Donner, Bobby should've had a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf all the way back in 1959 or earlier, but Bobby only picked up a copy of Mein Kampf in 1979?

Then after the Curacao Candidates Tournament in 1962, Fischer leveled charges against the Soviets of match-fixing (recently declassified documents show that he may have been right)


-->charges against the Soviets of match-fixing (recently declassified documents show that he may have been right<--


So then, they admit Fischer wasn't being “paranoid” after all…many still refer to that event as “evidence” for his “paranoia”.

There's one other “reference” provided for Fischer's so-called 1960's anti-Jewish rants. I question if these claims are even authentic.

“…Jan Hein Donner wrote that at the time of Bled 1961, “He idolized Hitler and read everything about him that he could lay his hands on. He also championed a brand of antisemitism that could only be thought up by a mind completely cut off from reality.” [112] Donner writes that he took Fischer to a war museum, which “left a great impression, since he is not an evil person, and afterwards he was more restrained in his remarks—to me, at least”.[112]
From the 1980s and thereafter, however, Fischer's comments about Jews were a major theme of his public and private remarks.”


I googled the character of this person “Donner”… Fischer seemed to hate Communists, and perhaps there was some deeper animosity going on, an effort to discredit and slander Fischer. Somebody commented on a chess forum:

“…korchnoi disliked donner because he thought he was not serious and also a communist sympathiser…”

“…Bisguier said he began to distance himself from Fischer when he witnessed the early signs of paranoia…” (Bisguer's lie found on
Oh! Paranoia, huh, that officials miscounted the score, and took away Bisguer's First Place… and gave it to that “Spoiled Brat Bobby”. *sucks thumb*

The News Journal (Wilmington, Delaware) August 17, 1957

U.S. Chess Title Won By Brooklyn Boy, 14

CLEVELAND, August 17 (AP)— When tournament directors last night declared defending champion Arthur B. Bisguer, 26, of New York the winner of the U.S. CHess Federation's Open Tournament, 14-year-old Bobby Fischer protested that there had been a mistake in the scoring.
Tournament officials spent an hour checking the complicated chess scoring system and then discovered they had awarded Bisguier too many points. They reversed their decision and declared Fischer the new open champion. He is the youngest player ever to win the tournament.
Fischer and Bisguer, who was dropped into second place, split the top prize of $1,500 under tournament rules.
Some 176 chess players from the United States, Canada and Mexico took part in the 12-day tournament.

The soviets and their consorts base a diagnosis of “paranoia” on this event:

“Then after the Curacao Candidates Tournament in 1962, Fischer leveled charges against the Soviets of match-fixing (recently declassified documents show that he may have been right)…”

Nice. Repeating for posterity:

--> charges against the Soviets of match-fixing (recently declassified documents show that he [Fischer] may have been right<--



And upon that event hinge the basis for a diagnosis of “paranoia”?! Declassified documents suggest THEY CHEATED?! Then it wasn't merely a “sickness” or “paranoia” as Fischer's enemies alleged, Ex post facto, almost a half century later.

The only two sources I could find which claim Fischer made “public anti-semitic statements” in the 1960ʼs were… they claim, made in private, not public… at least one, “Donner” was a suspected communist sympathiser according to a source from among chess circles…

“…korchnoi disliked donner because he thought he was not serious and also a communist sympathiser…”

which gives me cause to suspect the allegations as fabrications without any corroborating “evidence”. There were no “public statements” by Mr. Fischer in the 1960ʼs in newspaper or radio or television, or otherwise, which would substantiate these two personal hearsay accounts… one, a communist sympathizer and the other, a bitter Chess rival…

“Bisguer”. This rivalry discussed in a Chess Forum. Interesting reading!

tamar: I think Bobby strongly disliked Bisguier and that might have been part of the aggression toward the island critters. Bisguier beat him in 1956, and worse then wrote a preview of the next US Championship, Bobby's debut, where he gave him faint praise and picked him to finish about mid-pack Bobby of course won, but made it a point never to lose to Bisguier again.

Tessie Tura: I remember reading that passage, and I think itʼs a bit of hyperbole on the part of Bisguier, although Iʼm sure it was a disturbing thing to see. Fischer was certainly troubled at Curacao, and he was observed taking it out on the crabs as well as the unfortunate bugs. However, our society in general is not known for its tender treatment of shellfish and insects. (I myself consigned some unoffending spiders to a violent death as recently as last night, although I didn't invite them in.)
If there was testimony about Fischer as a child maltreating animals, or something of that kind, it would be different. Torturing small animals and pets as a youngster is considered a red flag indicating serious emotional disturbances and psychopaths often have such incidents in their backgrounds. Iʼve never heard or read any stories like that about Fischer, though.

Bobby Fischer is widely suspected to have been born with “Aspergerʼs Syndrome”. What is being described by “Tessie Tura” sounds exactly like a typical “Meltdown” in autistic adults. This rash behavior is described below:

Meltdowns in Adults with Aspergers & High-Functioning Autism
Can an adult with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism have a meltdown just like a child with the same disorder?

The answer is ‘yes’ — but the adultʼs meltdown-behavior looks a bit different than a childʼs. Under severe enough stress, any normally calm and collected individual may become “out-of-control” — even to the point of violence. But some individuals experience repeated meltdowns in which tension mounts until there is an explosive release.”

The adult version of a meltdown may include any of the following (just to name a few):

  • aggressive behavior in which the individual reacts grossly out of proportion to the circumstance
  • angry outbursts that involve throwing or breaking objects
  • banging your head
  • crying
  • domestic abuse
  • pacing back and forth
  • quitting your job
  • road rage
  • talking to yourself
  • threatening others
  • walking out on your spouse or partner
  • yelling and screaming

Source: Meltdowns in Adults with Aspergers & High-Functioning Autism

How Should I Evaluate an Adult for Possible Aspergerʼs Syndrome?
Mary E. Muscari, PhD, CPNP, APRN-BC,CFNS
Aspergerʼs syndrome (AS), one of the autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), can be very difficult to diagnose. People with this disorder can function fairly well in everyday life; however, they tend to be socially immature and may be perceived as odd or eccentric.
ASD, also known as pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), comprise 5 disorders characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills and social interactions, as well as restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped behaviors.[1] The spectrum ranges from the severe form of autism to the milder form, AS.

What people have reported PERCEIVING to be “bizarre, odd, irrational” social, emotional and immaturity issues are part of Aspergerʼs Syndrome symptoms. For instance, Bobby never held back from uttering _exactly_ what he thought was true, to the extent of being “brutally honest.” Even if he were wrong about his conclusions. Even if it offended people. That uninhibited nature is a typical characteristic of Aspergerʼs Syndrome. In a round about way, he had the Chess skills of a mature adult, but at times socially (emotional intelligence) operating on the level of a 12 year old.

When Iʼve been shown actual, credible documented evidence, i.e., Fischerʼs own words, in his own handwriting, circa 1960 to the contrary, then Iʼll reconsider my opinion of the “credibility” of “Bisguer” and “Donner” so-called, “witnessʼ testimony” of Fischer making “public anti-semitic statements” during the 1960ʼ them, in private.

Till then, it sounds like nothing more than vicious slander, 20 years _after the fact_, after Fischer had already began his infamous spiralling descent. A bit late, and suspicious that such slanderous stories should be produced in hindsight.

Grounds for Excommunication

Strange how nobody in the Worldwide Church of God™ had ever taken notice of this “anti-semitism” all those years. Seventh Day Adventists and Jews kept the same Saturday sabbath, and held in a higher regard than “satanʼs Protestant and Catholic churches” which worshipped on the “Day of sun worship”, or Sunday.

Why would Bobby Fischer attend a cult that praised and glorified Israel for FIFTEEN YEARS, if he were “anti-semitic” throughout the 1960ʼs and early 70ʼs? Armstrongism was devoutly pro-Israel. Part of the Armegeddon prophecies included the land of Israel in the Middle East, being surrounded by its enemies. We kept the sabbath of the Jews. Strange, for an “anti-semite” who feels Judaism has “no merit”.

Fischerʼs accusers have established one thing with certainty, that is, when they made up their bogus stories after the 1980ʼs or much later, they didn't know anything about Fischer's past religion in the 1960ʼs and early part of 1970ʼs!

From a former Worldwide Church of God™ member who finds these “reports” strange, just as I do.

Armstrongism Library

Byker Bob said…

By the time that I was a student at Ambassador College, Jews were held in such high regard that many of the students actually searched for possible Jewish ancestors in their own backgrounds. Those who found these roots bragged about them. Bobby Fischer came along right about that same time frame, and some of my friends at AC had interacted with him.

Since Bobby himself was part Jewish, antisemitic remarks would be of a self-loathing nature, so I always wondered about these reports. But my own theory or conclusion was that as he began to see and experience the true nature of Armstrongism, he may have cut the Jews in for some of the blame, since they were the primary source for much of Armstrongism. There are ex-members who have become very antisemitic and irrational, to the point of even posting pro-Hitler comments on blogs such as this one here.


Yet, the media outlets, the journalists, the Chess enthusiasts could never make any connection between anti-semitism and Armstrongism. How could it possibly happen?!

How did Fischer, ever manage to control his “anti-semitism” FIFTEEN years in the presence of sabbath keeping, Israel-loving cult members? Armstrong was staunchly pro-Israel, and I don't recall anything ever taught from Pasadena or locally that would qualify as malevolent in regard to the Jews. If Fischer had held such virulent views — his history has demonstrated his inability to control his lips in public, surely, he would've shared the anti-semitic views and his accused “worship of Hitler” with cult members, and promptly ex-communicated. Jews were held in a distinctly high regard as fellow sabbath keepers. Why would Fischer choose to attend a pseudo-Judaism cult if he hated Judaism as badly as his accusers claim? “Bisguer” and “Donner” retrospectively made their accusations up, out of thin air after the 1980ʼs… or decades later. Other than these two, “Bisguer” and “Donner”, no credible evidence exists to substantiate Fischer as a “rabid anti-semite” during the 1960ʼs and early 1970ʼs. In other words, they lied.

Fischerʼs descent into Nazi literature began sometime during the mid 1970ʼs, and it didnʼt take long to re-indoctrinate his credulous mind into wild right wing fanatical conspiracy theories, either. I know because somewhere between 1991 and 1993, I too was converted from the darkness of Armstrongism, to the darkness of Nazi rhetoric, enough that I was entertaining the notion of marrying a far right “comrade” and swallowing every crazy thing they published as “gospel truth”.

The Credulous and the Hard of Hearing

Addressing one of the “true believers” of Donnerʼs and Bisguerʼs lies.

“…the Armstrongs were not in fact neo-Nazis).
In any case, Fischerʼs admiration for Hitler predated his assocation with them. Fischer admired Hitler because, as he put it, he “enforced his will on the world” (which Fischer also dreamed of doing). Of course Hiter was defeated, so the argument doesn't make a lot of sense even on its own terms. But again, Fischer was no great thinker off the chessboard.”

#1 I googled for this supposed quote the misinformed “true gospel believer” claims Fischer stated… strange, but for a quote attributed to Bobby Fischer, that was suppose to be around since Pre-Armstrongism, Pre-1962, Google came up empty:

No results found for "enforced his will on the world" fischer quote.
Results for enforced his will on the world fischer quote (without quotes)

Armstrong was in fact harping on the Nazis, exalting them as though they were “supernatural”!

Armstrong elevated the Nazis as a “mighty sign and wonder,” practically godlike status, and the tithes rolled in!

I skimmed the following excerpt from a modern day devoted Armstrongite, for educational purposes (first note is, they got it wrong, Armstrong didn't refer to the cult as “Spiritual Jews”… rather, we viewed ourselves as descendants of “Ephraim” or “Manasseh”) but the depraved Hitler and Nazi obsession they got that right! :

He is going to “destroy wonderfully,” or mightily. Godʼs holy people—spiritual Jews—are his main target.
But what a glorious ending this black night has. “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand” (verse 25). He appears to want peace. But it is only a deceit to suddenly destroy his lovers. Jesus Christ is going to destroy this evil empire forever.
Itʼs time for men to awaken out of sleep and know for certain what is coming! That time is almost here.

Supernatural Power

Clearly, Hitlerʼs power was beyond the human realm. But was his message from the Creator God? No, it was a religious message from another god—the god of this world. Herbert W. Armstrong said Satan is a thousand times more powerful than we are. But men refuse to even grasp Satanʼs frightening power.
If they canʼt learn by words, they are about to learn by becoming victims—like the extermination camp victims of World War ii!

////// EXCERPT //////
http://www.spirituallysmart. com/nazi.html

“Hitlerʼs power was beyond the human realm.”

Imagine that. Just like Superman, the man of steel.

“…they are about to learn by becoming victims—
like the extermination camp victims of World War ii!.”

What a topic for learning all about God's “Love” and “Mercy” in Sabbath Service… as well as the perpetual “terror of Nazis” inflicted upon the flock.

Sounds just like the “Worldwide Church of God” from back in the 1970ʼs that I remember, and Bobby Fischer wouldʼve remembered too. Exalting and teaching great reverence for Nazis as “Super-human” with “Supernatural” powers.

If it waddles like “Hitler Worship” and quacks like “Hitler Worship” it probably is, “Hitler Worship.”

Yes, most certainly Herbert W. Armstrong was a Nazi fanatic. Herbert Armstrong was OBSESSED with Nazis. Armstrong couldnʼt stop talking about Nazis. Armstrong was mesmerized with Adolf Hitler!

But that only begins to scratch the surface.


HWA Used Mein Kampf as a Guide in Controlling People:

May 29, 2007

John Trechak (of Ambassador Report) called me often and once we talked about what they found in HWAʼs desk. It was a well read and marked copy of Mein Kampf and HWA used that as a guide in controlling the people in WWCG. A lot of that is documented in Herbert Armstrongʼs Tangled Web.

For instance, the Boston Sunday Globe, August 3, 1980, “Church beset with troubles,” states:

“Herbert Armstrong admired Adolf Hitlerʼs method of control, particularly of striking in the small hours of the morning, when menʼs resistance was lowest. For example, when Garner Ted Armstrong was fired, calls went out to ministers in the field late at night.”

I asked John Trechak about there being any Nazis in the WWCG because of the early writings of HWA about World War II and Hitler and also because of HWAʼs affiliation with Armand Hammer and Alger Hiss who signed him into the United Nations meeting in 1945. [Read this part in HWA's November 24, 1967 letter to Plain Truth subscribers where he boasts about how Alger Hiss signed his entry pass into that meeting.] John said that the only Nazis that were in WWCG were Herman Hoehʼs parents. He also told me they had been known to say, that since Hitler died, HWA and his WWCG was the closest thing to Communism that they could get.

Anyway, it was true that HWA was closely involved with both known Nazis and Communists. —H. N., Former WCG member

Read: 2006 letter to ESN: Herbert Armstrong and His Communist Friends and 2004 letter: HWA Studied Hitler's Book, Mein Kampf. More links can be found under: Questioning HWA's background.

Source: Letters From Those Impacted by WCG, HWA & Offshoots

Philadelphia Church of God: “…most of these ministers had a copy of Hitlerʼs book, Mein Kampf in plain view on their desks or in their bookcase.”

This not so shocking statement was on Exit and Support:
July 28, 2016
The recent letters concerning Gerald Flurry's new ruling about the no–contact with unbaptized children should be a serious warning to all families that have any idea of joining the PCG or any other offshoot of the WCG. During the many years my family and I were in the PCG we were invited on numerous occasions to dine with ministers at their homes. It was horrifying to note that most of these ministers had a copy of Hitler's book, Mein Kampf in plain view on their desks or in their bookcase. [Note from ESN: Read letter: HWA Used Mein Kampf as a Guide in Controlling People]
Flurry claims to be preaching the Gospel to the world which is full of unbaptized people. What gospel is he preaching? Has anyone ever heard Flurry, or any minister in the PCG, preach a sermon on the Gospel of Grace or the New Covenant?
Flurry, to the best of my knowledge, has never referred to Deuteronomy 4:13; 44-45; 5:22 & 31. The Old Covenant is completed, and Christ Himself introduced the New Covenant and the New Commandments. John 13:34; 14:15; 14:21 & 23; 15:12.& 17.
It is amazing how so many people who have left the PCG and other offshoots continue to keep Saturday as the Sabbath and all the holy days throughout the year.
Be warned, stay away from the PCG and all other offshoots preaching the gospel of Herbert Armstrong, and which continue to demand tithe after tithe, and all the holy day offerings. --Former PCG member

These PCG ministers are emulating Herbert Armstrong. He had a copy that was kept in the safe in the basement of his house along with books on Mormons, Adventists, JW's and other subjects. Since Gerald Flurry is incapable of ever having an original thought, he yet again has to imitate his idol.

Source: Philadelphia Church of God: “…most of these ministers had a copy of Hitler's book, Mein Kampf in plain view on their desks or in their bookcase.”


That level of crazy rubbed off on Bobby, who started researching them around the 1972-1975 date set by the Worldwide Church of God for the “End Time Prophecies” to fulfill. (See the timeline provided by New York Times below)

“…HWAʼs affiliations with the offshoots of Seventh-day were stormy and antagonistic. By 1937, HWAʼs credentials were revoked for an uncooperative attitude with the Church of God Seventh Day. Also significant to his termination was his persistence in implementing British-Israelism (Identity Movement) and other teachings consistent to Ku Klux Klan (KKK) pursuits.”
Source: Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong
(Revealing the history of Grace Communion International)

Some people wouldnʼt recognize Hitler worship if it was standing in a pulpit and preaching at them.

This is for anyone who is credulous enough to actually believe those two so-called “witnesses” that claim Bobby Fischer made 1960ʼs era “public anti-Semitic statements” which even they claim were MADE TO THEM IN PRIVATE — NOT PUBLIC as has been erroneously spread, which Bobby Fischerʼs two ENEMY RIVALS, Bisguer (a loathed rival) and Donner (a communist sympathiser)—Fischer loathed communists like the plague)) accused decades Ex post facto to sell some book or another. And people believe everything spoon fed to them “because itʼs printed in a book”? Then what fault did Bobby commit for believing everything the far right espoused, after all, it too was printed in books. Therefore, “itʼs gotta be the ‘gospel truth’”. Right?

Fischer joined the Worldwide Church of God in 1962. So just how far back into the decade of the 1960ʼs can you go, for all that “raging hellbent antisemitism,” and at the ripe old age of … 19? Barely a window of opportunity to squeeze it all in… if 1960, Bobby wouldʼve been only 17… when these two bitter rivals spent all this “alone time” with the young Fischer. Donner claims 1961, that put Bobby at merely 18 years of age. If Fischer had made such raving “public statements” (newspaper, tv, radio??) then Herbert Armstrong wouldʼve most certainly learned of it and never allowed Fischer into the Worldwide Church of God cult to begin with, since Armstrongʼs doctrines placed Jewish ancestry on a pedastal, using them for doctrinal purposes, and the state of Israel. He excommunicated his own son, Garner Ted Armstrong, and excommunicated people for far less offensive things that harmed nobody, i.e., marrying outside the church, working on the sabbath, eating pork, smoking cigarettes, all of it was forbidden. All of the cultʼs doctrines hinged on Israeli/Jewish identity.

Those “true believers” of Bisguerʼs and Donnerʼs “gospel” got it wrong. Fischer wasnʼt a “Hitler worshiper,” at all back in 1962. Fischer was a self-professed “Herbert Worshiper.” Perhaps Donner had a hearing problem.

Bobby join WWCG = 1962
Bobby born = March 9, 1943

19 years old.

LEN ZOLA: Was it in 1962 or around then that you said you first became involved with the Worldwide Church of God? Did you flip the radio to the Worldwide Church of God's radio broadcast by accident?

FISCHER: I had some personal problems, and I started listening to a lot of radio ministers. I listened every Sunday all day, flipping the dial up and back. So, I heard just about every guy on Sunday. And then I heard Mr. Armstrong, and I said, “Ah, God has finally shown me the one, I guess. This guy really has power. authority. He doesn't talk like the other guys. He really knows his stuff!”
When I started listening, it was to Herbert Armstrong mostly. Then Herbert and his son were alternating every day for awhile. One day it was Herbert, and one day it was Ted. Then it was Herbert just on Sundays. And eventually, Herbert was just phased out.
Well, I kind of split my life into two pieces. One was where my chess career lies. There, I kept my sanity, so to speak, and my logic. And the other was my religious life. I tried to apply what I learned in the church to my chess career too. But I still was studying chess. I wasn't just “trusting in God” to give me the moves.”


I think its foolish to think any of us, including any documentaries, even a University trained neuropsychiatrist could ever fully explain “why” Bobby Fischer did exactly what he did. He was complex. All of us are. Do I believe that Armstrongism had a tremendous impact on Bobbyʼs demise? Unapologetically, yes.

It could've been a lot of things that played the part.
Who knows how any one elseʼ mind operates, when most people canʼt even figure out their own mind without extensive professional help.

No person is motivated by “just one thing” as some have so diligently tried to convince everyone, and notice how it has to be one single explanation, naturally, an influence _outside_ the cult, always beyond Armstrongʼs responsibility. Those documentaries, movies, books which have persistently taken Bobby Fischer _OUT OF 15 YEARS of cult indoctrination_ or minimized the toxicity at best, blaming his indiscretions as 100% rooted in _this_ or _that_ or _the other_ patently “explaining away his behavior,” but it could never possibly be tied directly to the cult of _Armstrongism_.

and this…

“…Since his death countless articles, a number of books and in fact feature movies have appeared, all of which I have read or watched. They all draw from the clichés that have been out there for decades, at most with a few snippets of new information added. Many were painful for me to read, since I knew a lot of contradicting thoughts, actions and motivation from my conversations with Bobby. I promised him that I would keep those conversations private and have stuck to this undertaking, but it has been very frustrating for me to do so in light of the —>many false representations I have encountered in the media<—. I am very glad to see that Gardar Sverrisson has decided to break his silence and describe the Fischer he (and to some extent I) knew so well.

Gardar Sverrisonʼs book was written in Icelandic, but has already been (excellently) translated into English. He sent me the translation in PDF and I have read it with great pleasure. It accurately reflects everything I learned from the dozen or so telephone conversations with Bobby — and of course contains very much more, since Fischer lived in close proximity to the Sverrisson family in the final years of his life.”

The majority of “media reports” Iʼve came across, obviously, certainly do not know anything about the religion Fischer was in for 15 years, either.

Although the evidence is that many other ex-Armstrongites, ended up 100% where Bobby Fischer ended up. Was that sheer coincidence? Was Bobby Fischer merely an aberration? Those others who are out there, whoʼs stories remain untold… they simply donʼt exist according to the documentaries, journalists, chess circles who are ignorant about Armstrongism and its sick obsessive love-hate prophetic relationship for Nazi Germany. And why is that? Because those journalists are and were thoroughly _daft_ about what the Worldwide Cult of Armstrongʼs God™ really was, and what it did to the people who were trapped in Armstrongʼs web of lies. Nobody is denying every person has unique dynamics which could make two similar people choose two different outcomes, in identical circumstances. But many chose to go an IDENTICAL route as Fischer. And what are their stories? They are still out there, and are either ashamed of their mistakes, or today, hard-boiled rightwing fanatics. THAT is the topic.

I know how Armstrong affected me, and others, who ended up in the same place Fischer did. The cold war had an effect on me. The jewish idolatry in the cult had an effect on me. The fanatical obsession with Nazi invasion of Britain and the United States had an effect on EVERYONE in the cult. But to say that the alarms of the Red Menace, or Jewish Identity were the “only thing” harped on in Fischerʼs life is a falsehood and naive. The end result is the topic. Not every WWCG cult member ended up in the same place — some bounced back into other religions or, cults, others ended up in drugs or alcohol, some renounced a belief in God™, but some did find themselves landing in the far right and tangled up, all over again in a web of misinformation and half truths and though there may be some deviations between Fischerʼs life and their personal and individual experiences, you can rest assure they had much more in common, than not. Some journalists, due to ignorance about the doctrines and practices in Armstrongʼs high-control legalistic church have utterly failed to acknowledge Armstrong was the founder of a cult. Bobby Fischer ended up among far right extremists espousing misinformation printed by nazi radicals. He wasnʼt the only one who came out of the Worldwide Cult of Armstrongʼs God™ doing that. Their backgrounds are similar, their reasoning similar, their motivations, similar, the environment they were shaped by, similar. Armstrongism had a toxic and calamitous impact on the lives of many it touched, including Bobby's and its revolting that those sources have glazed over FIFTEEN YEARS in a high-control, indoctrination-intense mind-bender/breaker/reshaper cult… as “just a normal church with its ‘loving founder’ Herbert W. Armstrong”. Thatʼs a real problem for me.

I knew of others who searched out the Nazis—they were terrified of this “Supernatural Evil” and feared they would be caught in “The Great Tribulation” being counted unworthy and left behind to face the prophesied Nazis alone, that had targeted them for extermination based merely on religion. They got tired of living in the shadow phantom of Nazi invasion so they began searching them out and confront their fears. (Which in a sad way, was an act of courage). But they were not prepared to see through Nazi propaganda. Bobby fell victim to the second cult, and that's what the world witnessed. People have been utterly abhorred wondering how Fischer declined so abruptly, a downward spiral into mental destruction. Armstrong attracted Bobby Fischer to the study of nazi literature.

For further understanding of how cults and stress correlate, see this excerpt from Google Books:

Source: Movies and Mental Illness: Using Films to Understand Psychopathology
Danny Wedding, Ryan M. Niemiec
Hogrefe Publishing, May 1, 2014 - Psychology - 475 pages

Bobby Fischer was a devoted co-worker of this cult for 15 years and myself a reluctant for about 18 years. Unlike Bobby Fischer, I honestly hated going on those long drives every Saturday, to only set through a rigid 2 hours of sermons, and have to turn around and that long drive back home. I believed everything they taught but I despised going.

While I mingled among the far right prior to 1998, I don't remember ever hearing the name of Fischer spoken by any of them. I circulated among quite a few in America and Europe, but Fischer... nada. Then again, that was between 1991-1998. When the internet became available after the 2000's in our region of the U.S. I had access to a wild west of information. In late 2000's, on Youtube is the first time I stumbled across a video of Bobby Fischer's bizarre-ish complaints about Jews. With having been involved myself, but long since abandoning the far right, I fully understood what he was saying. I “got” where he was coming from, but didn't agree with the conclusions anymore, it is a distorted understanding of history and society based entirely on misinformation disseminated by the far right, some purposely mix misinformation with a “nugget of truth”. With religions and politics, you have the deceivers and the “true believers”. Bobby Fischer was indeed misguided in his understanding. But I will give him credit. Unlike the rest of the braindead sheep in the Worldwide Church of God™ who would've idly set by as Nazi hordes invade and trusted Armstrong to protect them, somewhere along the line, Bobby, myself and untold others searched these “nazis” out to read their literature, to learn about them instead of just taking it lying down. He was easily indoctrinated by Armstrong's cult, and just as easily brainwashed by the far right. Fischer was not “insane” from “schizophrenia” and its offensive that people have tried to minimize the causes of various mental illnesses, due to their own misguided misinformation. As one critic confided many years ago about the far right: They have a nugget of truth, but proceed to wrap it in layers of lies. Therein lies danger of deception.

Basil Wolverton “Scorching Heat” in Herbert W. Armstrong's 1955 Plain Truth, and The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last, 1959. (©1998 Monte Wolverton)

Bobby may have been deceived, credulous when confronting misinformation as he was back in the day he was indoctrinated by the cult, and, I am to suppose Bobby Fischer never was much on Skepticism, however, I concluded Bobby wasnʼt “insane” when I saw his angry rants back in the late 2000's, but after looking into the matter, convinced now, he was afflicted with “C-PTSD” or cult-inflicted “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”.
Somewhere, more recently on the web, or somewhere in the past while attending the cult, I came across mention of Fischer having attended the Worldwide Church of God™, but I was left with the impression it was merely a brief involvement so I paid it little mind. Some days ago, my curiosity was piqued when my brain began connecting the dots that myself=WWCG cult+nazis and Fischer=WWCG cult+nazis. I got a sneaky suspicion, the same thing that happened to me back between 1991-1998, likely happened to him too. I began my Google quest to learn “Just how long was Fischerʼs involvement in the cult?!” After doing some Googling, I learned it was no short stint. Fischer was a dedicated disciple of Armstrongism.

FIFTEEN years of high-control legalism of Armstrongism. Wow! That's long enough to liquify the gray matter in your brain till its squishy and no longer works well enough to critically think about much of anything!

The parallels between my life and Fischer's life were ironically stunning. And if there were myself and Fischer, then surely there are others, still out there whoʼs stories have yet to be told. I would like to acquaint them, and hear their stories… to know how Armstrongʼs depraved doctrines affected them too. I want them to know if they took this dark path, they are absolved of the shame, blame, guilt — all of it belongs on Herbert W. Armstrong! People abroad need to be aware that after Armstrongʼs death in 1986 the cult broke apart into splinter groups which are still teaching little children the same evil doctrines that lead myself and Bobby Fischer so far astray from the hope of any light, into darkness and chaos.

  • Autism Aspergerʼs Syndrome
  • Joining the Worldwide Church of God™ cult
  • Lead into the far right by Armstrong's doom prophecies, out of curiosity of the Nazis who were forecast to stick us into concentration camps to KILL YOU AND ME both!
  • Both myself and Fischer exhibited symptoms of PTSD or C-PTSD
  • Bobby went to his grave, obsessed with Bolsheviks and Zionism and such politics. Till this day, I'm still obsessed with Bolshevism, Communist Regimes, Nazi, Neoconservative ideology, history past and how it shaped the current political landscape. It is like Bobby was my “soul brother” and sadly I missed him. He's now gone and I have nobody to share that knowledge with, to reassure me I'm not a little “crazy” sometimes too. Who gives a damn what outsiders think and judge, right? I may be “crazy” but all that matters is we're on the correct side of history. Bobby wasn't “insane” for pursuing a topic that's (when you get on the right track) obscure, but no less historical truth. Factual details that are often so shrouded in obscure books and sources it's difficult, if not impossible to cull fact from fiction. Those people out there that claim Bobby was “impossible” to talk with… or insane… or any number of conclusions they arrived at… are just, “ignorant” about history. Bobby needed somebody who was on his intellectual level, and understood history, and as a genuine friend, really LISTEN to what he was saying, then research it together. Instead, he was surrounded by judgmental ignoramouses who wonder why he didn't trust them, or care about their uninformed opinions. Really, “they” had the “problem”. The truth can set you free, or drive you batsh*t insane! I could've easily spent hours conversing with Bobby and brought him books on the very topics he was interested in. I share many of his views.

I have been in psychiatric counseling since 1995, when the ex-husband, a neo-Nazi sent an explosive and began terrorizing to destroy what remained of “my life”. (Having PTSD does not qualify and is not the same thing as “legal definition of insanity”. Most people have some form of mental illness or another. Bobby was not “insane”.)

Symptoms of “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” are what people are mistaking for “schizophrenia”.

I had the Berlin Wall falling in 1989 (what seemed, misleadingly, a fulfilment of Armstrongʼs prophecy) which provoked my interest to confront Nazis and in 1972-1975 Bobby Fischer was in the middle of the non-fulfilment of Nazis arising as Armstrong prophesied, and no return of Jesus in 1975), which likely lead to his amped interests in Nazis, and soon a total skepticism of the cult, its founder, and religion itself.

  • 1986...Herbert W. Armstrong dies.
  • 1989...Berlin Wall falls which was “foretold by Armstrong” to mark the “End Times” approaching
  • 1990...changes getting passed down by the new Pastor General Joseph W. Tkach in Pasadena, some doubts begin to enter my mind about the new leadership which has taken over the reins of the cult.
  • 1991...First opportunities to investigate Nazis when PBS aired “Hate on Trial”, and failed to blur out address. The search began. Dropped out of the Worldwide Church of God because the changes to transfer the cult to “mainstream” doctrine are fast becoming too extreme for me to accept i.e., the cross may now be worn by members…. Now they're saying it is okay to practice the idolatries of false religions, which Armstrong had deemed “Satanʼs Churches” my entire life. 1991 when huge changes were being rolled out in Pasadena. My parents soon began attending a Baptist Church. My sister joined the Jehovah Witnesses. My two brothers had long since became full-blown Atheists. I began praying for God to bring somebody to my home to show me the truth about the Bible. I wait, two whole years I waited. Nobody of any divine origin appeared.
  • 1992...In communication with neo-nazis and other far rightists. Since “Truth” leadership in Pasadena headquarters had fallen with the Pastor General Tkach, whom I perceived as lying to the whole church…the Bible just sits there, unread. Armstrong taught me well, I could not understand a word in it, without him doing the thinking for me.
  • 1993...My atheist brother shows up, with a stack of Atheist books and challenges my “open mind” to read. My faith convinced me I had nothing to fear. I read till the sun rose. Mainly “The Bible Handbook”. I was in a state of utter shock and disbelieving disgust. The church had mislead me about the Bible as well. I was taught to believe in an “inerrant bible” without error or contradiction, a 6000 year old earth, and at all costs, rejecting science as a pack of lies, except those which can be used to support biblical verses, according to the doctrines of Armstrongism. I packed away my Bible and denounced it as a book of myths, and continued on with my “new truths” in the far right. Somewhere around this time I came across Institute for Historical Review literature and began to deny the Holocaust just like Bobby Fischer. I read recently, while studying about Fischerʼs descent into far right ideology, he was distributing publications of the IHR. Alas, I sincerely believed I was “seeing the light” and in communication with the man I would marry.
  • 1994...Went to Germany and married.
  • 1995...Left Germany and returned to United States. Refused to go back. Husband sent an explosive device, 24/7 death threats. Suffer complete nervous breakdown. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • I didnʼt fit in among them. I wasnʼt like them. (Nor was Bobby Fischer! Bobby Fischer was a good person, but he was misguided so people couldnʼt see it anymore.) We were searching for truth. Both of us.
  • 1996...still in counseling. Ex-husband arrested. Police finally closed in and revealed three victims. I began going through a phase of survivorʼs guilt and since I was married to him, even blaming myself.
  • 1997...still in counseling. Newspaper called for my opinion and it was this: “I hope the court shows him the mercy he showed his victims.”
  • 1998...Bruce Pierce gives his blessing to (paraphrased) “Leave. Take care of your children.” It was my ticket out. Move on with my life. But where do I go? What do I do? Who am I? Still feeling the effects of being robbed of my individuality by the cult, many years before.
  • 1999... briefly remarried. Conceived two children between 1997-1999. Ended marriage. Withdrew into a state of perpetual isolation which I still, pretty much do.
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • first access to internet for first time in my life, acquainting people on the Left, intellectuals, and diving into science, history and other theological related topics.
  • suspects my son may have Asperger's syndrome/Autism spectrum.
  • 2005...either 2004 or 2006 attempted to place a testimony about the Worldwide Church of God acting as a type of “Gateway into Nazism” and telling of the rigid, fanatical pseudo-religious dogma and child abuse, manipulation and control. I got ridiculed by former cult members it wasn't a cult. But today, even the reformed WCG, now “Grace Communion International” acknowledges it was regarded as a cult, and the splinter cults are still out there indoctrinating susceptible minds. Former cult members will attempt to intimidate anyone who criticizes them, so rather than become brunt of ridicule, I removed my testimony. Bobby died in 2008, so their intimidation cost me the only opportunity I may have had, by some long-shot, he might would've somehow connected that we both shared the same cult-related dynamics in common. If that had happened, I could've put a lot of pieces of the puzzle of my life together long ago. I thought I was alone.
  • 2006...around this general time, a friend connects with Michael Shermer, and Shermer explains the discrepancy with the “six million” holocaust figure to me. It was closer to four million.
  • 2007...doing more study of Communists and Nazis and World War II.
  • 2008...around this general time frame, I observe Bobby Fischer on Youtube espousing extreme far right rhetoric. I was surprised, and… disappointed the World Champion Chess master had fallen so far down… where I was years before. But still not connecting the dots, or still unaware he had been in the WWCG cult. I understand why people hate Bobby Fischer for his raging comments, but when a cult has eviscerated your reasoning faculties, it is truly a case of “‘judge not’ until youʼve been through it yourself!” When I listened to Fischerʼs angry rants I “got” where he was coming from. He seemed to be visibly upset… highly stressed and agitated. I didnʼt perceive him to be “schizophrenic”. On the contrary, everything he said was well within the range of “normal”… as far as the far right goes…
  • 2009...son is given diagnostic testing by specialist. Verified Aspergerʼs syndrome.
  • 2010...daughters given referrals and tested. Ditto.
  • 2011
  • 2012...diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (People are BORN with Autism Spectrum/Asperger Syndrome, or they donʼt have it. It is not a “mental illness,” on the contrary it is classified as a “pervasive developmental disorder”; some very intelligent people have had Asperger Syndrome, some as suspected; Bill Gates, Gary Numan, Temple Grandin, Bobby Fischer, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and the list goes on of incredibly gifted individuals).
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015...diagnosed as probable Attention Deficit Disorder (while working, I often canʼt focus, my thoughts drift back to things from my traumatic past)...confirmed with PTSD/Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • 2016
  • 2017...discovered Bobby Fischer was in the WWCG for a whopping 15 years AND far right... a real facepalm moment. I began studying what diagnosis specifically applies to persons who have came out of cults. Google gave me, “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

Bobby Fischer: The Poster Child of Asperger's Syndrome

Bobby Fischer was born with Asperger's Syndrome, a pervasive developmental disorder and later became afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to real (not “imagined”) and severely traumatizing events inflicted upon him by a cult leader (1962-1974), followed by police who arrested him on false charges and subjected him to an abusive imprisonment in 1982. Later he was retraumatized by backlash, twice from the U.S. Government.

(Indian Times) “Soviet players didn't want to cheat, they were ordered to”
Why did Fischer's outspokenness stand out?
“…the thing about Fischer is…He didn't mince words. The others had learnt, you know, if we can't prove it, we shouldn't allege it. They had a sort of upper class correctness, and politically correct ways. It was like we cannot accuse the Russians unless we have definitive proof. Fischer was much more innocent in that way, in the sense that if he saw something he would say it. He accused the Russians and there was a lot of fuss kicked up by all that. But Fischer just said it like he saw it and that was it. And it turned out to be true!
The thing about the movie is that though Fischer did slip into *paranoia, a lot of his fears were justified. So he was not insane. He looked around him and he lived in a world where people didn't say the obvious because they felt they had to be very polite. It's like you may know everybody is corrupt but you may not say it without proof and these questions arise in other parts of society as well. Bobby was just very straightforward. He just said what he thought.
I think all chess players, even the Russians liked him a lot. This is what Spassky also said many times that Bobby never realised how many fans he had in Russia. They simply liked him and they were flattered that an American was playing their sport and they knew some of the things he said might be true.”
Source: Indian Express, “Soviet players didn't want to cheat, they were ordered to”

* High anxiety associated with Asperger's Syndrome is often mistaken for paranoia.

Bobby Fischer and the “Brutal Honesty” of Asperger's Syndrome

(Livescience) “On the opposite end of the spectrum are those rare individuals who might be described as “pathological truth-tellers.” These people forego socially convenient and appropriate fibs to speak the unvarnished, upsetting truth.
Intriguingly, this “lying handicap” is a common feature of the developmental disorder high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome.
“People with Asperger's have a tendency to be very blunt and direct — they can be honest to a fault,” said Tony Attwood, professor of psychology at Minds & Hearts, an Asperger's and autism clinic in Brisbane, Australia…”

Life's Extremes: Pathological Liar vs. Straight Shooter

“The complete guide to Asperger's Syndrome”
by Professor A. Attwood, ©Jessica Kingsley Publishers

22 years in psychotherapy for my trainwreck of a life. But no schizophrenia.

Autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia and diagnostic confusion
“…Although it is reasonable to believe that a number of these people may indeed have schizotypal disorder (i.e., a disorder nosologically related to schizophrenia), some probably have an autism spectrum disorder without comorbidity and may have therefore been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia.”

Here's a more accurate explanation:

“…When higher-functioning individuals with autism are stressed, they become highly anxious and at times may appear thought-disordered and paranoid…”

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and those who leave cults
C-PTSD is slightly different than PTSD. PTSD requires one traumatic incident that can leave a mark on the psyche. C-PTD results for repeated incidents as in prisoners of war, victims of child abuse and spousal, hostage situation, combat soldiers and those who lived in cults.
Not all people will experience C-PTSD. Some will experience it for a while and then it fades away. Others may suffer for years. And many will have the symptoms but never connect it to having lived in a high-control group/cult. So it might be helpful to take a look at it.
Most people who have lived in a cult or high control group such as the JWs will experience many of the symptoms of C-PTSD.
Trauma and Recovery by Judith Lewis Herman Some researchers and therapists have made a distinction between simple PTSD (derived from a one-time or situational trauma) and severe PTSD (derived from “prolonged, repeated trauma” as experienced by survivors of childhood abuse. Herman has defined the expanded concept of PTSD.
  1. A history of subjection to totalitarian control over a prolonged period (months to years). Examples include hostages, prisoners of war, concentration camp survivors, and survivors of some religious cults. Examples also include those subjected to totalitarian systems in sexual and domestic life, including survivors of domestic battering, childhood physical abuse, and other organized sexual exploitation.
  2. Alterations in affect regulation, including
    1. persistent dysphoria (inappropriate expression of feelings)
    2. chronic suicidal preoccupation
    3. self-injury
    4. explosive or extremely inhibited anger (may alternate)
    5. compulsive or extremely inhibited sexuality (may alternate)
  3. Alterations in consciousness, including transient dissociative episodes, depersonalization, and derealization, reliving experiences, either in the form of intrusive post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms or in the form of ruminative preoccupation (going over it again and again)
  4. Alterations in self-perception, including sense of helplessness or paralysis of initiative, shame, guilt, and self-blame, sense of defilement or stigma, sense of complete difference from others (may include sense of specialness, utter aloneness, belief no other person can understand, or nonhuman entity).
  5. Alterations in perception of perpetrator, including preoccupation with relationship with perpetrator (includes preoccupation with revenge)
  6. Alterations in relations with others, including isolation and withdrawal, disruption in intimate relationships, repeated search for rescuer (may alternate with isolation and withdrawal), persistent distrust, repeated failures or self-protection
  7. Alterations in systems of meaning; loss of sustaining faith, sense of hopelessness and despair

Source: Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and those who leave cults

I did the same things Fischer did — mentally broken by near two decades of legalistic cult indoctrination which controlled every aspect of our lives, stripping us of our individuality, and trajectories toward the far right to discover some “mystery” of Armstrong, but I do not suffer from “Schizophrenia”. It was Armstrong's false prophecies and lies which piqued my interest in the far right. I have to presume, rather safely, that it was Fischerʼs motivation as well.

Basil Wolverton “Fire from Heaven” in Herbert W. Armstrong's February/March, 1955 Plain Truth.
(©1998 Monte Wolverton)

Bobby Fischer was not alone nor an aberration!

There were others. I acquainted one far right group leader here in the United States told me back in the early 1990ʼs he was familiar with the Worldwide Church of God™, he went on to say, paraphrased, “there's a young man who was involved with our group. He was involved with that church. Good kid.” My own brother was so terrified he taught himself to read and write German during the 1970ʼs. When the Nazis came, he wanted to be able to communicate with his captors. Perhaps out of desperation, a hope he might be able to survive the “great tribulation”. There were others. My brother mentioned a fellow in Atlanta, Georgia who excitedly shared that he had “attended a nazi meeting...” How many others are still out there who ended up on that dark path due to fearmongering and terror phantoms cooked up in Pasadena, California headquarters? It was a very effective marketing campaign to solicit tithes and donations. As Fischer called it “Buying God™”.

Longview News Journal, August 24, 1980.
Originals (1) and (2)

Had it not been for Armstrong's fearmongering of Nazis rising once again to make war on the United States and Britain, I would've never had any interest in the subject. Today, I feel nothing but disdain for both the Leftwing and Rightwing. Nobody need accuse me of bias. I hate them equally.

Typical Armstrongism Cult Rhetoric

“…My first knowledge of the new Ambassador Report was as a result of an announcement at Sabbath services. Richard Frankel announced, ʼ“Brethren, Satan is again trying to destroy God™ʼs Church through the Ambassador Report, a vicious publication put out by former members of the Church. It contains nothing but vicious attacks on God™ʼs Work. Many people are receiving this poison unsolicited in their mailbox. Donʼt even look at it. To do so will poison your mind. If you receive a copy, turn it in to one of the elders immediately without even looking at it.

“…This report was well researched and comprehensive. Again there was a review of some of the doctrinal aberrations, such as the failure of the Church to have to flee for safety in 1972; the Churchʼs position of total reliance on God™ without medical help for healing; and the teaching against the use of make-up. It appears that Armstrong, like the Pharisees of old, spend more time and effort fabricating self-righteous doctrines to keep people in his control, than he did on just preaching the truth about the Scriptures.”

“…Chess Champion Bobby Fisher had quite a lot to say about the Armstrongʼs. In an interview with the Ambassador Report editor, Fischer said,

(Bobby Fischer speaks to his deteriorating mental state):

“I was trying to buy God™.” From 1967 through 1974 he gave a total of $94,315 to the Worldwide Church of God™. In 1972, the year he won his championship defeating Soviet champion Boris Spassky, he donated $61,200 to the Church. He said, “This idea of Herbertʼs that you canʼt trust your own thoughts – thatʼs the key doctrine that I think has to be blasted out. I would say that if thereʼs one thing that is the whole essence of Armstrongism, that is it. Thatʼs how he screws up your mind, thatʼs how he hangs on to people.”
Excerpt from Armstrongism Library: The Truth Shall Make You Free

Interesting side bit from a site on Schizophrenia:

The Ambassador Report interview with Fischer was printed in 1977 according to the source.

First, a timeline note from Banned by HWA

…In September, or perhaps early October, 1977, the Ambassador Report bombshell hit, it was a ninety –two-page magazine, slick, professionally produced. A new name was listed among the publishers, that of Robert Gerringer, a former Ambassador student and form employee of the Church. The front cover carried a photograph of Bobby Fischer and the legend “Bobby Fischer Speaks Out! – Exclusive Interview-his 15 Years in Armstrongism.”


Some math will assist in ascertaining Fischer's age.

 34 years of age.

Schizophrenia symptoms, possible early warning…
“…schizophrenia onset is typically between the ages of 15 and 25…”

Nobody had witnessed signs and symptoms of schizophrenia before age 34? Then its highly unlikely he was schizophrenic.

Here's a clue:

Just perhaps… the Cult was just that bad. That depraved with demented fearmongering doctrines that inflicted mental wounds and left scars so deep, that Fischer, myself, and many untold numbers of others would never fully recover.

“You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!”

On the contrary, Bobby Fischer was in fact making a “cry for help”, but perhaps it wasn't heard because the world expected too much from Fischer. He was the champion, the genius, inpervious. The one thing the world didn't want to see was weakness. When they did finally see he was showing signs of deteriorating, they hold him in contempt for being vulnerable as anyone else who found themselves a target of cult indoctrination. For those who are so quick to judge and criticize, try walking 10 years in Fischer's shoes, or mine. See how fine their “mental stability” is when the doctrines of terror have ran their course.

One thing that mental health professionals have diligently tried to clarify about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress (C-PTSD), is that it is not a “character flaw”.

*Fisher mentions Rader, referring to Stanley Rader, who was investigated by the state of California and receivership placed on the church's finances. LA Times reports: “…Jan 12, 1985 - Herbert W. Armstrong, 92, the church founder… Growth of the Worldwide Church of God slowed during the late 1970s and early 1980s, amid sweeping defections, personnel shake—ups and continued allegations of misconduct after the accusations of several former members in early 1979 that Herbert Armstrong, then-Treasurer Stanley Rader and other leaders had siphoned off millions in church funds for personal use…”

From a book available on Google books, “Success By Quotes” By Joachim K. Stiller quoting Bobby Fischer:

“…I had some personal problems, and I started listening to a lot of radio ministers. I listened every Sunday all day, flipping the dial up and back. So I heard just about every guy on Sunday. And then I heard Mr. Armstrong, and I said, “Ah, God™ has finally shown me the one, I guess.
Well I kind of split my life into two pieces. One was where my chess career lies. There, I kept my sanity, so to speak, and my logic. And the other was my religious life. I tried to apply what I learned in the church to my chess career too. But I still was studying chess. I wasn't just 'trusting in God™ to give me the moves.
I know the Bible says, “Vengeance is God™'s” I'm not trying to “get” those guys. And I'm not interested in getting my money back. I'm trying to protect others. I just want to make sure that nobody gets ripped off mentally. (On the Worldwide Church of God™).

“…You know, I didn't improve my living standard one bit either. It wasn't like I just didn't help my mom. I didn't do anything for myself either. You know I don't even have a car. About the only luxury I got was quite a few $400 suits. I got ten maybe. But still what I'm saying is that that is still not a lot of money spent on me considering all the money I made. It wasn't like I was living high on the hog and neglecting my mom, but she's living real poor in a crummy apartment in England. She doesn't even have a bathroom. I just saw her a few months ago. I have to help my mom now. She's an old woman. She could soon be gone and here I was giving money so that Rader and these guys can have their parties in Beverly Hills. This whole thing is so sick.

“…They cleaned my pockets out frankly. I have some money left, but not that much. I've got some assets. It's amazing they didn't get everything.

(They did take everything from Bobby. Everything important, like peace of mind and sanity, and the world just wasnʼt aware of that yet.)


“…I can remember times coming home from a chess club at four in the morning when I was half asleep and half dead and forcing myself to pray an hour and study (the Bible) an hour. You know, I was half out of my head-stoned almost.

“…Church members shouldn't let themselves be confused. They begin not trusting in their own judgment, and then they're finished. That's a terrible, terrible thing. First, they get conducted in with a nice sweet program, no money, everything free, free, free. And then they get sucked in, and suddenly a few lies gets mixed in. They are told that their human nature is wicked and these nice people who gave them all these things wouldn't be lying to them, would they? And then I think once you start distrusting your own mind you're finished. From there you just get more and more confused. Once you think that your own mind is not your friend any more-your own conscience and your own mind is not your friend-then I think your are on your way to insanity. You have been stripped bare. All your defenses are gone.”
-Bobby Fischer Quotes, Success By Quotes by Joachim K. Stiller

When people speak in that manner, bitterly empassioned, are in fact, speaking to the truth of what is occuring inside their own mind. Fischer was making a cry for help. But Fischer, the Impervious, the World “Champ”? Impossible. Nobody wanted to see that Fischer had weaknesses, just like everyone else. He didn't suddenly decline in his late years, he was well on his way the first day he heard Armstrong on the “Radio Church of God™”.

Thanks Prasanna! Yes, it was high time that somebody started telling the truth about Bobby Fischer. Maybe that some people like yourself are standing up against the cowardly bullying by the media with its biased slander, others who knew Bobby will start sharing the true story about his life. Bobby deserves so much more than base slander by those the media claims were, misleadingly, his so-called “friends”.
With treacherous “friends” like those (cashing in on utter hype) who needs enemies?

Kasparov might need a few weeks to figure out his logical fallacy. If Stipe is not an exceptional chess player, then he is not a great fighter?
… and Bobby is STILL #1.
All the flack Bobby has caught for various statements? Bobby had an excuse (Autism, Cult Victim, PTSD, Police Brutality, the Neocons Bush Sr and Jr trying to prevent Bobby from competing professionally abusing executive power of U.S. Government in 1992 & 2004) so what's Neocon Garry Kasparov's excuse for making derogatory bigoted statements?

Contrast Kasparov with … a winner, Viswanathan Anand.

Contrast Kasparov with … a winner, Bobby Fischer.

“…As we said, his was not an uncommon opinion at that time, however much it might draw attention that someone expressed it so openly in the media. Nor would it make much sense to search as some did in their difficult relationship with their mother to explain a macho point of view that was not uncommon in 1963. Many years later, quite a few years after his retirement, Fischer would have time to prove that there could be women with a marvelous level of chess, such as when he met Judit Polgar: it was precisely the Hungarian - best female chess player in history, who has come to compete in the men's competition to occupy the 8th place in the rankings - which broke Fischer's record. To obtain the title of Great Teacher also to the fifteen years, but with few months less.”
Translated from a Spanish Chess History, Bobby Fischer (III): L’enfant terrible by E. J. Rodríguez

About a month or two after meme'ing Garry Kasparov's Twitter account challenging Kasparov to a “match” with Stipe Miococ, Kasparov came out with a new view… coincidence, or not, it's a step in the right direction!


I donʼt usually like discussing this because people have clear visceral reactions if you are not careful how you say things, things not taught in school and not discussed on national news, but it lead to the slaughter of around 100 Million people throughout the 20th Century. Communism. The virulent strain which Bobby Fischer loathed. It began as “Bolshevism,” which were not the mainstream Socialists that brought about social reform for the betterment of the poor and common worker.
Bolsheviks were a special kind of nasty. After the Tsar was overthrown by the Socialist Revolution in Russia or “Russian Revolution” a Provisional government was put into place. You can Google “Alexander Kerensky”. Kerensky was featured in the Ronald Reagan hosted/narrated documentary in the 1960's called, “The Truth About Communism”. Kerensky was about 80 years old at the time of that documentary.

The Truth About Communism — Narrated by Ronald Reagan
(The very opening of the documentary features Alexander Kerensky making a brief speech).

The Russian Revolution put this “Provisional Government” into place. Kerensky was in charge of the provisional government. The people of Russia had high hopes for a bright future and free society, a democracy, now that the Tsar (Imperial regime) was removed from power.
The Bolsheviks were composed of common criminals, degenerates, murderers, rabble. They funded much of their revolutionary activity through crimes, i.e., Stalin a righthand man to Lenin, robbed banks and other crime. Leon Trotsky was also a righthand man to Lenin. Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin were all three, butchers.
The “Provisional Government” was in place with Kerensky, and through some crafty maneuvering, Lenin and the Bolsheviks (that was the name of their specific renegade outlaw Socialist party) waltzed into the government headquarters in a coup, armed, ready and willing to kill anyone who opposed them, and the Provisional government officials fled. The Bolsheviks seized control of the government over Russia. The rest is history. Lenin set up the “Comintern” or Communist, Third International in 1919 in Moscow, to spread Communist revolution worldwide.
Lenin was NOT Jewish. However, generations since, certain persons such as “Henry Ford” “Adolf Hitler” and about every right wing fanatic worldwide, blamed the Bolshevik Revolution on the Jews. They cherrypicked people of Jewish origin from out of their ranks, the Soviet government — they picked and chose “Jews” — ignoring those they knew were not of Jewish descent. (Make the evidence fit the conclusion, instead of accepting the evidence for what it is.) The “Bolshevik Revolution” was not a “Jewish revolution”. (What they failed to mention is that none of them were actually “jews” so much as they were ATHEISTS. Karl Marx agitated for people to renounce all belief in the afterlife, and God, and religion. They burned down churches, they made outright war on people of faith. Communist-Socialism (the Marxist-Leninist variety) is revolution on “Imperialism,” — class warfare, civic and religious institutions.

That is where Bobby Fischer comes in at. He loathed Communists, but according to far right fanatics and their deceptive publications “Jews” are to blame for what was actually an ATHEIST plot. Even to this day, Communist regimes around the world forbid their members/party officials to practice religion freely. The Communist Chinese government was recently in the press for cracking down on party members who were practicing religion.
Atheism is mandatory. A total renunciation of all religion, including Judaism.
That is why it is absurd to call it a “Jewish” conspiracy.

Bobby Fischer did not understand that. Rightwing slanderers, everywhere, conflate “Zionism” with Communism, specifically the Marxist-Leninist Bolshevik conspiracy. Bobby Fischer read far right extremist literature that blames the Jews for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in the world, distorts history to pawn a racist anti-religion; anti-Jewish (“Jewish” is not a “race” it is a RELIGION), anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, etc rendition of history, instead of historical facts. (Just ask some Rabbis and Jews who are practicing Orthodox Jews who are Anti-Zionist what the origins of “Zionism” come from (“Jewish Nationalism,” Religion as “Race”? They'll tell you, “ATHEISTS” started it! Materialism… Nationalism which has nothing to do with Judaism as spiritual faith.)

The outside world could not have seen that Bobby would have been reading about great acts of human injustice and atrocities and have a normal reaction to those tragedies, that were carefully and craftily spin doctored to “blame the jews jews jews”. I understand Bobbyʼs heart was in the right place, but his brainʼs reasoning faculties were somewhere else entirely, “out there”. For that, I blame Armstrongʼs mind-altering cult.

I donʼt like to discuss this topic. Most people have never heard of it, are not familiar with Russian history, and frightened when they first hear of it. Bobby Fischer was not “crazy” or “imagining” what he was saying, he simply didnʼt have all his facts correct. He was discussing something most people have never even heard of, and the versions he got about the Bolshevik terror were filtered through anti-jewish/anti-semitic publications which are unreliable sources of information.
I recommend this mainstream documentary from A&E(?). I watched it years ago. It is very well done and informative.

The Russian Revolution in Colour

My heart is grieved for Bobby Fischer. If Armstrong had not exposed Bobby Fischer's impressionable mind to all that “Nazi Nazi Nazi” garbage (it was Armstrong who was fanatically obsessed with Hitlerism and that crazy rubbed off on Bobby and others). Bobby searched them out and studied. He got his information from radicals. Misinformation from rightwing is skewed and distorted.
I understand where Bobby Fischer was coming from though. To the outside world it sounded like “insane, imagined, paranoid,” but it was not insane nor “imagined”. Bobby was having a normal reaction to what he perceived as injust. The rightwing lied to him (as they are lying to untold numbers of people —anyone who will listen to their anti-jewish spiel.) I'm sure Bobby read about events like the “Katyn Massacre” (Archives prove Stalin DID order Katyn Massacre) and events similar to it. Rightwing extremist literature which Bobby Fischer had been duped into trusting because they depend on ignorance, credulity (naivety, eagerness to believe), and “unknown history” seldom discussed, takes historical events, and repaint it with a layer of lies here or there, dressing it up as a “Jewish” conspiracy. In actuality, such as the Katyn Massacre, there were Jews executed by the NKVD and buried in the mass grave along with Polish infantry, clerygy men, and others “intellectuals” which the Soviet regime wanted to get rid of. The rightwing extremists would like to “blame the Jews” for this atrocity as well. Discussed:

The Katyn Controversy: Stalin's Killing Field
“…Those who died at Katyn included an admiral, two generals, 24 colonels, 79 lieutenant colonels, 258 majors, 654 captains, 17 naval captains, 3,420 NCOs, seven chaplains, three landowners, a prince, 43 officials, 85 privates, and 131 refugees. Also among the dead were 20 university professors; 300 physicians; several hundred lawyers, engineers, and teachers; and more than 100 writers and journalists as well as about 200 pilots. It was their social status that landed them in front of NKVD execution squads. Most of the victims were reservists who had been mobilized when Germany invaded. In all, the NKVD eliminated almost half the Polish officer corps--part of Stalin's long-range effort to prevent the resurgence of an independent Poland.
Recent historical research shows that 700-900 of the victims were Polish Jews. Ironically, the Germans knew this, and it complicated Goebbelsʼ effort to portray the atrocity as a “Jewish-Bolshevik conspiracy”—a mainstay of the Nazi regime's anti-Semitic propaganda.…

Even still, this “Bolshevik Revolution” is not an indictment on “all atheists”, as many Atheists opposed Communism. As Karl Marx said:

“Communism begins from the outset (Owen) with atheism; but atheism is at first far from being communism; indeed, that atheism is still mostly an abstraction.”

See “Why killing is essential to Communism.” and how Hitler adapted his politics from Communism.

Images of machine guns and Nazi goosestepping and millions of human corpses in the vast wasteland is disturbing, isn't it? “I checked out, and yet I couldnʼt leave” either. Iʼm still knee-deep in it. Every day of my life I canʼt get the cult out of my brain. The horror of some “great dark goosestepping evil” coming to “get YOU!” was seered into my psyche and imagination that has some times haunted even my dreams while I slept. My bookshelves are packed full of books on Nazi Germany and USSR/Bolshevism and topics that Armstrong piqued interest in, to prove whether or not what he said was true. But my personal social calendar is empty.

The sheer fanatical legalism of the cult still affects me, I still almost always avoid wearing makeup, I still feel deep and gnawing writhing guilt when I indulge in guilty pleasures which were forbidden in the Armstrong cult, whenever I do any kind of work on the sabbath, there's guilt associated with it, I missed so much socialization as a teenager. I have nothing that fondly remembered to look back on to know where I should be going with my life or even the same experiences normal others, would've experienced to know what it is I want to do with my life. Days slip by. My memories return to that huge lie of Armstrong that consumed my youth, and ultimately my innocense and ability to ever fully trust persons in position of leadership.
People highly underestimate how cults can screw up the minds of “good, faithful people”. Sometimes they get lead down dark paths in pursuit of truth and escape from the darkness and they end up in an even worse place. Sometimes they lose touch with the whole purpose of spirituality, and no longer know who's lying or telling the truth anymore. Your perception becomes distorted, and you become lost. People on the outside can't reach you, because of their lack of understanding, unless they went through it themselves. All that outsiders do with their scorning ridicule is make things worse.

The long and short of it is, you donʼt need “schizophrenia” to account for Bobbyʼs behavior in his later years. A combination “Asperger's Syndrome” and “Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” account for all his questionable and inappropriate behavior.

How I know this is because on November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. My blood ran cold. As a reluctant yet affirmed believer in Armstrongʼss gloom and doom prophecies, I feared doomsday was nigh. Armstrong had always warned that when the Berlin Wall would fall, the “End Times” would be near. The first opportunity made available to me to locate these “enemies” who would capture and murder with wanton indiscretion and malice on grounds of “religious belief”. I was compelled to confront my prophesied killers. I had lived in their phantom terror for nearly 20 years at the lips of Herbert Armstrong. No more. 1991 gave the first opportunity, with a PBS episode, “Hate on Trial”. The address to a Nazi organization was mistakenly revealed and I contacted them through a post office box. They were not much help however, taking into consideration that Armstrongʼs “Reunited Holy Roman Empire” nazis were located in Germany and Austria. So I held out until I could locate European Nazi organizations and read their literature. Perhaps gain some insight into their political struggle to gain power. Definitely to question them, “Why do you hate people merely because of the day they worship on?”. I was quickly set straight by one Austrian neo-Nazi who informed me, he had no interest in religions. Paraphrasing, he stated, “Our quarrel with the Jews is not over religion. It is political. Some people NEED religion, but I am Pagan.” My insight, including that Armstrong had left out a lot of information about the far right, began to swerve. This particular neo-Nazi was no “Catholic”. This “Nazi Party” which supposedly posed such a threat to western civilization wasnʼt even allowed to operate legally in Germany and Austria. Herbert Armstrong had lied to his followers their entire lives! My mind began reeling to compensate for the cognitive dissonance that soon set in. The neo-Nazi leader sent me more addresses to gather further literature to study. Slowly, and methodically, I too got pulled in and indoctrinated on the far right. I was not educated by the Worldwide Church of God™ “how” to think critically or exercise a healthy skepticism. We were taught one thing: to blindly believe!

And some wonder how Bobby Fischer, a Worldwide Church of God™ coworker, like myself, got indoctrinated by the far right? Just like I did.

I married one of them. He killed three persons. I live with that mistake every day of my life. I have regrets. In 1995, when I left and returned to the United States, he went on his blood spree which included the rape and murder of 2 German women and 1 German man. I began cooperating with the police after he mailed an explosive to my home. My crime? Not the Saturday sabbath, but that I had chosen to leave him and mentioned the possibility of divorcing him. He sent cassette tapes confessing he had raped and murdered a woman. I suppose this was suppose to intimidate me into returning to Europe? To attempt manipulating me through the brute use of terror, he called daily, threatening to kill me and my family. He went off the deep end. He called relentlessly demanding my work phone number. I suspected so that he could harrass my employer and cause me to lose my job so that I would be forced to take the next flight back. I refused to give him that phone number, of course. Even threatened some of their own people in the far right movement which I had befriended. By 1997, he was put on trial and judged guilty and so I was told, sentenced to spend a long time in prison. He betrayed me and everyone around him. There was no “brotherly love” to be found in that or any other hate movement. By 1997-1998, a man by the name of Bruce Pierce (spending time in a U.S. Penitentiary, which, I had often corresponded with, expressing my grievances of the wanton violence —even against their own. Pierce confided that he had thought about this matter. No matter who takes control over the government, it always becomes corrupt. He gave me his blessing to, paraphrased, “Leave and take care of your children.” I had my ticket out. I left.

As the years passed, I knew I still didn't really understand Nazism or Communist Socialism very well, at all. So much misinformation is distributed by radical rightwing organizations. The fine differences between “Rightwing Socialism” (Nazism) vs. “Leftwing Socialism”. The general difference I finally came to understand many years later by more credible sources is one claims to seek to establish socialism (fascism) within the boundaries of their Nation, whilst the Left seeks total world conquest, “International Socialism” (Communism). During the past century they were referred to as “Internationalists”, since their organization operated worldwide, spreading Socialist revolution. Many FORMER Jews had renounced Judaism and rejected their spiritual beliefs, becoming self-professed Atheists. Communism called for violent revolutionary overthrow of Imperialism, including civic and religious institutions. Henry Ford wrote the misleadingly titled book, “The International Jew” when it should have been titled, “The International Atheist” or “The International Atheist Conspiracy”. Former Jews were involved, but so were former Christians, Catholics and other persons who had formally renounced their beliefs.

There were also many former Jews such as Ferdinand Lasalle who opposed Communismʼs violent revolutionary tendencies and had succeeded to convince the German Empire to institute moderate social reforms without any help from his contemporary Karl Marx (see this reference about Karl Marxʼ vindictive, envious, vicious, slanderous remarks made against Lasalle), as well as the former Jewess, Fanya Kaplan who laid hold on a gun and tried to assassinate the leader of the Bolsheviks, Vladimir Lenin who was, incidentally non-Jewish. But that little bit of history doesnʼt fit within the rightwingʼs skewed version of history. There were also “Christian Socialists” such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton who fought for women's rights and abolition, meanwhile a more virulent faction among socialists that brought about fascism, introducing such concepts as “The Pledge of Allegiance” which children still are required to do in schools across America.

That's right… American children are seen giving a “nazi-styled salute” to the U.S. Flag in schools, in the early 20th century. Shocking, isn't it? That's just one random example. Today, the pledge is given with the hand over the heart. So much forgotten history, (or as Bobby Fischer wouldʼve likely seen it, “forbidden history”) to put into perspective… and so much misinformation to weed through. Bobby Fischer fell victim to misinformation disseminated by the far right. He was not “imagining” the “bizarre things” he was talking about. He had probably read publications by people and organizations he trusted and wholeheartedly believed their peculiar spin on history and current events. After all, misinformation always comes with a nugget or two of truth.

I came to learn many years after abandoning the far right, after reading a bit on Karl Marx in the 1950ʼs edition Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, Karl Marxʼ Communist organization was rightly called, “The International”. According to Collier's Encyclopedia, after it disbanded, some decades later it was reorganized into “The Second International” with millions of members worldwide. Then, with the outbreak of World War I, nationalist tendencies erupted dividing socialism into two fairly distinct “wings” rightwing, national socialism (nazism) and leftwing, international socialism, the II International disbanded, and later Lenin re-established “The Third International” (Comintern or Communist) in Moscow in 1919. Hitler later emerged seeking power by promoting his own brand of rightwing socialist distorted racist ideology. (I wonʼt get into here, but Hitler observed Eugenics and sterilization laws on the books right here in the United States for some of the inspiration behind his policies!)

I “got” everything Bobby was saying. He wasnʼt insane or “imagining” it. He had however, read some biased racist rightwing publications which are known to skew the way historical events are presented, take things out of context, or conflate unrelated topics and spin their yarns of paranoid “conspiracy theories”. Failure to be a wise consumer of information does not qualify as a diagnosis of “dementia” by default.

The Bobby Fischer Iʼve observed, didnʼt have all his facts together, but he was perfectly honest with what he believed to be true. THE BOBBY I BELIEVE he was, if somebody had shown him THE TRUTH, he would have accepted the truth and rejected the lies. That is what set him apart from the rest of the nazi movement which loves and depends on historical lies to fuel mindless, wanton racist-motivated violence. The Bolsheviks were a special strain of vile MILITANT ATHEISTS. There were no “religious jews” in the Bolshevik party. That lie has got to go. Bobby Fischer wouldʼve accepted truth, and consigned the lie to the wastebasket had he had access to reliable sources of information. As soon as Bobby Fischer wouldʼve seen that damnable LIE started by Russian clergy, reacting to the MILITANT ATHEISTS in the Bolshevik party and their closely associated allies (mistaken as “religious Jews”) — Bobby was intelligent, and wouldʼve started questioning all the other lies the Nazis printed, just like he came to question Armstrongʼs vile deception… and left the fold.

Says one who knew Bobby:

“…Were I to confront him, I would have to do so on his terms, which meant I would have to be scrupulously honest. No lies, no evasions, no deceptions. He detests all such things. So, confronting him, I would have to tell him who I was and why I was there, whereupon he would either flee in horror or lash out.”

Bobby was brutally honest. Had evidence against the Nazi lies been presented to him in Iceland, and SHOWN HIM THE EVIDENCE, Bobby wouldʼve chosen the TRUTH. Truth is what Bobby Fischer cared about above all things.

A response:

“…Yes, he was brutally honest, he even said the U.S. and Israel were both illegitimate nations because they stole land from people already living on it. Though to some extent that is what humans have been doing for a long long time, moving into territories formerly occupied by other humans, going as far back as the Cro-Magnon doing it to the Neanderthal, or one tribe or conqueror moving into another tribe's land like the Persians, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, the Romans, Ghenghiz Khan, and probably countless numbers of far smaller incursions into the land formerly occupied by other humans, and those humans fought over it, fought over the best waterholes for their animals or crops. I agree with him though that what happened to the American Indians and the Palestinians was horrendous and without recent memory, and also against globally recognized human rights.”
Human rights abuse in the Middle East, many Christian Zionists are to blame, people who feel the Palestinians have no claim to the land that was passed down to them throughout many generations) — based on “Biblical Prophecy” — and support the War on Palestine and high praise to George Bush and Israel with no regard for breaking international law, Apartheid and human rights violations.
If believing in justice for all humans and citizens of this planet makes me and Bobby “evil” then I'm considering the source and “so be it”.

Thatʼs the Bobby I believe in. He wasnʼt like the rest of that krank nazi movement. Bobby Fischer cared about _Truth_. He was a good person.

The Big “Mental Rip-Off” — “Holocaust Denial”

I know the Bible says, “Vengeance is God's” I'm not trying to “get” those guys. And I'm not interested in getting my money back. I'm trying to protect others. I just want to make sure that nobody gets ripped off mentally.
—Bobby Fischer

Basil Wolverton “Earthquake and Volcanos” in Herbert W. Armstrong's January, 1955 Plain Truth, and The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last, 1959.
(©1998 Monte Wolverton)

I've mentioned before, the nightmares of Hitler ordering my execution.
Sitting in class wondering, “When I get home today will the family be gone to the place of safety? Left behind. Arrested by Nazis. Placed in concentration camp. Tortured. Killed.” Not able to concentrate on school work.
Every day of the week, week of the month, month in the year wondering, “Will the Nazis invade soon? When they do, what will they allow me to keep? How soon will they kill me?”
Thoughts like that were CONSTANT in my mind.
I don't know if normal, non-Cult people can picture it… it is traumatizing to children and the mind of young adults. I saw the effect those doctrines had on my brother too. He was born around 1954, between mine and Bobby's age. The effect those doctrines had on him were profound and destructive for his panic levels. He taught himself German out of fear.
I lived under the ever looming shadow of the Holocaust. It was preached at us. It was doctrine. It was drilled in. It was Gospel. It was the key to the great fortune Herbert Armstrong amassed for himself at the expense of our sanity.
I highly doubt people, the Zionists who ridicule Bobby Fischer would give a damn that me and Bobby suffered like Jews — for 15 years, the axe of Nazism hanged over our heads. Our suffering, our mental anguish, is irrelevant. It was all for a big fat nothing. The big mental ripoff. Living in constant fear, panic, terror.
And it was all sucked into a void. We weren't “Jews”… so what could we “possibly know about Jewish suffering?” Bobby was ‘just a holocaust denier!’ say the Zionists. Oh no, Bobby Fischer lived through it, under the shadow of Holocaust for 15 years, —a wasted 15 years of his life, and $100,000+ poorer, the constant looming terror of getting gassed in a death camp.
After what we were put through, and we read the Nazi literature which denied the Holocaust happened, —perhaps part of it was simply pure mental exhaustion at work, it was in a way, a relief to read such material, denying such a thing could happen. Does that make sense? After being terrorized for over a decade, and then learning “You have nothing to fear.” How is that suppose to make VICTIMS… me and Bobby, feel?
Those who are so quick to judge, never lived a day of their life, living under the terror of being threatened with being gassed in a gas chamber. Me and Bobby Fischer existed under that looming “prophecy” for 15-18 years.

Bobby Fischer paid his dues IN FULL (he deserves… EARNED THE RIGHT for reprieval) for any wrong or undue offense he unintentionally caused anyone.

How people can not see the obvious, is beyond me. Bobby Fischer was traumatized horrifically by a cult, followed by a traumatizing false arrest due to mistaken identity, locked in a Pasadena Jail in which he describes threats and abuse. In 1990's he was threatened by the U.S. Government for going to Yugoslavia. By 2000, the Bush Administration abused its full power to invalidate his passport and leave him stranded and abandoned in a Japanese prison. These events would be enough to make a strong man crumble psychologically. He was traumatized beyond comprehension. “Paranoid” about what the next evil scheming plot that will come out of nowhere as so many bad things have really already been done by insane people… who else is out to destroy one's personal life… what next, who next? What else will be taken away and when… —how much was one human suppose to suffer?

Bobby suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The poor man probably didn't have too many days of peace that he wasn't living in fear for his life. How a perfectly sane man develops PTSD is described in the following story:

A New York City medical examiner watches the video of Nick Berg's beheading and wishes he'd looked away.

“…I have done pretty badly since 9/11. It took us eight months to do the preliminary recovery work, eight months in which we worked around the clock in shifts, struggling to examine all the remains as well as taking care of the daily autopsy caseload. I thought I was okay afterward, but I wasn't; I was just crumbling rather quietly. I made it to February 2003 before I really lost it. Nothing exciting: In Chicago for a conference, I found that I couldn't bring myself to leave my hotel room. When I got back to New York, I started seeing a counselor specializing in post-traumatic-stress disorder. He said to me, “While a lot of soldiers came back from Vietnam with PTSD, not everyone did. But every person who'd been charged with handling the bodies developed PTSD.” I supposed this was what they were saying to everyone to give them permission to grieve.
“My life seems to be gradually slipping away from me, or perhaps it's the other way around—I'm slipping away from it. I've become reclusive, rarely seeing my friends. Last year, I broke off my engagement; she deserved better than what I have to offer. I don't want a new relationship. I communicate mostly by e-mail now, and these days, if my phone rings, it's probably a junk fax.”

In the 1970's, Bobby pretty much dropped off the planet. Everyone was left asking, “What happened to Bobby Fischer?” He had PTSD. He was suffering in silence after Armstrong's mind rape and financial exploitation. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, once developed can last for years. Traumatizing events will gnaw at a person, ruminating over them, obsessing over the traumatizing events… afraid to leave your home, afraid of people for fear of the traumatizing event or persons who caused it, happening again.

Bobby went through several extremely mentally traumatizing, life-changing events… and yes, it would've caused severe “Complex” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… which explains why he changed from a lovable, likable Chess Champion … to a distraught, distrustful recluse. It wasn't as if he didn't have a reason.

For anyone actually interested in facts, here's a Psychiatrist (works at a University and his conclusion). NOT SCHIZOPHRENIA. I'm tired of arguing with people over what's blindingly obvious.


“…Dr. Ponterotto also says that Fischer “manifested non-bizarre delusions”; Fischer was not Schizophrenic—he was not hearing colors or experiencing other “bizarre” delusions—but he showed signs of Delusional Disorder, Persecutory Type, which is characterized by “…the person's belief that he or she is being conspired against, cheated, spied on, followed, poisoned or drugged, maliciously maligned, harassed, or obstructed in pursuit of long-term goals. Small slights may be exaggerated and become the focus of a delusional system.”

Delusions? Like the “Delusion” that Eisenhower ran Death Camps after World War II… um, that makes Madalyn Murray O'Hair delusional too, because she reported the story back when the media was conspiring to cover it up.
(American Atheist Magazine April 1991, Page 34). “Dwight Eisenhower and the Disarmed Enemy Forces” by Madalyn Murray O'Hair.
Delusions… based on “coverups” by the U.S. Government… exposed by Madalyn Murray O'Hair and people not afraid to buck the system till —the obvious thing to do, is distrust what the government tells you.
Oh well, that makes the comedian George Carlin “Paranoid” too while we're all at it.

“…the person's belief that he or she is being conspired against, cheated, spied on, followed, poisoned or drugged, maliciously maligned, harassed, or obstructed in pursuit of long-term goals. Small slights may be exaggerated and become the focus of a delusional system.”

(NPR) The KGB's Poisoning Methods, 2006
“…NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr says that the death of Alexander Litvinenko, a strong critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is the latest in a long line of suspicious deaths that may have been politically motivated. Traces of radiation have been found on two British Airways jets during the investigation into the poisoning death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko…

(NY Times) Britain's Spy Mystery: A Slow Death by Poison
“…The current president of Ukraine, Viktor A. Yushchenko, was poisoned with dioxin in 2004 but survived…
”…A Russian banker, Ivan Kivelidi, and his secretary died in 1995 after using a telephone apparently dosed with poison
/end excerpts/


Anyone read the news lately? Bobby Fischer is Public Enemy # 1 and has been stalked, harrassed, slandered, demonized… the media knows no bounds to their lies and slander… perhaps it wasn't his imagination after all


Nobody ever heard of the JDL which is a Jewish Terrorist Organization that have KILLED people like Bobby Fischer who spoke against the Jews like Bobby did.

Bomb Plot Charge Only Latest JDL Controversy - ABC News
“… Mar 19, 2002 … and labeled the JDL a terrorist organization in the 1970s, … After JDL member Baruch Goldstein shot and killed 29 Muslim…”

… the Jewish Defense League (JDL), a violent extremist Jewish organization. Statements by Rubin and Krugel indicated that they had planned the attack against the mosque to demonstrate the militancy of the JDL. It was determined that Rubin and Krugel had already acquired the necessary components to build an IED, including pipes, fuses, and smokeless powder…”

“Delusional system”… oh, like coming out of 15 years of a cult's mind control and manipulation… and getting opened up to Nazi propaganda by a cult leader like Armstrong.


Like getting picked up by police based on mistaken identity with a bank robbery and locked up, tormented in the Pasadena, California jailhouse… and left traumatized out of his wits. (1982)

“I Was Tortured In The Pasadena Jailhouse!” ©1982 by Bobby Fischer

Now that's how to do practical psychiatric analysis! Go to slandering biased leftwing media and rely on their hearsay and second hand reports, and yes, even Pontiferro's diagnostic conclusion was based on hearsay not professional therapy sessions… Bobby never went to any psychiatrists after Armstrong convinced him to stay away from doctors.

Carlin… says of himself, “not a very good American
I'd say those kind of opinions… opposing corruption, make the BEST Americans of all!

Any of those symptoms described by the shrink COME SECOND-NATURE WITH POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER…

> “conspired against,

Armstrong conspired against Bobby to swindle him out of all his money and leave him financially destitute

> “cheated,

(Indian Times) “Soviet players didn't want to cheat, they were ordered to”

I guess that makes that whole news outlet, “Paranoid disordered” too.

> spied on,

Doh. The USSR… Communists… and just who weren't they spying on?! They're still up to the same old dirty business as usual… in 2017…

China's Intelligence Networks in United States Include 25,000 Spies
Dissident reveals up to 18,000 Americans recruited as Chinese agents

> followed,

Like the police were following Bobby in Pasadena, California and targeted him specifically for a mistaken identity to…

> harassed

him… yes, harrass is a good term to define the terribly traumatizing event he endured under false arrest in the Pasadena jailhouse.

> poisoned or drugged,

Like all that very real poison the KGB was churning out in Spassky's home country… and still are…

The KGB's Poison Factory

> maliciously maligned

Like the leftwing dominated press has been doing to Bobby for the past 20 or 30 years… Just surf the web. You'll see for yourself who the source of Bobby's “illness” was… the slander and lies have been spread far and wide by Bobby's extreme leftwing haters and political enemies!

> or obstructed in pursuit of long-term goals

Oh… like George Bush, pulling that stunt with invalidating Bobby's passport mid-flight into Japan where Bobby was pigeon-holed in a Japanese prison for 9 months and tortured just a little bit more.

These are symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder… and they were not “imagined”.

“Paranoia” comes with PTSD. Standard territory… just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

How Much Trauma and Re-Traumatizing Should One Person Be Forced to Endure?

Bobby Fischer – six months in jail
“Six months in a Japanese prison over a passport” is an article by Guðmundur G. Thórarinsson, a former Icelandic Parliamentarian, former president of the Icelandic Chess Federation and chief organizer of the Match of the Century between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in 1972. He describes Fischer's situation: the detainee is allowed to go outdoors for 45 minutes a day, five days a week. He suffers from chronic and worsening headaches and dizzy spells. “For twelve years, this lonely genius has been exiled from his homeland. He has sat in jail for six months because his passport is invalid.” Thórarinsson reminds us that Fischer's crime was that he played chess in Yugoslavia in violation of the economic sanctions then in force. In his autobiography Bill Clinton says that the Americans passed this regulation knowing that numerous parties were selling weapons to the Balkan nations, but that no charges were filed in those cases because of the great shortage of weapons in the region. Neither were artists indicted when they worked there. Thórarinsson writes: “The only person in the world to have been indicted for a violation of this regulation – a regulation that has long since ceased to be in force, and a violation committed in a country that no longer exists – is Robert James Fischer. This case is an example of a barbarous violation of human rights.”

That couldn't possibly cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! ‘Not in a million years,’ say the Communists and their Neoconservative allies like George Bush in Washington who know no limits to their methods of inflicting mean acts of barbarity on their victims.

Now, why is the “media outrage” strangely absent toward the so-called “unpatriotic statements” made by George Carlin? I don't see that much difference between Carlin's statements and the statements made by Bobby Fischer about 9/11. Guess what. Both Carlin and Fischer were right about Bush' decrepit neoconservative-inspired “pre-emptive” interventionist policies in the Middle East. Get the hell out of there and stop trying to play the world's police force as an excuse to “liberate” the oil.


The leftwing media slanders a man for his statements about the attacks on 911… “must be schizophrenic”… ha. As shown above that's already been openly denied by a professor at Fordham University but the absolute absence of media criticism surrounding George Carlin's statement and its similarities with what Bobby Fischer had to say about 9/11, are duly noted.
Perhaps that's because Carlin would've verbally eviscerated his critics whilst the leftist media slanderers knew Bobby was less gifted in verbosity to defend himself.

…and the lying media… COWARDS knew it.

The internet opened a new path to gain access to information. Thatʼs when my questions amped up. I acquainted people who are liberals and leftwing intellectuals. Anti-religious types and such. My grievance with Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God™ lives on. Even now.

The Power of Belief

Thanks to Micheal Shermer, sense was finally made of the “Holocaust Denial” argument which Bobby Fischer no doubt, whole-heartedly believed and was evidently quite fond of sharing. I am guilty, back in the day, during the early 1990ʼs, I confess, I believed it too! The Nazi literature arrived complete with copies of CENSUS RECORDS that “proved” there weren't even 6 million living in the German vicinity. I werenʼt just in denial, I earnestly believed, or I wouldnʼt argued and professed such a belief. I probably came across some of those ideas by reading some of the same publications Bobby Fischer was reported as distributing. Bobby was no slacker, like his devoted discipleship to Amstrongism, sharing that “gospel”. Like Armstrongism, Fischer was once again privy to “hidden truths”. All “true believers” need that. They are attracted to it. I too was a “true believer”.

Shermer stated in an email he shared with me and a friend of mine, Ed Babinski, that the death toll was closer to four million. Not six. The far right will quibble over this discrepancy of 2 million, but think nothing of it when Stalin and Lenin and Mao's, et al death tolls fluxuate with gaping ten millions of missing victims (i.e., Stalinʼs estimated death tolls range somewhere between 20 and 50 million, estimated). Some on the Leftwing (just like Fischer) have attempted to deny, or minimize the slaughter.

Yes, like the Holocaust Deniers, you have Leftwing Extremists who deny the Holodomor and Apologists for Stalin,

Just Google Stalin Apologetics or Holodomor Denial (Stalin's manmade famine which resulted in the death of 7,000,000 Ukrainians between 1932-1933). Communist Bolsheviks remain remorseless!

But don't let that stop anyone from quibbling over 2 million as a basis for denial. Just because experts may disagree on whether it was 20 or 50 million, does it mean that Stalin didnʼt kill? Indeed he did. By my own research I came to a final conclusion that indeed, the Communists and Nazis certainly killed and efficiently too. Hitler cultivated his well-greased, fine-tuned killing machine tactics from his Communist Bolshevik mentors, Lenin and Stalin, who were responsible for a death toll upwards of 20-50 million. Lenin and Stalinʼs machine of terror over the USSR was in power long before Hitler came to power. Indeed, the killing was real. They were all killing, leaving a trail of incomprehensible human suffering spanning decades. Tens of millions. Both Leftwing and Rightwing Socialist movements were hardened fanatical killers.

I regret that I didnʼt have the opportunity to meet Bobby Fischer since Iʼve came to learn all that we had in common. To compare notes about the Worldwide Cult of Armstrongʼs God™, about the far right, its ideology, history and to help him in his search for truth, and Iʼm sure I could learn quite a lot from him as well, in spite of him clearly being misguided about some things. I believe he wanted truth and I believe, he believed he had found truth, but did not find the full truth during his lifetime.

After the terrorism committed by my ex-husband in Europe, I first entered counseling. During psychotherapy, the topic of his phone calls and death threats, the nightmares, the explosive he mailed were all thoroughly discussed. The cult, which I had been a part of, somehow, missed its target. I was given a formal diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and treated with Trazadone and temporarily Welbutrin (a relatively safe sleep medication which helps inhibit nightmares and the other to help me cope with the depressing circumstances). My life had became a trainwreck. I did not know “Why” I could not function like other people. Just like Bobby Fischer eventually lost the ability to function in society, and his life too, became a trainwreck. Years before I thought it “can not get worse” but it did become progressively worse. My worst nightmares were realized when the man I married morphed into a bloodthirsting monster. One thing the cult was infamous for was drilling in the doctrine, “Come Out of The World!”. (A buzz phrase for breaking contact and social interaction with anything or anyone that wasn't cult related). That really was the least helpful thing to teach, when involving persons on the Autism Spectrum like myself and Bobby Fischer whom had limited socialization skills. This was strongly alluded to in this archived article on the People magazine website:

“The Secret Life of Bobby Fischer”
By Brad Darrach, March 11, 1974

Bobby made impulsive appearances on the Bob Hope and Johnny Carson shows—and then was swallowed up by the Worldwide Church of God™, a fundamentalist sect founded in 1934 by a former adman named Herbert W. Armstrong. Well advertised on radio and television by Armstrongʼs hellfire preaching—and more recently by the charm-drenched sermons of Garner Ted Armstrong, the founderʼs son—the church now claims 85,000 members. They celebrate the sabbath on Saturday and observe the dietary laws of the Old Testament—no pork, no shellfish. Smoking, divorce and cheek-to-cheek dancing are forbidden. Necking is the worst kind of sin. Tithing is mandatory—the churchʼs annual income probably exceeds $50 million. Church leaders live palatially and gad about the world in three executive jets provided by the faithful. Recently, however, scandals and schisms have shaken the flock.

Bobby Fischer, the child of a Jewish mother and a Gentile father, first tuned in on the elder Armstrong while still in his late teens. Lonely and despairing after he muffed his chance to become world champion at 19—Bobby found strength in the churchʼs teachings and has adhered to them closely ever since. He turned to the church in the crisis he faced after Reykjavik. Verging on nervous exhaustion after his two-month battle with Spassky and the match organizers, Bobby decided that the last thing he wanted after his triumph was the world that lay at his feet. In the large and outwardly peaceful community that surrounds the Armstrong headquarters, he saw a safe setting where he could unsnarl his nerves and find the normal life that he had sacrificed to competition and monomania.

The church welcomed him. Though Bobby is not a full church member—he is listed as a “coworker”—he offered Armstrong a double tithe (20%) of his $156,250 winnings. “Ah, my boy, thatʼs just as God™ would have it!” Armstrong replied, and passed the word that Bobby was to be given VIP treatment. A pleasant three-bedroom apartment in a church-owned development was made available. So were the gymnasium, squash courts and swimming pool of the churchʼs Ambassador College. Leaders of the Armstrong organization were told to make sure that Bobby had plenty of dinner invitations. “The word went out,” says a church member, “that Bobby should never be left alone, or allowed to feel neglected.”

[MY NOTE: How very peculiar. The Worldʼs Chess Champion has socialization issues, difficulty making friends. Lonely. These are traits of Aspergerʼs Syndrome. Herbert Armstrong being a skilled con-man and keen ability to “read people” sensed Bobbyʼs weaknesses and according to Fischer, Armstrong and Rader preyed upon him.]


[MY NOTE: Much of the article comes off as “Anti-Bobby”. There were two sides to the story, no doubt. But this one doesnʼt exactly point out Fischerʼs.] As a sidenote, and as discussed earlier, Bobby Fischer was also reported by People magazine to have said:

People around here are too restricted in what they can say and do,” he said, and took off to Denver with some disaffected church members.”

Which gives me cause to suspect Bobby found himself in cult-central headquarters, and surrounded by church members whom wouldʼve been quick to point up the cultʼs rigid legalism and repressive restrictions. The People Magazine article makes it sound as though Bobby Fischer were showered with leniancy. However, I gravely doubt their presumption. The cult was neck deep in personal repression and restictions of every sort.

I too, having Aspergerʼs Syndrome have hypersensitivity to sunlight and keep the room relatively dark. I spend most of my time in isolation, except for my children. He was also featured on a couple talk shows, where noise and lights as a distraction at the competition interfered with his ability to focus. Ditto. Hypersensitivity is a common symptom of Autism. Overstimulation of the senses.

Bob Hope and Bobby Fischer discussing his issues with distractive noise and on Dick Cavett, Bobby Fischerʼs hypersensitivity to lights in the room.

I remember asking the Psychiatrist that first day about the Trazadone prescription, “Will this help people to like me better, to make friends?” The doctor looked at me with a confused look on his face. They didnʼt see the underlying issues with the cultʼs devastating toll on my psyche, nor the Autism I was born with (until my son was suspected of it around 2004 in elementary school). Slowly, progressively, my son and daughters were given referrals to a specialist who was trained in diagnostic testing and conclusively determined after two hour tests, each, they all three were on the Spectrum. Being an adult however, diagnostic testing was limited by my insurance. Eventually, by 2012, a psychotherapist qualified in diagnostic testing agreed to administer the test to me, and concluded “Asperger Syndrome” was the condition underlying all. I was born with Asperger Syndrome and passed the genes to my children. Bobby Fischer is widely suspected as being Asperger Syndrome as well due to his limited preoccupation with Chess and other diverse eccentricities.

Bobby Fischer exhibited many of the main symptoms of Aspergerʼs like myself. In his later years, he and I both are “guilty??” (long overdue to pin the shame and guilt on Armstrong, who bears responsibility for this misguidance!) of becoming tangled in the far right, espousing hateful, misguided beliefs, — Armstrongʼs cult did damage to both of us, leaving us with scars of trauma that only those who were members and coworkers in the cult and who found the courage to leave, can ever fully appreciate.

A Great Man born with
“Incredible Human Potential”…
Armstrong robbed Fischer of it

“…But Mr. Fischer was incapable of sustaining himself in the limelight, and by the beginning of 1973, he had withdrawn into the weird, contrarian solitude he more or less maintained for the remainder of his life. Over the years, he turned down huge financial offers to play, among them a bid of $1.4 million from the Hilton Corporation to defend his title in Las Vegas and even larger sums from dictators like Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and the Shah of Iran to compete in their countries. He said the money wasnʼt enough.

At the same time, he tithed to the Worldwide Church of God™, a fringe church he had become involved with beginning in the early 1960s. The church followed Hebrew dietary laws and Sabbath proscriptions and believed in the imminent return of Jesus Christ. For a time, Mr. Fischer lived in Pasadena, Calif., the churchʼs home base, or nearby Los Angeles, where he was said to spend his time replaying chess games and reading Nazi literature. There were reports that he was destitute, though the state of Mr. Fischerʼs finances was never very clear.

From New York Times, Bobby Fischer, Chess Master, Dies at 64

Robbed of individuality or the ability to think critically for oneʼs self. Bobby didnʼt recognize they were lying to him on the far right, any more than he had the sense to question Armstrong for most of 15 years. Bobby Fischer was credulous. He was deceived. Have some pity on him.

Afterthoughts on Bobby Fischer (Additional emails).

Iʼm all too aware about the century old “Left vs. Right” which lead to numerous wars and world war II. People killing each other because of their ridiculous political beliefs. I am already fully aware some on the Left are extremists. They wonʼt mind Armstrongʼs sanity-breaking doctrines, as long as people are terrified of the rightwing. Win some converts over with lies and terror tactics. “Heyyy! The Leftʼs got no problem with that, either!” God™ forbid any unbiased discussion of crimes and evils committed by the Left be brought into this topic, too! Any lie is acceptable, just as long as the Leftwing is spreading it. As long as it puts the rightwing in a bad light. Thatʼs part of why Armstrongism was allowed to flourish as long as it has. So what if children and young adults went to sleep every night, terrified, “The Nazis are coming to arrest us all and place us in death camps.” That doesnʼt matter to fanatics on the Left. Because they, just like the radical rightwing extremists and Armstrongʼs doctrines, are depraved, twisted, sick with narrow minds… and on the front lines pointing fingers at Fischer's presumed and misdiagnosed ‘schizophrenia’… God™ forbid that people learn he was NOT nor ever was, ‘schizophrenic’ and that there was actually a nugget of truth to some of his ranting, and that he earnestly believed what he read, and defended his ‘beliefs’ with equal fervency for Armstrongism… and that the Leftwing is not “innocent”. The Armstrongist cult members would say, “Well, Bobby Fischer was never really a faithful coworker anyway. Thatʼs why he fell away.” On the contrary! Fischer was a devoted disciple and that is the whole problem.
The left can **** itself, and the rightwing too. I only care about the TRUTH of what was done to Fischer, myself and other Armstrong victims. How the so-called “Wonderful World Tomorrow” got turned into a one-way ticket to Hell.

Itʼs been years since these events happened and I just learned about Fischer's 15 years of cult indoctrination. Part of my *silence* that I never wanted to share my story on the web, was the facade of “normalcy” the WWCG and its splinter groups have created for themselves. Nobody is making connection between the people who had their lives destroyed and the cultʼs high-control indoctrination. Iʼve called it a CULT before and got shouted down that it was not a cult. You canʼt get a word in edgewise, so I have been afraid for years to tell my story. But Bobby Fischerʼs story has given me inspiration to go forward, in spite of them.